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Naruto is my very favorite Anime of all time, next to a few others.

I am currently on Season 2, Episode 94 of Naruto. I have yet to watch anything from the other two parts of the series.

Before we get any further, I would like to go over my RP Guidelines & Partner Expectations:
1. Please be active.
2. I am ditch friendly.
3. I enjoy both Original and Canon Characters being involved.
4. Romantic content must be kept at the PG level.
5. Like the Anime, I have no issues with dark and bloody subject matters being involved.
6. I ask that third person be used during roleplay; first is uncomfortable for me.
7. I ask that character images / face claims are anime style, since this is an Anime fandom.
8. I ONLY roleplay via Private Messages.
9. I am looking to get better at writing longer length posts, so I ask that post length be at least 3 paragraphs minimum.
10. I don't mind Overly Powerful Characters being involved, as that's part of the Anime, so long as God-Modding isn't involved.
11. I'm not so sure about doubling, so I'm not looking to do that right yet.
12. I will ONLY write M/F gender-paired romances.

Looking for OC / OC plots to write.


If interested in Roleplaying with me, please don't be shy about sending me a Private Message.

I am looking forward to writing this!

Cre8tive P0wer.
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