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Soon after, Serena stepped down the stairs sleepily yawning, greatsword and bow strapped to her back, with Cronic following behind her, the latter taking up a spot by Aria's desk, the former raiding the pantry for a morning snack.

"Try not to have too much fun you two." Cronic said, pulling up a chair and grabbing a nearby book from the shelf, and began to read, taking an apple in his free hand.

"Alright... Lead the way." Serena said, scarfing down a few slices of bread immediately after.
"...Do I have to get up...? I was having such a nice dream..." Serena said through a mix of groans and grumbling, clearly not in any mood to get up, much to Cronic's dismay as she shifted around to get cosy again.

"...As much as I'd like to serve as your pillow all day, someone's gotta man the fort while you two are gone." Cronic said, clearly fully awake from Aria's perspective, looking at Aria with a silent plea for help.

"...Uuuugh... Fine..." Serena said, reluctantly pulling herself off of Cronic, yawning as she did so, before rolling off the bed and onto the floor.

"...Oh geez..." Cronic said, bringing one hand to his forehead as he finally got off the bed and started to stretch his legs.
"I wanted to ask if it was alright if I stay with you tonight?" Serena asked, closing the door behind her.

-----The Next Day-----

Sure enough, Cronic was already awake, though still confined to the bed. The reason being that Serena herself was presently using him as a pillow, and was still sawing logs. Naturally he was both bored and hungry as a result.

"Didn't think she'd be such a heavy sleeper when she gets cosy." Cronic thought to himself, wishing he'd had the foresight to bring something along to read until she woke up.
Serena let out a yawn, leaving Aria to nod off on her own, before going to check in with Cronic.

"The things I have to put up with from that woman..." Cronic said under his breath as he checked Yuki's outfit.

"Hmm. Looks like I made it a little too big. Flipside, shouldn't be too constrictive, and should do the job it was designed for." Cronic said, getting back up to his feet.

"Well, nothing else for it but to see how it holds up out in the field. I'll leave you be now." Cronic said, turning round to come face to face with Serena, who was stood in the doorway.

"Got a moment?" Serena asked Cronic.
"I'll have to check in with him before retiring to bed for the night. As for the no screaming thing, that was probably because I did it without consent and startled him. He must be a pretty heavy sleeper if he didn't wake up from me moving him though." Serena said, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

"A little advance warning next time please!" Cronic's voice echoed from upstairs, the lone male of the group presently double-checking the fit of Yuki's attire before she goes to bed.
"Nothing besides hot food and a roof over my head. I'm used to living with whatever I can get my hands on. Nomadic life does that to a person. Once fashioned a makeshift tent from sticks and a lot of brute force." Serena said, the prospect of routine meals like the one from yesterday making her drool a little as she stepped into the building.

"Though if I'm going to be sharing a bed with your only male worker... I don't think you'll be needing a fourth unless we have a guest." Serena said, before slapping her forehead after realizing the implications of what she just said.

"Best get our heads down early. Be the last chance we have to sleep in a cosy bed before we take to the field. Guessing Crobalt and Yuki'll be holding down the fort in our absence." Serena said, picking up her empty bottle.

"Here's hoping they hit a breakthrough on your existing problems while we're gone." Serena said, before walking over to the bar and setting the empty bottle down, heading towards the door of the bannered mare shortly afterward.
"Sorry to dissapoint. But love knows no boundaries. Race, place of birth... None of it matters when it comes to matters of the heart." Serena said, polishing off the remainder of her mead soon after before setting the bottle on the ground beside her.

"It's just that, well, Some of the guys I've come across so far just seem to only like me for my looks... And how quickly they think they can get into my pants. Others think they can just tell me what I can and can't do like some possessive slave driver. And you'd know how well someone who can wield a sword as long as her body is tall without hassle would take either scenario. I think I might've busted one guy's fertility completely." Serena said, letting out an annoyed sigh afterwards.

"Anyway. Enough worrying about what could be. Who knows. My special someone could be closer than I think. But tomorrow, we crack skulls."
Mark Astaroth, Izaroth & Spia Aestorm - Dark Matter Bar

The three figures sat before Arron, Mark sat dead centre while Izaroth and Spia sat beside him, Izaroth to his right, Spia to his left, though Spia seemed more interested in her surroundings than what was actually going on in front of her as Arron explained the situation. Izaroth was keeping his attention fixed on Arron, while Mark simply took a sip of the drink in front of him. When the time came for them to explain their motivations for joining the crew, Mark spoke up.

"...Long story short, there's a list of materials we've been searching for in order to complete a certain device I'm working on. Alas, attempts to retrieve said materials legally has failed at every turn, whether it be a "Missing shipment", a corrupt official claiming them for themselves to line their own pockets... Or most commonly, the Empire confiscating the shipment." Mark said calmly, but with a hint of annoyance to his voice, making an quotation marks gesture with his hands when he mentioned the missing shipment.

"All legal methods have been exhausted, so we've been left with no other recourse but to take the materials by force." Izaroth said, and once he'd finished speaking, Arron then put them through the Lie Detector, which understandably came up as true, before he spoke on some more, prior to asking the trio their names.

"I am Mark Artemis Astaroth. The two androids beside me are Izaroth and Spia respectively." Mark said, gesturing to Izaroth and Spia as he spoke the pair's names.


Present Day, The Typhon

Once Arron and Arms had finished their spiel and the call to arms was made, Izaroth and Spia promptly bolted towards the docking tube, Izaroth unfurling his halberd from his hip and assembling it into full extension, but opted to leave it inert before he arrived on the merchant vessel when the bullets would start flying. Spia, meanwhile, was gradually producing electric sparks at greater intensity than the last around her forearms, aiming to get that particular function running to full before the battles broke out, a list of essential medical supplies visible on the heads up display active in her eyes, large enough to be legible, but small enough to not obstruct her vision.

"Could've at least given us chance to get the Engines stable first..." Mark muttered to himself as he took off towards the Engine, accessing a nearby terminal for analysis upon his arrival, and promptly giving it a quick once over to see what needed to be done, and what could be delegated to the Mites, and mentally prioritize the stuff most likely to explode under stress. Being dead in the water due to engine failure was the absolute worst case scenario, as they'd be an easy target for hostile vessels.
"Bit of a personal question, as well as a nocked arrow, ain't it?" Serena said, shooting Aria a nasty look, as if to speak without words that Aria was treading on thin ice. Taking a deep breath, her features turning more relaxed as she pondered for a moment.

"...I guess I prefer someone who would treat me right, someone who knows his limits, and is smart enough to find a way around them. Someone with a level head, basically. Not a supergenius, god knows I'd never keep up a conversation with that one. Above all else though, I'd like them to view me as an equal, respecting my choices, but willing to put his foot down if it seems reckless."
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