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Hello there. I am a 10-dimensional alien who lives in the Andromeda Galaxy, speaking to you through a highly complex network that is well beyond the comprehension of your three-dimensional brain. I have aspirations of being a writer/artist, and am currently working on a story, and have more ideas yet to be published.

Also, call me Glitch.

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Tank lands into the forest.
Name: “Tank” for now.

Age: 17.

Appearance: Has light skin, and black hair. Wears a yellow shirt with jeans.

Gender: Male.

Species: Metahuman.

Birthplace: Seattle, USA.

Superpowers: Gains temporary Meta Power Immunity and Meta Bypassing Immunity. (Lasts 10 secs)

Weaknesses: Is immune to powers, not damage in general.
I’ll think it over.

Oh, cool.
Who is Zazriel?
Welcome, my friends, to the first in a series of arena threads: Battle Arena. Who shall step forward, and who shall die?

Here are the rules: In each Battle Arena, there will be a different, well, arena, with its own landscape, environment, hazards, usable objects, etc. Our Arena for this thread shall be the Forest of Screams. You can use characters of your own making to fight.

Description: A dark forest with little-to-no light shining into it. Occasional distant screams can be heard. Occasional fog will roll in. Also, there are many statues of humans in positions of terror.

Lore: Many people have died here. It is said that if you go in at night, you can hear their screams. It is also rumored that a sadistic witch lives here.


* Banshees: Female hag-like spirits will occasionally materialize to combat fighters; primarily attack with a deafening wail.

* Mists of Dread: A deadly fog that will occasionally roll in. Causes frightening “real” hallucinations to anyone in it.

* Darkness: There are occasional patches of sunlight/moonlight across the arena. Stay out of them too long, and the mist will take you....

* The Evoker of Screams: The witch will sometimes appear to turn a fighter to stone. Be wary of her frightening magic. Her presence will be announced by a bloodcurdling scream. Also negates all sunspots.


* Statues: Can be used as cover, or parts can be broken off and used as weapons.

* Trees: Can be felled onto opponents.


1: Post a bio of your character before using them, it must include powers/abilities, and weaknesses. Otherwise, you may customize it to your liking.

2: Only 5 fighters per user.

3: No overpowered characters. Let’s try not to turn this into a DBZ-level showdown, people.

4: No godmodding, list all powers before using your character.

5: No controlling another user’s characters without permission.

6: No ganging up on one user if they don’t like it. It’s not really fair.

7: No bullying/trolling.

8: No romance/drama. This is an arena thread, and it disgusts me.

9: No exploiting loopholes in the rules.

10: No BREAKING the rules.

11: No persistent fighters. (Aka, a fighter who JUST WON’T DIE) Nobody likes a character who never dies no matter what.

12: No instant wins. (When a newly-introduced fighter claims a win within three posts, or when a fighter kills a newly-introduced fighter within three posts.)

13: Play fair, no cheating.

14: Only I get to activate the hazards.

15: If a troll appears on the thread, ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls.

I might add more rules, but this is it for now. Now get ready, get set, DUEL!!!!!
It’s nice to be here.
So i’m new here, and i’m lookin’ to rp. Any takers?
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