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Current Jeez, finally back after a year long hiatus. Hello again everyone o/
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Currently, definitely not, 193 blue crabs stuffed into a suit that is vaguely shaped like a man.


Been around the block for roleplays, I'll tell you what.

Call me Crab, or whatever else you think would be funny.

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Hello! I'm Crabius! I've been roleplaying for about a decade and some change. I started roleplaying on MSPARP when it was just starting up and I was deeply into (read: obsessed with) Homestuck. After I began to move away from Homestuck, I left forums in general and turned to different roleplay apps on my phone, bouncing around from many for several years. Eventually, I got bored of all the one-liners and drama that came with the phone apps and ended up making my pilgrimage back on to forums.

Also, I'm back here after a year-long hiatus. TLDR: College is really hard, and I really wanted to Graduate this year, so I sort of forgot about all my rps. Then enough time past where it felt awkward to come back. Anyhow, to any of my previous partners who are still interested in starting back up our convos, hit me up!

About me!

I'm in the EST and can usually respond whenever during the day. Though I am a college student so I'm fairly busy from around 9:00 to 16:00, give or take an hour or two depending on the day. And on weekends I work evenings, so expect responses to be earlier in the day or later at night. But I'll still be able to write responses when I don't have anything better to do. I am also a chronic insomniac, so sometimes I may respond at a weird time late at night. I can respond usually a minimum of once a day, most times more. However, the longer I write my responses, the longer the time is in between them, so please bear with me in that regard.

My post lengths vary from partner to partner, most of the time I'll just match you and write around how much you write. However, if I were to give an average for posts, it would be most often 500 and even over 1000 words on a good day. I will note that I have a tendency to sometimes ramble, which causes my word count to inflate considerably. If I start doing that too often and it annoys you, let me know, because most of the time I don't realize it until I go back and reread old responses.

I usually only play male main characters. However, I am willing to play both male and female side characters to add depth to our plots, though, I do ask you to do the same if that is the case. Very rarely will I be willing to carry the plot, unless I specifically stated otherwise.

I like to brainstorm heavily before we begin roleplaying. I want to create the world around our character as much as possible before we get to writing. I also like to have a feel for where you'd like the plot to go, and how we can write to achieve something that makes us both happy with the result.

I am willing to write smut if you are willing as well. Though I like for the story to remain around an 85/15 ratio from story to smut, though I can go down to as much as a 70/30 split if it's interesting enough. I have very few limits, mostly only vore, scat, pegging, and sexual gore (but horror-driven non-sexual gore is a plus). So if you have anything you think is strange you want to write, just ask, most times it's fine with me, sometimes more than you think. Though, unless there is a plot involved, I find those types of roleplays grow stale very fast.

  • You must play a female character. I don't mind what gender you actually are, but I do look for romance in my roleplays, and I only do MxF for all of these plots. Though, if I come up with one that's MxM, it will be listed as such.
  • Must be willing to roleplay mature themes maturely. That doesn't mean I'm twisting your arm for smut though, if you want to fade to black I'm 100% fine with that! However, I do look for people who understand/or can play with themes like: mental illness, crime, violence, and dysfunctionally functional relationships, correctly and realistically.
  • Someone who posts around four to five paragraphs (or two or three chunky paragraphs). I'm not looking for a novella response unless you are willing to give one. I will always match whatever you give unless I explicitly tell you I cannot build off of your response. This isn't a hard minimum, so to speak. If you can't figure out what to write and post two paragraphs instead here and there (trust me, I've been there), I won't go insane. But please don't hit me with a one-liner response.
  • For the specific roleplays that state this, must be okay with darker themes. Most of my plots, while they have fluffy relationships, will always have an undertone of darker themes. It's just how I develop most of my characters.
  • A lot of these plots shift and change depending on the starter, so I prefer you to start. We can compromise on this, but it makes it easier for me to make a response that fits you.
  • This list may change as time goes on...


Dark Souls: I am willing to roleplay either Dark Souls 1 or Dark Souls 3, both of which I have played through to completion. I am much more fond of DS3 than 1, however, I will be more than willing to roleplay the latter. I will be playing the main Unkindled Ash for DS3 and an Original companion type Undead for DS1. You can play any female canon character you want for either, or you can play another Unkindled One for DS3, the Chosen Undead for DS1, or just your own original undead character, I'm fine with anything and am very willing to discuss plot. I have over 500 hours in DS3 between XBox and PC.

[!!!][!!!]Fire Emblem
: I have only played through Awakening (which is my favorite of what I've played), half of all the Fates games (Conquest, I quit at the time because I was a scrub, Birthright I quit because it was too easy), and Three Houses. For these, I am only willing to play Robin or Byleth, of which will basically be their default version, and I'd like you to play another canon female. However, we could do a RobinxRobin story or a CorrinxCorrin story if you want to use an OC. I won't lie, I have done this a few times before in the past and it was always very interesting.

Fallout New Vegas or 4: I've played both to hell so hit me with either one.

[!!!][!!!][!!!]RWBY: I have a love-hate relationship with this series. I adored the first three volumes and almost hated the rest. The latest stuff is pretty alright though. I'd like it if we could go our own route for the plot of this, so there'd have to be quite a bit of discussion here. I would prefer to play as Jaune, and you can play whoever you like. You can even play an OC if you want to, I'd just love to roleplay this universe.

[!!!][!!!][!!!][!!!]Warhammer 40k: ve'been around the block when it comes to 40k. While I'm by no means a lore oldhead, I've been reading and absorbing quite a bit of lore on the 40kverse for the last three and a half years. We could literally do anything in this universe and do whatever sort of plot the two of us can think of. Be it the lost Primarchs, a female Primarch, Cadians during the fall of Cadia, Inquisitors, Assassins, or the depths of an Under Hive, it's up to you. I'd just reeeeally love to have a roleplay in this universe.

[More Fandoms to Come When I Think of Them. Feel free to approach me with any game or cartoon/anime idea you think would be cool to rp.]

"General Pairings"
(bold represents what character I want/am willing to play):

"Victim" x Stalker (Victim is aware they are being stalked, but doesn't know why and is sort of just expecting to get whacked.)

Monster/Supernatural x Monster Hunter from Hunter family (can be based in either Modern society, Fantasy, or Steampunk Victorian)

Queen x Royal Protector (an Assassin that serves the Kingdom and protects the Monarch)

(Most of these can be set in different settings/time periods, so please feel free to pitch me any ideas. I'm up to do any type of setting you to want to do!)

-="Original Plots"=-

(I am severely lacking in creativity in most of these, if you really want to do them we'll have to spitball a good plot to start us off. Not saying I'm against that, I'm actually all for it. We can even combine several of these if you'd like, if you can figure out a way that can work. As long as it sounds interesting it's fair game!)

Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

He was a monster, someone who did evil to prevent evil. He soaked his hands deep in blood for the sake of people who wouldn't ever know his name. He wasn't quite content with that, but it was something he accepted long ago. She was a worse monster, someone who killed good for the sake of destroying good. Who killed people because they could, and for no other reason but that.

They were two people who should have never had any chemistry, but they still met, long ago, unaware of that monster that both hid from the other.

Years went by, their teenage years leaving quickly, yet even as their adult years began and continued on, their friendship never changed. Both indulged in their monstrous desires, death after death allowing them, both evolving their methods and modus operandi. He never changed, always the same, staying by her side despite his instincts trying to pull him away from her. But her. Something changed in her after all those years they spent together as friends.

Obsession. It grows like a cancer for those who keep it unrequited and untreated, altering the mind and its functions.

She loved him, more than anything. She wanted him by her side for the rest of her days and then some. But he was oblivious, too dense to realize her feelings despite how much time they spent together. It was maddening, those small seeds of obsession growing larger and larger until it reached a breaking point.

She would prove her love to him, one way or another.

(Modern Time Period, or at the least, a Victorian Era. I'd prefer the former.)

(As you can tell, this is a pretty open Yandere plot, for our characters to go in any direction. My character will be the male, and I am looking for you to play the female. How mentally disturbed your character is is up to you, and how they hide it normally is at your discretion as well. Supernatural elements are up to you.

This can be a Western Setting or an Eastern one, your preference as well)

Undead Heart

He became a Lich through unusual circumstances. He had everything taken from him at a young age and spent many years researching how to get it all back. In the end, he would never achieve his goal, using himself as the sacrifice necessary for a ritual he didn't really understand.

Hundreds of years later, he still lived, gathering information, hunting Supernatural that would threaten others, and just continuing to roam. He was a walking library, carrying with him knowledge lost through the ages, moving from place to place endlessly throughout his many decades.

He was ready for most things, death included. Y/C was not one of them.

(This is a very open plot, really it can go wherever you want it to go. The time period and setting for this is up to you as well. We can do Medieval Fantasy, Victorian Steam/Diesel Punk, Modern Magic, whatever is fine by me. I'm looking for you to play a supernatural creature, whatever creature is fine by me. This needs a little bit of spitballing to get off the ground, but I'd love to work out a story with you.)
They Who Bear the Title
(I'd really like to roleplay this one)

(I 100% stole this from somewhere else. I can't recall who originally came up with this, but this has been rattling around in my head rent-free for a year.)

Four nations ruled over one continent. For each nation, they had one horse and one rider. They who rode a red horse named Conquest, War. They who rode upon a white horse, Pestilence. The one who rode the black horse, Famine. And Y/C, the rider who sat atop a pale horse, Death. All were ceremonial titles, each named after the original four riders and titles that were earned through a trial left by those predecessors. Yet they still were titles that came with powerful abilities, giving each nation a sharp edge in war.

Even despite, all four nations, the Halidom, the Empire, the Kingdom, and the Dynasty all were staunch allies of one another, as it was said in the contracts the First Riders left behind.

Death, as it was with the original riders, led War, Famine, and Pestilence. It was no different with your generation, even if the current War earned their title in a strange way. Serving under your nations, you and your fellow riders kept the peace, pushing back monster hordes and crushing invaders.

Yet, even still, those Horsemen betrayed you. Whether out of fear for your strength or their dissatisfaction over your leadership is unknown to you, even as they put you under a great seal, and forced you to be lulled to a death-like slumber.

You were vaguely aware of the world around you as you slumbered within that seal. You felt the presence of the other Horsemen across the continent, just as they could feel you still confined to your sleeping prison. And in the years that followed your sealing, you felt the presence of Pestilence suddenly disappear, followed not long after with the presence of Famine fading away into nothingness. That ever-so-faint presence that the current War still lingered, just barely a speck upon the black backdrop of the world, as Pestilence disappeared. A faint, ever forgettable thing.

Before it suddenly ignited into a massive inferno of power, just before Pestilence fell.

It had been decades since those tumultuous years, edging into a few centuries. Only then, after all those years, did your seal weaken enough for you to finally shatter it. But the world was not how you remembered it. The nations you and your riders protected laid in broken ruins, far from the grandeur and prosperity they once held. The scars of war marred the lands, entire plains reduced to barren battlefields full of rusted armor and weapons. Once mighty castles and fortresses now stood with shattered battlements, completely devoid of the legions of soldiers and knights that had filled their halls long ago. Towns and cities that once bustled with life and merriment were either reduced to quiet, impoverished living or completely empty streets filled with debris and skeletons.

The same presence of War still lingered, the bright burning inferno it ignited into now burning much lower. Not close to the small ember it was before your sealing, but not nearly as strong as it was. You followed their presence all the way back to their Kingdom, the Kingdom of Possivia, the only nation amongst the four that had some semblance of order and peace, if only to learn what happened to the world in your absence.

You marched your way to the castle, where the Throne of Spears stood, the building only half rebuilt and still sporting the scars of battle. You expected to meet the mountain of the man who overpowered you with the other two riders, and an arrogant, spiteful thing who could barely wield the spear that signified his station as the Red Rider of Conquest. Who had a presence that was barely noticeable against the auras of Famine and Pestilence, so minuscule you could have missed it if you lost track of him. Who was inexperienced and brash, refusing to listen to advice and reason

Instead, Y/C met an entirely different person sitting upon the Throne of Spears, still bearing the same aura of War you could recall from all those years ago. A smaller man, who didn't have the rippling muscles of the other War, yet still held a greater presence in the room. His eyes snapped to the entrance to the throne room, and he stared at you with cold, evaluating eyes.

A fake had been sitting upon the Red Horse named Conquest all those years ago, and the real Red Rider now sat on his rightfully earned throne, ruling alone over a continent of ruins.

(This is an incredibly long-winded plot that I have been thinking about for quite some time with excitement. As you can probably tell, it's the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse set in a fantasy world. You can change around any of the details pertaining to Death as you like, I tried to keep it as vague as possible so you can add the details yourself. I will be playing the real Horseman of War, as I implied at the end there. We can discuss further details about the world privately before we can begin. There's a lot to work out here.

The setting for this would be either high or low Fantasy, and either in the medieval or Renaissance era.)


Salvation Granted By Blade and Blood

M/C is a priest for the Church of (insert God/ddes' name here), as well as a Senior Exorcist amongst their number. From childhood he had hunted Demons and Monsters endlessly, protecting the innocent lives they threatened, corpse by corpse. Blessed by a God (though, not the God of his church), yet still faithless. A bitter priest who fights alone.

Y/C is a Veteran (Witch Hunter, Monster Hunter, or anything similar you want that hunters Supernatural Creatures). M/C and Y/C have worked together many times in the past, and know each other very well (Up to you how your character feels about M/C. Whether they think he's a good friend, hates their guts/method of hunting, or trusts them implicitly.) Though neither have seen each other in several years.

The world is growing ever more dangerous. Newblood Hunters and Exorcists of every Church alike are falling like flies, and even Veterans are beginning to get picked off. Demons and Monsters quickly are becoming more and more common, Exorcists and Hunters alike being stretched thinner and thinner to combat the incursion.

After the Church of (M/C's god/dess's) more frontier churches begin to have their members die out rapidly over the course of several months, his superiors decide to hire Y/C, alongside countless dozen more other Veteran Hunters. Each is paired off with a Senior Exorcist of the church, to help ensure no more are picked off on their own.

However, Y/C and M/C were given a different mission. Alongside the normal jobs that would have been offered (forced on) to M/C, both are to, by any means necessary, figure out what in the world is going on, and what is killing all the Hunters and Exorcists.

Thus, Y/C and M/C embark on a quest that neither might come back from. One that may hold the world in the balance.

(This can take place in any time period. The last time I rp'ed this, this was done in a more Supernatural Modern Era. But really, this plot can take place anywhere between the Medieval Times and the Modern Era, Fantasy world or not.

The more nuanced details of this plot need to be figured out by the both of us, as I kept a lot vague so we can build the world together. So feel free to approach me with any idea you have! I'd love to discuss them.)
Halflings are a pretty fun race to play whenever I play DnD, though I prefer Gnomes.
Hey there everyone! Name's Crabius, but you can call me Crab... or whatever else you think is funny.

I've been roleplaying since 2012 and still haven't gotten enough of it after all this time. I've been around the block for roleplays and have a lot of experience under my belt. I'm 21, male, am in EST, and almost solely do 1x1. Be completely honest with you folks, I've had my fill of group rps to last me a life time, and would rather not get back into them at this point.

I'll have a interest post posted... eventually, so hope to make some new friends while I'm here!
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