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Current I'm back!
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2 yrs ago
My sleep schedule is pretty much ruined forever. Always and forever.
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2 yrs ago
That's fine, I'll just rub bell pepper juice in my eyes accidentally. Everything is great.
2 yrs ago
This is my first status update.


I do art and music.

I don't normally do bios but there you have it.

Also I'm pretty nice. I think. So yeah.

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Hello all!

So, i want this to take place a bit after the Force Awakens. I am looking for a Kylo Ren, and this will take place during his training. My character is an oc, of course, so it's definitely noncanon (especially since we have no idea what's going to happen next).

Just pm me if you're interested in hearing the detail plot. I tend to go with the 'work towards a plot' method compared to making everything exactly planned, so if you're up for that and just want a little bit of information let me know.

I prefer writing in pm's. Or, if you're feeling up for it, Google Docs.

I would like a partner that responds with at least 2-3 good paragraphs of response to move the plot along and i don't have many mature restrictions. And I will say that I might disappear occasionally but I'll let you know, or try to let you know. If it's been a minute and i have yet to say anything back just prod me. My work schedule is the definition of hectic. But I love writing out long, complicated plots, planning, and having characters develop depth through experience.
Bi. P
I just started some red beans and rice in the slow cooker and wanted to tell someone about it.

Also bump.
Bump in the night
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