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I feel kind of bad for disappearing for over a week right after getting into talks about several RPs, but y'know... Sometimes computers just hate you.
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After not typing on a keyboard for about 9 months, this Chromebook keyboard feels really small and clumsy. Help.
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In Forsaken 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Soot gave each and every one of the characters assembled around him a look of appraisal, considering who would be most suited for what tasks and who he wouldn’t mind tagging along with to where. For the time being, he wasn’t entirely confident in anyone’s abilities and felt that maybe he could finagle his way into the right places on his own more easily. But there was still the matter of safety in numbers. While the otter had certainly found himself in several more compromising situations than being caught by unsavoury folk before, it was best to avoid it being the first thing that he does within this group.

He waited for the half genie woman to finish her thoughts before wildly articulating with his paws as he spoke:
“I can do thorough better than most people, I just need to find a good place to look and ask around. You folks can worry about your weird little corpse interrogations, I can go with Faint-of-presence here to the good Mr Garrick’s estate and have a nosey around, have a chat with people in the area while she’s busy with our employer.”
Soot smiled as widely as he could, perhaps a bit more smugly than he had intended to do. His impression of the woman was so far mostly neutral and, frankly, impressionless - but figured she would be the least likely to cause a scene which he would then have to flee. He could only hope that no one loud decided to come with.
In ... 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In ... 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm interested. I have some ideas in mind, just need to work on finding a good character portrait before I get fully to work.
In Forsaken 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
A moment and a half passed as Soot clambered and sat himself upon one of the stools to think, grasping the edge of the stool with one paw as he leaned and rested his weight against it. He didn’t particularly feel like approaching the foremost authority of a town like Forsaken and insinuate accusations that they might know more than they’re letting on about the current situation, he thought. But that was about as far as he got before suddenly becoming inundated with the sudden appearance of first one, then two, three and four of his new partners in crime - so to speak.

The otter scratched his chin at the woman’s question, considering how much he felt like divulging of his suspicions and thoughts. He thought for a moment too long before the male genasi decided to answer the question in his stead, to which Soot nodded tentatively. He didn’t consider it a sufficient answer to the question but remained silent for the time being, in thought, as the odd man sat down by the table - followed by the approach of the giant one.

He watched as the kobold audibly made its way into the common area of the inn, feigning disinterest in its going-ons. It seemed very loud, which was simultaneously amusing and slightly disconcerting to the otter. Soot assumed it would attempt to consume him at some point, undoubtedly. While it made its scene, Soot turned to look up at the warforged and gave him a thumbs up before responding jauntily:
“Hey, that’s a pretty rad name you’ve got there.”
He smiled, as well as a critter could smile, before pushing himself up onto his hind paws.

The otter turned to look at each of his party members present before giving his shpiel:
“Alright, so here’s the thing: truth be told, I haven’t paid much mind to this here whole weirdness situation Forsaken’s got going. Let’s be real, if you know anything about the town, it’s not that weird. It’s Forsaken we’re talking about here, shit happens here with just a bit more flair than anywhere else…”
While he was speaking, there was the sudden noise of glass shattering and Soot stood on his little toes to look over the party’s shoulders at the genasi and kobold. He grimaced at the interaction, sighing internally at everything he had seen so far. The otter shook his head and lowered back down onto his little feet.
“And just like anywhere else, somebody knows something. And somebody knows that somebody who knows something. It’s just a matter of finding somebody important enough. You catch what I’m throwing here?”
He held his arms up to his sides in a inquiring manner, before grinning at the rest and finishing with:
“Anyway, since the big lug here has the right idea in mind”, he gestured at Nemorad with a thumb, “introductions seem to be in order. Anyone that matters calls me Soot.”
In Forsaken 8 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The otter graciously accepted his share of the upfront payment and pocketed it in the proportionally larger pocket within the leather vest. He took a moment to adjust the vest and backpack as he watched the proceeding interaction between the female half-genie and the gentleman, before the half-genie took her leave.

Without paying much attention to who stayed and who left, Soot hopped down from his perch and quickly slunk his way over to the man on all fours, before standing up and posing a question:
“How’s the mayor of your, errrr… fine town handling the situation? Your bureaucratic people types? The guards? Just out of curiosity, you know.”
He gave the man a sly smile, masking his suspicion of the particular branches of the government behind a guise of simple inquisitiveness. Abraham's face contorted into what may have been an attempt at a smile, but looked more like a grimace as he responded:
"They're... doing their best. I'm not one to speak ill of those in authority. However, the Sheriff doesn't have enough manpower, and there's just not a lot of evidence for him to go off of anyway. Mostly they're just trying to keep the remaining people safe as opposed to searching for those that have gone missing, which I can understand, but just sitting here twiddlin' our thumbs and toes ain't gonna get nothin solved."
The otter nodded in an expression of feigned agreement, raised a paw to stroke his chin and pondered on the old man’s answer. He certainly had no ground to stand on in judging a man for trusting their government, but was simultaneously probably the best person in the room to tell just to what lengths governmental folks were willing to go to stay in power. The otter hummed before resuming his questioning:
“I don’t suppose you know if the sheriff, the mayor or anyone like that would be open to discussing with our kind?”
"I don't, to be honest. You could always give it a try, though."
The gentleman responded with a shrug. The otter nodded once more before giving the man a brief thanks and scampering out the doorway, down the hallway and down the stairs.

He stopped on the final step and considered his options. Something gave Soot the impression that he wouldn’t be leading the investigation on this one, no one seemed particularly like the following type and a few seemed like they’d be even more inclined to lead than him. So Soot figured that he would resign to more of an advisory role, hoping that whoever took charge would be willing to hear him out. The otter hopped down the last step, stood up on his hind legs and started slowly sauntering into the bar.

During the short stroll, he considered where to start and how to approach that start. The mayor would likely be one of the more clued-in figures within the town, but was also in such a position of power that they’d be less inclined to speak candidly about the issues plaguing the town. Whoever was in charge of the law was a good bet for an initial line of inquiries, but such an encounter could also easily go sideways. This town was full of vagabonds and scum, and many saw no distinction between such individuals and mercenaries - an apt title for what this motley crew was at the moment. They might as well end up being arrested or hunted down if someone continued their chatterbox ways in front of the sheriff. The otter sighed and stood near the bar, continuing to ponder an appropriate next move on his lonesome...
In Forsaken 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Disclaimer: I got permission to use A.G. from Shiva.

“Yeah, thanks.”
The otter said nothing more in turn as the woman offered him assistance getting into the room. At first he assumed she was just a friendly patron, but as she walked into the room ahead of him, it was only obvious she was here for the very same job offer he was. He then simply waddled into the room on his hind paws, intending to seem as intimidating as his stature and appearance would allow. Which was not at all.

There wasn’t much time for Soot to assess first impressions of the woman who’d helped him nor the half-genie who was already inside, since as soon as they’d stepped inside, another individual followed. The otter gave the newcomer a once-over, coming to the conclusion that they were yet another of the half-genie folk. He fell to his front paws and scurried past the woman who’d let him in, nearer to the female half-genie.

It wasn’t long before more people started waltzing their way in. The otter let out a quiet but exasperated sigh before nimbly hopping onto the now unoccupied chair and proceeding onto the little table set next to it. He stood back up onto his hind paws and looked across the room, giving everyone a thorough evaluating look. But when the demure elven lady found their way into the room, Soot found himself suddenly a little hesitant. He was used to the ruffians, the cold-hearted ones, the capable and cocky sort of folk. Her demeanour didn’t quite fit the bill of his sort of crew.

The otter then watched the proceeding scene between the elven woman and the half-genie unfold with a skeptic expression on his face - or, as skeptic as an otter can look. Squinted eyes, scrunchy face, tight-lipped maw - so to speak. They seemed friendly. Friends had each other’s backs. And Soot suspected that these two might have the bright idea to screw everyone else over to split the reward. He hung his head lower, raised a paw to stroke his chin and hummed quietly to himself.

While in the midst of musing over how to solve this particular issue, the words of an older gentleman made him snap out of it and resume looking over the people in the room. There were two newcomers, namely the older gentleman, and a rather large and imposing warforged. Soot didn’t have much experience with their sort, mostly having seen them positioned as guards for the powerful and wealthy. But the otter smiled, now feeling quite a lot more confident in their ability to survive just about anything.

Soot listened attentively as the gentleman spoke, immediately curious as to why the wife had been kidnapped. He supposed that they’d have to go around and question other victims’ families to surmise a possible motive, provided there was one. Soot was entirely comfortable with the idea, keenly aware of his own people skills - no one would say no to speaking to an otter. He smiled to himself, again. Once the man finished speaking, the otter raised a paw and extended his body to stand on his toes as to ask a question:
“Hey, pal, over here. Question: what’s with all the people? Yeah, sure, getting a band together just to make sure you’ve got everything covered is the smart move and all but… You’ve covered all the bases and then some.”
Even with this many people taking on the job, the take would likely be more than enough - provided no one was trying to screw the others. But that was something Soot couldn’t rely on. Free agent work like this drew all sorts of unreliable folk in, and Soot was intent on sussing the worst ones out and finding a way to get rid of them.

The old man turned his head to listen to the otter as he spoke, waiting respectfully for him to finish talking before answering his question. His expression seemed to turn a little sour, even pained, as the otter talked.
"It's more for your own protection, to be quite honest. Buncha folks around these parts have been picking off other groups that have gone looking for the criminals, tryin to make sure no one else gets to the money before they do. I figure if y'all have a nice sized group, you're less likely to be in danger from vultures like that. Plus, it's a pretty good ride to where the clues, few as they may be, end. It's probably about fifteen miles west of here. Y'all don't need to be riding through the wilderness in small groups. That's just asking for someone to die."
The otter nodded at the man, understanding the unfortunate predicament that they’d be in if they accepted the job. He put his paw back down and fell back on his heels. Convincing the gentleman to let some of them go was clearly not an option, but Soot had worked with less ideal circumstances. He then looked about the room, waiting for the rest of the meeting to proceed.
In Forsaken 9 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
“... anyway, so I looked the bear straight in the eyes and I told him: ‘Hey bear, if you don’t get your fat ass walking straight outta here, you’re gonna get the business end of my spear right up your keister!’ And I swear on my ma, I watch as this grizzled old monster turns around and runs off. I’m not lying to you, friend, I wouldn’t swear on my ma for a lie like that. That’s just wrong!”
The otter stood on a table across from a drunk gentleman who was staring at him dumbfounded, while the otter held his little arms up at his sides. He was dressed in his usual dark leathers, hood pulled back but his backpack still tied tightly to his figure. He wasn’t entirely sure whether the man was still reeling in shock at a talking otter or if it was the story of when he saved a diminutive old lady from the savagery of a brown bear.

He’d been staying at an inn deep in the bowels of Forsaken for two days already. As accurate as the rumours were about the town, nothing ever quite compared to reality and Soot was determined to know the locale before he agreed to any assignments. It had been maybe a little over a week since a friend of a friend of an associate had sent a message down the line with a job offer, and the otter was certainly a little bit desperate for work these days. And he doubted that his pursuers would be eager to follow him to the mesa of the worst scum this side of the world.

The gentleman - a human, decidedly somewhere past his forties - raised his glass of beer at Soot as he somehow managed to utter:
“Sho yoush shayin’ tha’... yoush shayin’ a big ol’ brown beah wash shcared of uh… of uh dumb weazel? You know wha’ I think? I think yoush full o’ shit.”
The otter gave the man an indignant look. He wasn’t wrong, but it was still a little insulting to him that this drunkard would dare insinuate it. Before the otter could retort, he noted a peculiar individual entering the inn, one of the half-human half-genie folk you rarely saw in most parts. The figure approached the barman and was shortly handed something, without payment nor extensive discussion, before heading upstairs. A familiar exchange - the very same sort of exchange the otter had with the same barman. The otter turned to his fellow patron, considered what to say before deciding to say nothing. The man would probably disregard the whole event as delusions once he woke up in the morning. Soot hopped down from the table and scampered off towards the stairs, racing upstairs on all fours.

The otter slowly approached the door, looking up and down the hall in case anyone was lying in wait. It seemed clear, aside from someone drunkenly leaning up against a door further down. He stopped in front of the door, looking it up and down, before locking his gaze on the doorknob. The otter stood up and sighed internally. He reached out with both paws and started fiddling with it discreetly, which soon turned into loud scratching while he quietly muttered cuss words and insults at everyone in the world with regular hands.

He waited for someone to open the door...
In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Shiva>

He's gonna lose a lot of fish to Val over cards.

Why you gotta bully a poor lil otter?
In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Very much unfinished.

Edit 2: Still very much unfinished.

Edit 3: Closer to being finished but still not quite there.

Edit 4: Just a little more, almost there. I definitely broke something in the formatting but I fixed it. I hope.

Edit 5: Kind of done, but if there are any pointers or questions, I'll be happy to edit and add.

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