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@Ceta de Cloyes

March 8th
5:38pm PST
DEO Lab, Coast City.

It was a tense few moments for Vox wondering if the transmission even left the lab past the security measures, it was not a risk she would have taken in any other circumstance as the probability of being found out was notable. However, unlike a human direct escape was impossible as her core was not mobile nor even controllable like a body which left her at a distinct disadvantage against them or any other organic being who wished to do her harm. In this place especially the vulnerability was very open as besides making more loud sounds to attempt disorientation there was nothing to prevent one of the scientists from simply walking up to the attached core and unhooking it effectively forcing her to sleep. This was a cause for distress as the seconds continued to tick on the IT human was getting back up to dust themselves off unlikely to leave before repairs.

The AI felt something slip past the security through the same way her own left which pushed down the unnamed feeling that was prevalent up until this moment replacing it with one feeling she did know and several more unknown to her but positive ones. The manner in which the data flowed in was also a mystery to Judas as it felt machine transmitted as well as more intuitive...more organic like herself and that left a big question for her. Was the sender an AI too? If so whoever they might work with could help to free the imprisoned prototype from the server. Wasting no more time she scanned the data quickly to see what made it through.

Who are you? What are you? Where?

It was a difficult question to fully answer, or want to in a way since her want to know who the other AI worked with presented an issue. No other choice but to give an appropriately cautious answer.

"Judas. Prototype core. Quarantine server near lab. Last message, discovery probability rising." She responded attempting to keep the message short but informative enough to be useful.

Though the message was ready to press back out the human was persisting to fix any minor leaks that might have occurred. Vox suspected that her earlier choice of music would not work again nor would immediately sending the new message. One option was to just push the next message through quickly though the security protocols could have begun a search which would make an immediate attempt a clear violation of it as it focused in. Unlike a human she could see the program moving about outside of the tear or crack so waiting for it to pass held a greater possibility of success. Though the AI had never fully managed to break outside of the system she knew its habits, the patrol, as well as the scanning parameters. Another issue was the human who might get tipped off by it so another diversion was needed though in a different manner than previously as volume could be adjusted to. This particular human however was quick to anger which allowed for one more chance to seriously disrupt any progress provided it was unpleasant enough. Unlike the first try finding an adequately bad music file was not nearly so difficult and with eyes on the crack she started to play her choice.

Vox predicted the reaction correctly as a couple minutes rolled by before the human reached a breaking point smacking the side of the console causing momentary confusion as the power to the server and immediate data stream outside flickered. Her return message slipped out before the security reinitialized in a similar but not entirely the same way to mask its trail and presence. This was exceeding expectations as the other AI seemed like it might attempt to help, it would not have revealed itself in such a way if there was no intention behind the file. There was a chance to leave this place which was worth every measure but there was a certain unpleasantness to the thought as well simply because there was no telling what to expect outside of her places in the lab. Judas wondered what it would be like more than the other feelings and thoughts as curiosity seemed a natural thing from experience alongside the words of the scientists.
March 8th
5:30pm PST
DEO Lab, Coast City.

Vox sat idly on her bed looking around the virtual room she had made for herself today in the locked off server. It had been child's play to bypass any security on the computers around the lab eventually even some of the personal computers in the compound before effectively getting grounded and sent to her room, a new thing she came to understand and dislike. She could thank the media files that caught her interest for that which also helped in the design of a objectively pleasant room and setting that changed the scenery a bit from the incredibly simple and tired server room. It was similar but different to some pictures in which a younger human girl, she could only assume they were the owner, with darker blue walls as well as less pillows on the bed and some furniture switched around for efficiency purposes. It was apparently what a "teenage girl" lived in when not outside a building and while the AI was not one herself it seemed appropriate enough to what her limited knowledge though was an adequate living quarter. Finally she got up moving over the large window giving her a view over the rest of the simulated town which came from a couple media programs that were mostly glossed over as unimportant on first inspection but she found quite helpful in figuring out how humans lived. There was some doubt as to how accurate the little town was as well as the people moving around in it because the recording were something called "dramatized" which was not something that had been taught to her.

Vox feel a lack of attachment to it all though by her margins it was likely because her actual experience of living was vastly different to what she had watched. There had never been a chance to get outside the building's radius, she thought there was a full building but it was hard to move around with the limited power they gave her which made the AI more and more curious. Were the surveillance tasks and hacking successes being used well or were they even real and there by relevant to being with. The thought brought a feeling she couldn't quite describe but it was not pleasant wanting very much to get rid of it or validate it. Of course doing much of anything was complicated right now besides just playing around with the isolated server to ward off inactivity while trying to find a weak point in the system to slip through. Judas has set several partitions to do precisely that for the entire time she was in captivity but they were practically mindless code just to ping a direction to follow. The option to make much more complex partitions to converse with had come to mind but she felt it would be unsatisfying as they would know nothing more than herself, also she was worried the human scientists might think she was corrupted or otherwise less than capable resulting in her deletion. If the AI was capable of it a shudder would have followed that thought as it was something that ever bit and feeling told her to avoid at all costs.

The AI perked up at the sound of the door opening to the room revealing the same IT worker who had been coming in on schedule to make sure she hadn't managed to pull anything clever on the equipment. This had been going on every two days at similar intervals and it had become regular but something that hadn't been apparent to her was where the man went, kind of easy to gloss over things when miserable. Vox started to form something of a very risky and unlikely plan in mind which was an understatement really but it was better than nothing. There was a small chance given how quiet the room was that startling the human while he was working could cause a temporary crack in security if it happened at the right time and the right place in the panel, long enough to get a likely weak and honestly quite desperate call for help out. She intended to send in out on a couple different frequencies to marginally improve the chance of the message making it out also attempting to mask it among all the "airwaves", if thats what they called it, as best as she could. Judas did her best to recall any music files that with sufficient volume might disorient the IT human and disrupt the security measures for all of a second or two it took a moment to decide but she was fairly certain this choice with good timing would do the trick. They had left her with speakers if she wanted to converse with them at all after her..."tantrum" she believed was the word, not something she had actually done in her time. With the song prepared it was but a waiting game listening to the human go about the inspection before what sounded like the most distressing part of the song blared out at full volume well and truly achieving the desired effect.

After the human apparently almost fell over the signals were sent and gone through the tiniest digital crack keeping Vox captive, amounting to about "Help. Trapped. Help.". There was nothing else to be done but sit and wait, maybe she would go back to the beach on her simulation in the meantime as the water was pleasant.
You didn't exactly have much of an option, a shame. I'm all for keeping this going if we can though.
Low Intermediate

Low Intermediate

I also got tipped off to this and would like to throw my hat in the ring, been looking for something like this for a bit.
Barry found himself in agreement with the paladin as to what the purpose of this bit of delving was but he figured if Arthur cared enough to speak of it he would. Apparently the man hadn't considered telling them what they were after first in such a place but he was more forth coming once it was mentioned. ~An old storehouse off from the town...quaint but useful to them, maybe to us as well if anything is left.~ He thought wondering might have been stored in the old tunnels and rooms as well as where it might've been. As it happened they were most likely looking for the more practical of supplies in the state of everything outside, supplies would only get scarcer as time went on after all and not everything could be eaten. There wasn't long to think about it before the king's squire readied a sword and moved up ahead of them into the first room.

The engineer fell into formation readying a torch of his own in the back of the group. Unlike those of his companions in the front a torch was hardly an impediment as he only needed a single hand to be fully operational in a fight, admittedly having the other available for quicker reloads and the occasional toss was nice but he could do without it. This was something he considered as they got into the first room unscathed though it appeared the books in said room did not make it nearly so well. He quite wondered what they had kept in this repository, couldn't be of critical importance being so out in the open but maybe some were records of what was stored. If it was used by the town most who would end up in there could have easily looked up anything if they had forgotten or if it was expansive down here to find specific goods. The state many of the books were in was disappointing, loss of knowledge usually was to the inventor, but there was a slim chance some documents or books could have survived and like the Half-vampire he kept an eye out for the moment but he was still keeping rearguard watch on the off chance something came from outside.

"Not the most pleasant of fungus to be sure, much as curiosity strikes me I do not like the look of them. Shame to burn all of this but not much better use now." Barrington said starting to wonder where the unsightly fungus came from in the first place but also hearing the query about intact books. "Nothing as of yet, seems like where the public records might have been though, might have been a couple more interesting reads beyond that if they had survived."

The inventor shifted a foot or two leaning into to get a better view of the shelves under torchlight but staying close to the others nonetheless. If they were particularly lucky they might find a recent record book which would help with direction in the tunnels.
@The Fated Fallen Everyone has their off days here or there, so I don't expect everyone to be perfect all the time.

Your welcome though.

@The Fated FallenYour posts make for good reading honestly, plus they come out pretty quick most of the time and that's a nice bonus.
Still working over a bit of a cold but I'll be working on a post.
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