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Do you rp in red dead redemption 2 as well?
Hello there names Nikki I'm currently looking for an rp partner due to being bored out of my skull . So first let me lay down a rule or two don't got too many .

Must be over 18
Must have decent grammar
No one liners please
And if your bored with the rp please tell me I've been ghosted a few times and it's starting to hurt.


Hellsing ultimate
Naruto and buruto
My hero
That time I was reincarnated into a slime
And many more which I can't Rember .

The 100
Game of thrones
Stranger things
Avatar and legend of korra

Video games-
Life is strange
Mass effect series
Dragon age series
Fallout series
Red dead redemption
Original divinity sin 2
Walking dead game
Httyd series
Avatar ( the one with the tall blue people
Pacfic rim

That's all that I can think of right now . Ah yes ...m not looking for ocs for my rps right now kinda just want to do canon characters. And I'm also looking for mainly fxf or mxf.....sometimes mxm depends if I'm in the mood.

If your interested in any of these please pm me

Also now looking for borderlands to rp as well
Hello there one and all names compa16 I look forward to rping pt chatting with ya all^^I've been rping for about almsot ten years now. I rp mainly in fandoms but I'm not to picky hope to hear from ya soon ^^
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