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Hello, my name is Caeta. It is very nice to meet each of you. I am unsure if this is an actual bio or if I am to be in character here. If I am doing this wrong please let me know.

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I am interested.
I would like to spectate but i'm new. Where can I find this rp? I clicked on Vertigo's profile and I want to see how he role plays.
Anyone up for a anime based comedy? Nothing overly serious just live out a typical anime high school comedy. Maybe some unrequited love or even something slightly on the paranormal side.
Oh, wow! Those are the ones i'm looking at. Can we be friends? I used to have a role playing friend named Hyde long ago.
I would like to explore the one liners, paragraphs and tabletop areas. As far as genre i'm open to most everything. It really depends on the characters really.
I am humbled and honored to be accepted to this community. I look forward to many great adventures with each of you.
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