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I'm alive, also I'm sorry. Kinda logged out and forgot my password... brilliant idea right? Anyways I will either have a post tonight or tomorrow depending.
That is fantastic.
I would love one! =D also didn't even realize there was a manhunter that was cannon.
I assume it will start happening once we all meet each other.
um maybe some one was trying to steal a package and he seems it/ helps stop them. you hear a commotion and then that is all i got. or something like that maybe your house alarm goes off and alex responds as its the company he works for?
our characters can interact?
we can change that, or at least the interaction part.
Alex awoke to the sound of his phone alarm, the gentle piano melody filled his darkened room as he struggled to wake up. like every morning Alex hated his daily routine. After quickly making his bed Alex went about getting ready to go for a morning run. Due to his job as a security guard for a privately owned security company, a job He hated, he was required to stay in shape. As he pulled on his running shoes he mentally planned out his run.Alex planned to run from his apartment down to the beach and back. After making sure he had his keys andf phone Alex headed out to start his run.
I just realized I didn't post my thing. I thought I did, but apparently not. I will have something up tonight after work. Sorry for making it seem like I ghosted or something.
Just out of curiosity but what's the status of green arrow?
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