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Current Currently, definitely not, 193 blue crabs stuffed into a suit that is vaguely shaped like a man.


Been around the block for roleplays, I'll tell you what.

Call me Crab, or whatever else you think would be funny.

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Hello! I'm Crabius! I've been roleplaying for about a decade. I started roleplaying on MSPARP when it was just starting up and I was deeply into Homestuck. After I began to move away from Homestuck, I left forums in general and turned to different roleplay apps on my phone, bouncing around from many for several years. Eventually, I got bored of all the one-liners and drama that came with the apps, and ended up back on forums.

My post lengths vary from partner to partner, most of the time I'll just match you and write around how much you write. Though, if I were to give an average for posts, it would be most often 500 and even over 1000 words on a good day.

I'm in the EST and can usually respond whenever during the day. Though I am a college student so I'm fairly busy from around 9:00 to 16:00, give or take an hour or two depending on the day. But I'll still be able to write responses when I don't have anything better to do. I can respond usually a minimum of once a day, most times more. However, the longer I write my responses, the longer the time is in between them, so please bear with me in that regard.

I usually only play male main characters. However, I am willing to play both male and female side characters to add depth to our plots, though, I do ask you to do the same if that is the case. Very rarely will I be willing to carry the plot, unless I specifically stated otherwise.

I am willing to write smut if you are willing as well. To be honest, I have very few limits, mostly only vore, scat, pegging, and sexual-gore (but horror-driven non-sexual gore is a plus). So if you have anything you think is strange you want to write, just ask, most times it's fine with me, sometimes more than you think. Though, unless there is a plot involved, I find those types of roleplays grow stale.

Halflings are a pretty fun race to play whenever I play DnD, though I prefer Gnomes.
Hey there everyone! Name's Crabius, but you can call me Crab... or whatever else you think is funny.

I've been roleplaying since 2012 and still haven't gotten enough of it after all this time. I've been around the block for roleplays and have a lot of experience under my belt. I'm 21, male, am in EST, and almost solely do 1x1. Be completely honest with you folks, I've had my fill of group rps to last me a life time, and would rather not get back into them at this point.

I'll have a interest post posted... eventually, so hope to make some new friends while I'm here!
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