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Joseiah always thought it was a bit interesting to try and joke around with Yatzil even if some of the humor went over her head. Couldn't blame the woman from being from an entirely different era so more than a couple things simply didn't translate far as he knew but it didn't seem to bother her at least. He was happy to confirm they were good for either activity which meant it was time to pick their poison and honestly the iceman was bummed about missing out on the fighting earlier so that seemed to be the more exciting choice. It was a good option to let some aggression out on for both of them, though in his case he didn't really hate the machines. He found it hard to quite match that same enthusiasm Yatzil had for combat usually but he was quite ready this time.

"Alright, lets send one of those robots into the Ice Age then. I'm sure you can find something to pull out of it too." Josey said with bright smile.

He got the Horizon security to get his dampeners off after a few moments as they tended to take they're time. The moment the bracelets were off the air directly around him started cooling down to freezing letting him form a simple suit of ice armor with a shield and mace to match.

"Warrior of Winter huh? Cool idea." Joseiah said now truly ready to get the show on the road with his powers at the ready.

He figured a nice setting of ten given that they were two would do them well so they got a decent fight out of it but not feeling like struggling the whole time. If his partner wanted to turn it up further he'd go for it, either way this was going to be worth the time.
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Girard waited patiently continuing to think on the issue at hand figuring if Grim was gonna figure out a solution it might take a minute anyway. He did turn to listen to Velocity's question to him and then to Emerald Knight getting a sort of picture of her general idea. It could work, he was sure that if he could launch himself that high it wouldn't be all that difficult to get someone shorter and lighter, plus all things considered it would look really damn cool pulling off another team maneuver like the one before. So fuck it, why not?

"Pretty sure I could manage that throw for ya if that's what we're doing." He said first looking at her then up above and finally back down at those involved in the planning.

Tank liked the sound of it at first and with EK and Zoey also agreeing to the new plan the big man was all for it. He could definitely help afterwards too maybe helping to force down whichever god so the ground team could get a proper hold. This seemed more and more like it could work with everyone's part in place. There was a certain pride to all of them pulling together like this to do crazy shit no one of them could do alone, and it made him happy. The big guy walked over to Velocity standing nearby prepared for what was going to be a pretty good time.

"I'm ready whenever you guys are. Lets finish this up properly eh?" Girard said waiting for the speedster to give him the go ahead and he would send her flying as close as he could get to the fight above which didn't take more than a moment.

Girard hefted the woman up over his shoulder balancing the still standing heroine on his hand before he drew back and hurled her with all the force he could muster up towards the ensuing fight. Was going to rate at one of the longest throws he had ever done after this, well the longest for sure, the big guy just hoped it all went to plan.

Joseiah was already thoroughly pleased with who had shown up so far figuring it could only look up if even Silas came around, his buddy would be doing basics if Dawn had his way most likely especially with the little speech he gave about it, the big guy had a heart as big as his ego hiding until just the right moments. He had a feeling more were coming but they hadn't arrived quite yet so it was just a matter of time before they could get the show on the road and it was good a time as any to get his armor off. Like Ricardo's little detour for talking with Valora after some greeting on the way got him wondering if the woman would follow through with it. She was good company to have even if her nerves could get the best of her.

Luckily it wasn't too much longer before Eliott had arrived in a mood the Ice man had yet to see as she zipped between him and the others. The sudden energy was a little surprising not to mention the outward shift from how she normally was, he'd heard about it once or twice but you had to see this to believe it. Her mention of Draig, to which Ricardo practically shook the place, and joking right back at him was pretty funny he had to admit not to mention her reaction to Onyx. There was a bit of concern when the woman hung from Silas like a tree with some rather heavy handed flirting and Josey knew exactly what was going to happen before the poor guy started to panic. Dawn was busy setting up some extra equipment as well as explaining the exercise regime finding it amusing while he moved over into view of his friend giving him a silent reminder to breath genuinely worried about Sleeper.

To his surprise, or maybe not on reflection, Alice had managed to sneak in vocalizing her concern about the scene as well, Onyx on the other hand was really not helping the matter making comments as he was. Of course that was right up until Valora walked in and while he did give a warm smile in return to her entry it didn't occur to him immediately that there was walking and talking nightmare fuel present. It turned into even more of a shit show as Victory had to escort the now immobilized woman out but Silas did get let go now able to leave by Eliott who seemed just a bit annoyed now refocused on wanting to fight one of the robots Ricardo had set down, he hadn't entirely noticed what they were in all of the kerfuffle.

The whole exercise get together had been broken up somewhat with Silas and Valora gone, he was a bit thankful Victory found the time to come back to keep a bit of order which was probably needed. Just as two of them left though Jane and Yatzil appeared to replace them which was pretty nice for the moment at least they both got a wave and smile. He'd have to check on the others later but for now it was better to get all this out of the way now, it'd give some time for things to settle down as he saw it. Dawn had been suggesting a round against him and Yatzil which while he wouldn't have minded he could hardly blame him for giving Alkaline some extra attention. Finding someway to train a blob wasn't something he could figure out himself but he knew Ricardo would try regardless.

"You two have a good time then." Joseiah said to Dawn and Jane . "Well I'm still up for a bit of practice or running either way. Those robots sure do give a chilly reception. What do you think?" He asked to Yatzil figuring they could get a laugh out of this somewhere.

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Joseiah leaned up against the transport feeling a bit impatient since he was stuck just listening to comm chatter for the moment. It gave him a general idea of what was going of where and a major clash or two, Dawn's cheer and shouts made that far easier than it should've been otherwise. At least he wasn't totally out of the loop while he waited his turn while he made a couple light dustings of snow blow around him for amusement. Getting to use a larger extent of his powers for even a bit made him feel more comfortable like the wintry temperature directly around him which was invigorating. He supposed that was a reason going out and about felt so positive besides the obvious actually getting out of the building for a time.

The ice man could always get some details about the affair at lunch or afterwards if he wanted so that wasn't so much of an issue. He just wished to have been a part of it though since he figured super cooling robots so the heavy hitters had brittle targets would be handy, or just freezing up the joints to slow the big constructs down. Oh well, there was always next time given what he was hearing over the head set being the intense set up for what had to be a big hit from Ricardo coming up. That usually meant things were being cleaned up nicely like snow coming in making everything just a bit better. Wasn't long after the recall alert came through which meant for him it was time to get cuffed again right in time for lunch. It made him question who he was gonna check in with during the day but food first fun later.

Joseiah stood smiling with his helmet in arm as the two teams rolled on back giving a wave to the lot before walking in with them. It wasn't longer however until the Dawn himself walked right on up looking overjoyed from the fight earlier. Admittedly it was a little surprising since the two of them didn't talk a ton but beyond the ever expanding ego there wasn't much to complain about between them.

"That'd be me, ice of you to remember." Josey said with a chuckle and pun at the ready then both surprised and not at getting roped into lunch by the big guy.

He had a feeling he was in this for the long haul as he walked over with Ricardo to the cafeteria, he certainly wasn't going to leave anything out about this mission excited as he was. Turns out his assessment was right because Phoenix Dawn got into startling detail from the get go. Doing his best not to burst into laughter Joseiah took in the idea of all the robot animals they got told in briefing putting it together in his head like some cartoon which made it that much funnier. The ice man took a moment to raise a hand off to the side to reassure at least some of the others in the room especially after the table got dented while making sure to keep looking at the performance sorting out who did what.

Then Dawn got into the meat and bones as the fight wore down to just them against the big elephant. To hear that it gave the big dude some trouble was something to note but as always with a bit of help from the others you could rely on the groups to handle most anything even if the Shift turning into a tiger thing caught him as odd. Josey got to hear what the big wind up was for over the comms making his smile go wider because that was pretty damn cool though a bit less so when part of the table came off. It was with a little extra send off the story ended, made the pizza better for certain, giving a pretty clear picture over all from Ricardo's perspective.

"Oh, no prob. Pretty tame compared to that shiner of a story but I've been working on some team portraits as it comes to me. Training on the side as usual." Blizzkrieg said filling in on a project he was sure the others would like and then some after retrieving the beer cooling it and the air around it for extra effect before continuing. "Ah there you go. Been talking around with the new buds around the Tower too, like them already."

Joseiah noted that Phoenix, with a quick "excuse me", was checking out his laptop that got brought over a few minutes ago before he started laughing real good accidentally battering the poor table some more. He had a feeling he knew what was coming when Shrike was mentioned and was not disappointed with far from the worse fanfic he had seen about Dawn and Wraith, thanks Miles, but it made him laugh too.

"Nothing quite like that, hoo, but some for sure. Some of them certainly have snow problem making entertainment for them and us." He said still recovering from the sight with some intermittent giggles as Ricardo sent over messages through the chat.

Then the proposition of him coming along for a little after lunch training session with Epsilon came up which had his attention. He had nothing else major that needed his attention today so it seemed good enough to him.

"Lets tear the rest of this pizza up then, wouldn't want to let it go to waste. I might just have a few cool tricks to show off like to say." Josey said quite pleased with a way to vent some of his excess energy today with his friends.

Joseiah and Ricardo didn't take very long to get to the gym since they both walked and ate pretty quick. The two showed up early where he was getting some stretches in to loosen up for the show since he wasn't planning to back out of this. The iceman wasn't the quickest of them by far but he'd do his damnedest in the laps. If they ended up doing some combat maneuvers for show then he could get creative with a couple little bits he made use of in a pinch. Plus he got to chat up everyone while they were around so that was a few less stairs or elevator rides around the Tower. After a few minutes passed the first to show up was Silas who was gonna watch which was good enough for him.

"Good to see you Sleepyhead, you can enjoy the showing while ya chill out. Join in on the lighter stuff if you don't mind shoveling." The ice man said with a goofy grin always happy to see his buddy giving him a quick shoulder pat.

Then someone who he hadn't ever seen before arrived and well it was more than a little surprising when a walking talking cat, human sized at that, started to traipse around the gym. Had to give them one thing they started singing really well which made him wonder how they had never met before. Talk about getting a performance which got him rocking his head to the sides along with it getting a pinch of snow to swirl around too in concert. Josey chuckled a bit at the tail swipe by Silas not quite sure what to make of the spectacle of a cat right up until the end. Thankfully they got an introduction after because he definitely wanted to talk with Onyx more.

"I'm Joseiah, Josey if you prefer. You are one cool cat Onyx." He said enjoying the extremely appropriate pun with the cat man? Woman? Hard to tell.

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Joseiah smiled as he lazily floated along the surface of the swimming pool having done himself several good laps beforehand. It was good exercise and beat bumming around his apartment with the AC on, not that it was the most common of things now but it sorted out his cramps nicely with equal parts stretching every morning. He had figured out a very important fact about living in the Tower and that was to find something to keep yourself busy in between missions otherwise it could get very monotonous and boring right after. No one else was here today but it didn't bother him much because as much as he enjoyed being around other people even he needed some alone time every now and again. Never for too long though otherwise he'd end up losing track of time drawing/doing one of his various projects or once in a long while just staring at his pendant as he day dreamed about his family. He'd have to see if he could get an update on his sister again soon, it was a bit of a small luxury but one he found important even if being there wasn't an option.

The cryokinetic was right about ready to haul himself out of the pool when the alarm went off spooking him more than a little. Not to mention he was pretty damn sure they tuned his up to be louder than some of the others and while they were kinda in the right to do so it still caught him off guard sometimes hence ending up underwater for a moment. The man sighed musing about the usefulness of his dampeners, there'd likely have been mini ice float without them, as he swam quickly over to the edge closest to the door getting up and out so he could do a rough job of drying up before zipping back to his room to get suit at least partially on. By his mark he could make it in a decent space of time limp or no but he only really had time to get the lower half of his armor on while he was there, sure as hell wasn't the first time he'd had to get the coat and vest on in a hurry while walking so it'd get done on the way easy. The helmet wouldn't go on until after the briefing since it was way too stuffy until the dampeners were on which was something he mildly regretted as a choice when it wasn't keep his head attached. Either way he made decent time coming in a little later than usual but not unheard of for the man while still being within his ten minutes.

Joseiah gave a couple hi's and good morning's to the other heroes along with a beaming smile which he couldn't help, after all going out to give some idiot the good news was a great pass time. He listened along to the gabbing more or less having to suppress his chuckling at the description of the Zookeeper and robot animals while also noting the danger all the same. Seriously though? I thought my sense of naming was bad but this guy pulled ahead of me. He thought now actually chuckling a bit to himself. Despite being ready and raring to go the suited man stopped him short saying he was on reserves this time around which while being a bummer was fine with him. Made him wonder if they wanted to get a bit of media in on Jane since it was her first showing or maybe city just didn't want a bunch of ice and snow lying around in piles after this time with threats that big. Either way he'd end up listening in while he waited to see if he needed to be deployed, if not so be it since he'd be the first to greet them back in because he wasn't missing lunch with the gang.

That in mind he turned to the suited man with a bit of a dumb smile. "Getting a bit of the cold shoulder this time eh? Suppose its only fair turnabout." The ice man said taking the situation in stride going out to wait nearby the reserve transport.

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