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Bump! Also open to ideas from other, just itching to write! :)
Updated with a new plot: Assassin/Senator's Daughter. PM if interested! :)
Bump! Still very much craving the Dragon/Human plot. :)
Updated ideas bump!
Updated with new ideas! PM me if interested! :)
Added two different ideas, and still looking!
Still looking for one or two more!
I feel a little awkward about shouting into the void for a writing partner, but I find myself itching to write again after a long break, and want to find someone to work with and bounce ideas off of to get the creative energy going again.

If all of that floats your boat, then here’s some stuff I have floating in my head. If you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy, still PM me! These are just some ideas I’ve had wiggling around, but I’m not married to/in the mood for one particular plot or another. I would love to just talk and come up with something off the cuff as well!

I’ll start with super basic pairing and tropes, then move up to more wordy plots. I tend to get a little bit rambly with my plot ideas; if there’s one in particular that interests you I would love to discuss things further.

* = indicates the role I would prefer to play

& = indicates I have a plot in mind

Royalty X Tourist* &
Bodyguard X Senator's daughter/Royalty*
Demi-god/god X Human*
Hades/Persephone* (modern re-telling?)
Dragon X Human/Thief* &
"Mutant" Hunter X "Mutant"* &

I’m also always up for revising and modernizing fairytales and myths.

Here are some more thought out plot ideas that I had.

If you have any interest in striking up a conversation/discussion about any of the above, or developing something entirely new together, please contact me through PM.

Thanks so much,
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