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Hello there. I am a 10-dimensional alien who lives in the Andromeda Galaxy, speaking to you through a highly complex network that is well beyond the comprehension of your three-dimensional brain. I have aspirations of being a writer/artist, and am currently working on a story, and have more ideas yet to be published.

Also, call me Glitch.

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Tank lands in the swamp. “Gah!” He gets up, and walks around. It seems he was in some kind of forest. He could barely see anything other than the dark. Suddenly, he turned, his heart racing, as a scream rang out. Where did that come from?
The combantants are set.
Just passin’ by. Don’t mind me.
No. Where do I look?
Somebody who wants to rp. Why?
Tf is this?
Tank lands into the forest.
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