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Once Serena had took hold of Aria's hand and been pulled up to the wall, leaving the greatsword where it lay, she promptly took notice of the sleeping bandit below, and, turning to look at Aria, the Odd Jobs boss could see the gears turning in the swordwoman's head as she calculated how best to handle this situation without waking up the entire fortress.

"The best approach would be a silent one. We rouse the whole fortress, even half asleep, they still have weight of numbers, and even the best of warriors can buckle under those odds... To that end, I need a dagger. My own blade would make too much noise for what I plan to do." Serena whispered to Aria, perching herself on the edge of the wall, waiting for Aria to hand her the aforementioned weapon, staring down at the bandit, blissfully unaware of what was about to transpire.
"Some semblance of a plan is better than none." Serena said, fixing her greatsword into place on her back, creeping over to the walls, taking care not to make too much of a ruckus. Thankfully her travelling clothes allowed for that part to be easy, save the massive sword strapped to her back. Once she'd reached the walls, she knelt down beside it and held her hands together, ready to give Aria a boost.

"You first, then I pass the sword, then climb up. If I try to climb up with it, it's going to make an unwelcome racket." Serena said, nodding at Aria, ready for her to make the climb.

"Push comes to shove, I'll call out an Atronach, but here's hoping it doesn't come to that."
"Just make sure to keep the cart out of sight of the Fort. If things go south we might need to make a hasty escape." Serena said, setting her sword against her shoulder and calmly waiting, trying to still her mind in preparation for the coming battle.

"The inner beast grows restless. There will be bloodshed tonight, and it knows it. Here's hoping this stays it's hunger, if only for a short time..." Serena thought to herself, closing her eyes to meditate.


Time passes, and the Cart reached it's destination, the sun beginning to dip below the horizon, Serena immediately hopping out to seek a vantage point and survey the area.

"Now then... What are we working with here in terms of force distribution...? Since it's dark out, some folks will be calling it a night." Serena muttered to herself, her eyes sweeping the walls and such to see who was where, crouching down to minimize her visibility.
"So we take this place out of commission, it basically hinders all bandit activity across the holds. Naturally that'd mean, since it's essentially a vital point of their operations... It's going to be crawling with Bandits." Serena said, sharpening her sword once Aria had explained the lowdown on the place they were going.

"A literal hive of villainy. Full of scumbags that won't be missed if someone left them as fodder for the birds. Guaranteed to be a hell of a fight with just the two of us." Serena said, gazing up at Aria for a moment, and for a moment she could see a flash of anger in her eyes.
"I'd be more worried about Arcadia's place if I were you. If anything's likely to burn down, it'd be that because of one errant mixture." Cronic said before Aria left, returning to his book.


Serena said nothing in response to that, simply letting out a yawn as she tries to wake herself up, lazily hauling herself into the carriage. Once she'd settled down, she slapped her cheeks a few times, before running an inspection on her gear.

"I'd be more worried if I haven't woken up fully in time, if I were you... I'm more likely to put an arrow in your butt than I am to actually be of use."
Soon after, Serena stepped down the stairs sleepily yawning, greatsword and bow strapped to her back, with Cronic following behind her, the latter taking up a spot by Aria's desk, the former raiding the pantry for a morning snack.

"Try not to have too much fun you two." Cronic said, pulling up a chair and grabbing a nearby book from the shelf, and began to read, taking an apple in his free hand.

"Alright... Lead the way." Serena said, scarfing down a few slices of bread immediately after.
"...Do I have to get up...? I was having such a nice dream..." Serena said through a mix of groans and grumbling, clearly not in any mood to get up, much to Cronic's dismay as she shifted around to get cosy again.

"...As much as I'd like to serve as your pillow all day, someone's gotta man the fort while you two are gone." Cronic said, clearly fully awake from Aria's perspective, looking at Aria with a silent plea for help.

"...Uuuugh... Fine..." Serena said, reluctantly pulling herself off of Cronic, yawning as she did so, before rolling off the bed and onto the floor.

"...Oh geez..." Cronic said, bringing one hand to his forehead as he finally got off the bed and started to stretch his legs.
"I wanted to ask if it was alright if I stay with you tonight?" Serena asked, closing the door behind her.

-----The Next Day-----

Sure enough, Cronic was already awake, though still confined to the bed. The reason being that Serena herself was presently using him as a pillow, and was still sawing logs. Naturally he was both bored and hungry as a result.

"Didn't think she'd be such a heavy sleeper when she gets cosy." Cronic thought to himself, wishing he'd had the foresight to bring something along to read until she woke up.
Serena let out a yawn, leaving Aria to nod off on her own, before going to check in with Cronic.

"The things I have to put up with from that woman..." Cronic said under his breath as he checked Yuki's outfit.

"Hmm. Looks like I made it a little too big. Flipside, shouldn't be too constrictive, and should do the job it was designed for." Cronic said, getting back up to his feet.

"Well, nothing else for it but to see how it holds up out in the field. I'll leave you be now." Cronic said, turning round to come face to face with Serena, who was stood in the doorway.

"Got a moment?" Serena asked Cronic.
"I'll have to check in with him before retiring to bed for the night. As for the no screaming thing, that was probably because I did it without consent and startled him. He must be a pretty heavy sleeper if he didn't wake up from me moving him though." Serena said, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

"A little advance warning next time please!" Cronic's voice echoed from upstairs, the lone male of the group presently double-checking the fit of Yuki's attire before she goes to bed.
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