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Remember to be awesome to each other, everyone~ A little bit of cheer goes a super long way!


Hi hello~ I'm Roxi! I'm a commissions artist from Alaska. I draw monstergirls so you don't have to~

I try my very best to be blithe and sunny, and I always want to bring something new to the table with every roleplay I join! Not necessarily so interested in being a 'protagonist,' just a character in the story who has their own story to tell.

It probably comes as no surprise, but I'm gay! I draw a LOT of pinups (a LOT) so a lot of my focus is on portraying sexuality in a healthy manner that doesn't come off as preachy or weird or like an accessory to make a character more interesting. Also, I'm a total design junkie and I will always design the absolute total bejeezus out of my characters, and I will never join a roleplay unless I'm prepared to draw my character and do a WHOLE TON of work on their sheet, so if I'm joining your roleplay, know that I'm very much invested!

Glad you took a second to come and read this, and I hope to see you around~ Feel free to drop me a message anytime!

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