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2 yrs ago
Current Always looking for new rp partners, feel free to pm me.
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I will rp with you friend.
I'll rp with you, send me a pm.
Looking for new rp Partners to make some new stories and adventures with.
Still looking.
I've been wanting to do some Dbz rp for a while and though something set in the universe ruled by the frieza/king cold empire. Would love for some action, story, and a bit of romance too if possible.
I'd love to some fantasy and survival rp. PM me my friend
Hello Juliet, I'm Coltshan. And I'd think we could be great friends im 22 and an avid fan of rp. Heres a list of series and original concepts I'd be glad to participate in...
Avatar:TLA, Harry Potter, Animal Crossing, Steven Universe, Legend of Zelda, Undertale
Arranged Marriage, Princess x Worker, Ghost x Human, Demon x Human, Demon x Demon Hunter, Shy x Popular.

Feel free to PM me.
Been wanted to do an Overlord rp but mostly interested in OC. Been working on a plot hook too.

I'll do an oc Overlord with you.
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