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The announcement of her going first and working with Galen was the blow that killed her. Unintentionally, she felt to her knees in the grass.

“Why me?” She whispered.

After the match was done, Gang Orca made sure to retrieve his student and bring him back to the waiting area. Alexa felt so awful for leaving him behind. When she made it back to the class, she was really quiet. It didn't feel like a victory to her. Her heart sank even more, seeing her friend one of the cots they set up. There were a few of them and they had to have been set up while they were traveling to location. She couldn't help how fast she came over as she knelt along side of the cot.

"Gale I'm sorry. I didn't mea-." She was able to see a little closer that he was still knocked out. A sad sigh slipped out as she looked over his face. Her voice, now a whisper." It's a good thing it was just a training exercise..... I still feel bad for leaving you though."(edited)

Gale was still knocked out from Basil's quirk. He did the only thing he could think of to get the job finished. If everyone else was alright, then he did his job correctly. The learned that from his brother.

His eyes opened slowly adjusting to the light. His head didn't hurt. It felt as if he had been asleep for several hours. He slowly sat up and rolled his shoulders.
"What happened?"

Another sigh was let out as she looked toward their classmates. She didn't notice he woke up yet.

"You were actually kind of cool during the exercise. Like your -" Alexa was saying as she turned to look back at him. She nearly jumped ten feet as she twisted her body get some distance away from him. "Y-y-y-you're awake?! HOW MUCH DID YOU HEAR?!"

Gale grabbed his ears.

"Oww!!! Can you please not yell like that? And hear what?"

He sat up on the bench and stretched.

"What happened with the game? Did you get hit with Basil's quirk?"

She almost wanted to strangle him. He didn't answer her question. She took some deep breaths when he said “hear what”.

"N-nothing." She huffed then turned her back to him. "We won. I got the flag back...thanks to your warning. But you got knocked out at the same time."

"Glad you made it out ok." He said with a goofy smile. He stood up and stretched again. Her words finally hit his ears.

"Wait? We won?!?!"

"Yes, we won. Basil couldn't catch me. " She said as she hugged her knees.

It was so hard for her to not feel guilty about it. She left him there. Yes he told her to run and he's ok now, but the guilt wouldn't go away.

Gale gave her a reassuring tap on the shoulder.

"You were awesome out there you know that right. Without you being there, I doubt we would've won. Glad I had you as my partner."

She smiled a small smile for a second. It was nice for someone to say she was awesome. She usually got lost in the crowd. Uneasily, she peered back at him over her shoulder.

"You're not mad about me leaving you?"

Gale cocked his head to the side.

"Why would I be? If you stayed, you would have been knocked out too and that would've sucked. You did your job. And besides I had no doubt that you would've came back for me after it was all said and done."

What he said made absolute sense, but it didn't treally make her feel 100 percent better. What if something had happened to him after she left?

"Yeah, but you were alone. I mean yeah they were our classmates and they wouldn't hurt you I guess... But I felt like you could've been in danger. My job is to protect people with my barrier above all else." Her head turned and laid itself on her knees. "I can't let that sort of thing happen again.'(edited)

"Then the only thing I can say is make your Quirk strong enough so you don't have to have these worries anymore. And it's not like it's your fault. If I sensed it earlier, we both would have made it. So how about this? Well both get stronger so we won't have to worry about each other. Sound good?"

She took a moment to absorb what he said for a moment. It did sound like a good plan. It just cucked that it cam from the goofiest person she knew.

"Sure...Just don't forget about me. You know, if you get stronger than me."

Gale chuckled and patted her back.

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout? You'll be right beside me step by step."

"Stop talking like that. You make sound like your girlfriend." Alexa was very serious, then let out a laugh. "Don't want anyone getting ideas if they do want to ask me out."

She threw her head back and let out another laugh.

"Oh. My bad. Don't let me cramp your style. Let's go see the other matchup."

"I'm only joking Gale. Like I have a sense of style." She unwrapped her knees and started to get up. "Oh and one more thing, Don't throw my barrier again like a mace. Its hard to hold you breath when you feel like you're gonna die!"
After the events of the first round, Gang Orca was very satisfied. His students did work very hard on their strategy and treated this seriously. Of course, he made sure to bring his Galen back from the mountainside. the On the other hand, Endeavour was visibly annoyed as he glared at Andrew when he returned.. His arms were crossed, and looked as though he was going to blow up any second.

“Alright, Next team! Hurry up and get up there!” Endeavour yelled at the top of his lungs.

“They don’t know who the next team is.” Orca replied sternly as he walked over to him.

“....Whatever! Team Aneko and Team Suiichi. You’re up!” His beard erupted as he finished his sentence. “Don’t sit on your ass either!”

A Board popped up on the screen reading the team members names.

Team Aneko:
Tokiko Chronos
Herito Tokai

Team Suiichi:
Koyuki Hoshina

(*Sunday at this same time the post is due.)
Alexa still couldn’t shake the feeling of the upperclassmen torturing them because of Yin’s statement. She knew they’d be strong since they already had a year of learning already. Without even thinking, she chose the seat behind Yin because it was empty.

Gale stepped into the bus. Today's activities made him anxiously excited. He took a quick scan of the available seats and saw Alexis sitting by herself in the back of the bus. Gale walked to the back and sat next to his friend.

"How's it going Bubbles?"

Alexa was still nervous about what Yin said earlier. If the upperclassmen retaliated, she wouldn't be able to taken them on. Stuck in her thoughts like usual, Alexa was a little shaken when she heard a voice called to her.

"Oh! H-Hi Gale... You sure you want to sit here?"

'Since when was I Bubbles?' Alexa thought to herself.

"Yeah. I'm good here." He said casually. He made himself comfortable in the seat waiting for the long ride. He turned his head back to Alexis.

"You ok? Seemed like something is on your mind?"

"It's nothing you need to worry about. Just some irrational fears." Alexa spoke looking down at her feet. After finishing her sentence, she turned toward the window.

"I'm surprised you're here though. This week you've been focused

Something about the way Alexis spoke stung Gale. The air between them felt tense. Until that moment, he hadn't given any thought to hanging out with Alexis, or lack thereof. He cleared his throat.

"It's been a crazy week. Between starting U.A. and training with Andrew, I guess my head has been only focused on that."

She nodded as she continued looking out the window. Disappointment was all her face. It didn't seem like their friendship was gonna last now. At least that's how she was looking at it. The fact that Tokiko took her to Recovery girl really shook her.

"Yea.. I can see that..."

She brought her face to the seat in front of her as she crossed her arms. If only she sat with Yin or anyone else for that matter.

"I'm glad training is working for you."

The two of them sat quietly for a whole minute. To Gale, it felt like several hours of hurtful silence. Ever since classes started and his training sessions with Andrew, the two of them had not hung out as much as they used to in the past.

"Sorry." He said quietly.

This was why she wished she sat with someone else. She couldn't hide her annoyance. Maybe it was her pulling away from their friendship,but she couldn't see it.

"What are you sorry for? Your doing well. Your "teacher" is doing a wonderful job. You don't need to hang with me."

"What do you mean? You are my best friend. I know we haven't hung out lately but that fact hasn't changed."

"Best friend?" Alexa felt she was stabbed when he said it. She actually turned to look at him. "I thought that changed...since you didn't even try to help me to recovery... You didn't even ask how I was."

It was hard for her to not cry, but she wouldn't. They had only been in the school a short time. No one would see her as weak. Not if she could help it.

"I know. And I'm sorry for that too. I'm a poor best friend. Guess I'm not used to handling a lot of things at one time and started slacking in other areas. My bad. I ain't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Dude...I...I'm gonna play my Capybara game." In all honesty, she just didn't want to let him off that easy. That really hurt and when she felt the most embarrassed he wasn't there. She reached into her bag, grabbed her phone, and jumped on her app.

Her shoulder was much colder this time. He looked over her shoulder and watched her play her game. He looked out the window and sighed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He opened up the same game.

"What's your player code? So we can play together."

"Why should I give it to you. You don't even like Capybaras."

"Gotta build the teamwork right?" He said with a grin.

"Like we'd ever be on a team together. I'm just support. Anyone can fill that role." She said as she sucked her teeth. The Capybara warrior in the game fell off the cliff. She still wouldn't look at him. She could see him peripherally.

"C'mon. Don't sell yourself short. You're more than support. You are my best friend right?" He held out his fist.

" are getting on my nerves." Her voice was so low. It was like a cat's growl.

'Failed huh.' He thought to himself.

He lowered his fist. "Sorry. Just tryna make you feel better."

"Well, You're not." She was tired of talking to him. He didn't get how bad that felt.

'If only he understood how hurt I was. I need some peace."

Alexa was done and had no more to say. She put down her phone on the seat. Scooted a little closer to the window to create enough distance between them, then sucked in a deep breath and put her fingers in a box shape. Her barrier was up, but small enough to not bother anyone else on the bus.

'Now I can get at least 2 minutes without him bothering me.'
Sahara returned the girl’s smile with a warm one. With understanding she nodded at the girl’s miscalculation. That was something that happened to her all the time. Being an off angle by so many degrees and not getting the result you wanted or being hit with your own attack.

“It happens to us all. Don’t worry about it.” She said as she scooped off some of the fluid from her arm and placed it on the girl’s wound. She wanted to make sure it didn’t hurt as she applied it. In a perfect world, it would have more healing properties, but at least it would make a barrier from getting attacked any further and no blood would spill out. At least she knew, it was warm so it would give some sort of comfort.

“ As for your question, unfortunately, we aren’t sure why they are attacking. I just happened on the scene when they started to move. And it seems the person behind it got away on a helicopter, so we really have no answers.” Her voice was low and she ended her sentence with a huff. Being a hero was fun, when you got it right.

Sahara, glanced behind them, back into the building. She wanted to make sure there wasn’t too much going on with the robots. The two other pros inside should be able to handle them for now. When the girl spoke again, she snapped her back to listen intently.

“Oh No.. No injuries here. I’m usually pretty lucky that way.” A goofy grin crept across her face. The slippery one could be awkward at times.

Something seemed to be under the surface when it came to this girl. Maybe she was cared, that what Sahara was sensing. Her eyes darted around for something that might calm her more. That’s when she saw it, a small black kitten that was hiding under a mailbox. It was strange that it hadn't run off. Maybe it belonged to someone and it was waiting or it was too afraid to leave it’s spot. Sahara held up her pointer to say “one sec”, then trotted off in the direction of the kitten. It never occurred to her how it looked when she ran. Someone used to tell her it was slow-motion like. Like an old lifeguard series on television that she couldn’t remember the name of.

Across the street, the kitten had started to fuss as she made her way over.

“No No little one… Hush now. It is alright.” Her voice was almost a purr as she knelt on the ground to look under the mailbox. Her hand was held out softly so the animal could smell her. “I will bring you no harm.”

After a moment of coaxing it out, He came into her hands. She tried her best not to get fluid on his fur. From there, she returned to the girl and held out the kitten.

“Could you possibly keep an eye on him? He seems afraid and there are still robots to dispose of. He seems really harmless.”
After making her way safely down the wall, she pushed her hands off the wall and landed on her feet. The motion left fer spinning because on the momentum of contact. A wild grin was etched into her face.

“Don’t worry about me sir. I rarely get cornered.” Sahara tried to make eye contact with him, but she was still spinning.”

As their conversation started, a chopper started up and the “ one behind this attack, was flying off into the distance. Sahara sucked her teeth hard. Her eyes darted about for an angle to use to hit the plane, but there wasn’t a good enough one to ensure it coming down directly from one hit. Plus, the damage of it falling from the sky would be too much on the surrounding buildings. This raised her motivation to take out the robots faster.

Before she could get a lock on her next target, another hero had come and started to destroy some more robots. This made her happy. It had been some time since she had so many people on the same scene fighting with her.

“Kurogane, it’s nice for you to join us. There are plenty of enemies to go around.” SHe flashed a kind smile, then looked for her tire.

More noise was coming from the outside of the building, She ran over to the doors and saw a student or a small woman fighting robots that had gotten outside. It was certainly impressive. The jelly used to dissolve was new to her. She did see the the unfortunate splashing of it onto the girl. Once the girl sat against the large cat, Sahra ran over to her.

“Are you alright? I saw your hard work. Thank you for helping. I noticed you’re injured, I could cover it for you temporarily until you are able to get it treated? Would that help?” Sahara brought herself to a kneel to make sure she would be calming as she spoke. That was one of the important pieces of being a hero.
Last test.
(With some help from MoMochas)

When it came to the last exercise, Alexa feel the most comfortable. Dodging matter flying out of a machine was just really easy for her barrier. This is what it was made for. To protect people in it from what ever may hurl at it. The only thing was she wouldn’t be able to run and have the bubble up. The surface was insanely slippery without the right foot gear.

“Man I wish I had those special grade boots I wanted.” She thought to herself quietly as she watched her classmates do their turns before her. “I’ll just have to naturally dodge for what I can. And use the barrier for what i can’t. It would be hard to keep shutting off my breath and bring it back.”

After watching some of the students, she felt really good about her odds. All she had to do was just pace herself. There was nothing hard about that. There was also the fact that she had to stay out of her own head.

“Alexa, you’re up!”

“I got this!”

Her steps were heavy as she made her way up to the designated area. This was her arena. Protecting people is what she was made to do. Before the machine started up, an image flashed in her head. When she was in the exam and she had so many kids in her barrier, protecting them from the robots. This should be nothing. She felt a new bit of determination as she heard the machine begin to “whur” in start up.

Alexa started with a slow walking pace. When a piece of debri shot out, she hopped to her right. The next target, she ducked to her knees. Third one, she frog jumped over. It was all reminiscent of her training at her mother’s dojo and with children her mother taught. They would use her as target practice all the time. A series of object came out and she was able to dodge them with ease. She stayed focused, but she could tell that Gang Orca was going to up the leveling. She was ready.

“Alright, here comes the more difficult stuff.”

This made Alexa speed up the pace to a trot. This was not hard for her to keep track of her breath and moving. The projectiles were moving faster through the air. Her movements still consisted of jumping, hopping, and ducking. As she went to leapfrog over one of the pieces, another shot while she was airborne.


Without another thought, her hands were brought together in a box shape and her breath was cut off. The boulder like object bounced itself off the bubble and pushed her back. It was fine. She was encased and nothing would hurt her as she brought her legs back down to stand. Of course she came back to the ground a little faster than she thought and slipped on the bubbles surface.

‘Dang it!’ Her mind screamed as she landed on her butt.

Luckily she was able to hold her breath longer while falling. Two more objects zoomed and fell away.

‘That was close.’

The barrier fell as she regained her breathing. Another two shot out as she was trying to regain her footing but she bring her head under one and take a shot to the shoulder.


Her shoulder felt bad, but she wasn’t going to stop. She’d suck in a quick breath and reformed the box with her hands. The barrier back up, she was on her feet now. There seemed to be more coming out of the machine now. Her stance was pretty strong as she let the objects hit her barrier. She wasn’t sure if Mr Orca, brought the speed up but it seemed like they seemed to be flying out pretty fast at this point. Normally, she could hold her breath long, but she only got a small amount of air.

‘I wonder how long I could keep this up. This wouldn’t be that hard if I didn’t hurt my shoulder.’

After a few more seconds, the feeling in her chest started to tighten. A series of five object flew the air and she tried to hold the barrier. Her body squeezed to stretch the hold. Three hit, her body choked in air. The fourth barely missed her elbow and the 5 slammed into her right thigh.

“AHHH!” She screamed out as she fell to her knees.

The machine was quickly shut off. Gang Orca walked over slowly. He looked over the wounds with stern.

“Head to the infirmary. You’ll be fine….On second thought.”

The disappointment started to flood in as she tried to get up but had a hard time.

"Could someone take Alexa to the infirmary?" Gang Orca asked. The students looked at each other awkwardly.

"I'll do it." Tokiko said, raising her hand. Alexa looked a little surprised. Tokiko smiled at her, giving her a little wave.

“Oh um… I-I” Alexa couldn’t get the words out fast enough.

Now I can find out why she runs faster, and I'll look cool...

Tokiko went over to Alexa, to help her. Alexa lifted her arm over Tokiko's shoulder, and Tokiko swept her off her feet, putting her in a princess carry. Alexa looked uncomfortable with the attention her classmates were giving her, as well as the close proximity to Tokiko's well-defined muscles. Tokiko, however, was unconcerned.

‘C-Carried like a princess?! By another Girl?! I’ll never live this down.’ Alexa tried not to wear it on her face.

Heh. I bet Doll can't do a princess carry. I'm not sure anyone else can. Do they even lift?

Tokiko walked with Alexa towards the infirmary. An awkward silence hung in the air, as she carried her to Recovery Girl's office.

‘Put me down! Put me Down! Put me Down!’ Her mind screamed.

I am pretty much holding a stranger...

" run pretty fast. What sort of regiment do you do?" Tokiko asked.

Alexa the whole ride tried to keep her eyes off Tokiko’s face and as far away from her muscles as she could. Her eyes were practically on the sky until she heard Tokiko’s question.

“Um. well I run three miles a day and alternate it….with help control my breathing…” Alexa’s voice was quiet as she tried to keep her eyes off Tokiko. Her face was getting red.

[i]I need to run twice as much as you...first you, then Doll will eat my dust!

*****NEXT WEEK******

Alexa strolled up to the school with a new attitude. After those exercises, Gang Orca had been trying to give her ways to keep focused on multiple facets of a situation. It also didn’t help that her mother dragged her into more dojo duty with the kids. Her arms felt a little more tone and she thought she could dodge a little better. At least, that was what she thought. This week also made her realize there were some very interesting kids in her class. She wanted to know each one of them better. Even Doll and Xen, though she still felt a little wary of them.

The morning drive was a more quiet one. Her father seemed to have more faith in the school and it seemed to Alexa that he was noticing her grow. He didn’t talk about it much, but he did mention that she stood straighter since attending the school. Alexa noticed the small smiles he throw at her. He always tried to leave the worrying to her mother, but sometimes he couldn’t keep it in. The radio played loudly some jazz as they rode by.

(will finish tomorrow)
Her eyes were the size of dinner plates as she witnessed the robots starting to really move now. They didn’t seem to have an objective in place other than destruction, which seemed strange to her. Mindless beast and destruction, that made sense, but these were robots. It didn’t matter. Just as she was about to move, she saw another man on the scene. He was running away from the commotion, but towards it.

“Must be another hero! Wonderful.” She thought to herself. It was always welcomed to fight with someone else. It made things go a lot quicker

There wasn’t time for her to take in who he was or give him the pleasantries. That slippery one smiled, then nodded at the gentleman.

Her eyes locked on to two robots that were buzz sawing the bank’s front walls behind one another. Without hesitation, Sahara trotted off her spare tire to get another running start, She swiped her arm to gather more liquid and leapt back on the spare tire. At the same time, she threw down the liquid in front of her path. The spare tire zoomed on the liquid and sped faster. The tired b lined her straight into the robot’s leg. Her actual contact with the leg was at a slight angle, causing her to bounce of him like a cue ball racing toward a robot in the back corner. The robot she hit, fell backwards, throwing it’s saw into the one behind it. The was a large boom from their collision and smoke.

In her mind, the battlefield was like a giant pool table and the moving parts were balls. SHe just needed to right angles to move people and enemies where she wanted them.

Next, she hopped her tire once she was close enough to the new robot, and gave it a hard soccer kick at 60 degrees into the wall beside her target. It bounced hard against the wall at a 10 degree angle, then into the robot. The lubrication from her foot made the tire extra bouncy causing the tire to repeatedly hit the wall then th robot.

“Good, That should keep him busy for a-” She said until another grabbed another one around her midsection.

It had a tight grip on her. Most people would have been worried about being in such a predicament, but not her. Once it applied enough pressure, she bursted out of its hand like soap. She hit the ceiling at 80 degrees and used her hands to brass herself and surfed the ceiling in a handstand.


Sahara just happened to be in town this week, It was hard for her recently. It seemed modeling had really been picking up her in the meantime. She really didn't understand why she was particularly popular. After all, she was just a lower level hero. Yes, she was physically fit, but it still didn’t make sense to her. The time to figure it out was not something she had, but it helped with her heroing. Sahara made sure to leave the house once she pulled on her tan trenchcoat, backpack full of water, and Kitty hills.

Today, Sahara couldn’t grab her surfboard before leaving her apartment. It didn’t have a chance to properly dry like the wanted. Of course, in the back of her mind, she hoped that the day was peaceful. She took a stroll down the busy walkway and thought about what she needed to purchase.She hadn’t been in town for some time so grocery shopping probably should have been higher on her list, but she really wanted to collect some gatchas from the machines
Maybe a few gundam ones and a pokemon one to put on her window sill.

The day was so nice as she walked down the street in the direction of her favorite vending machines. A magazine cover with caught her attention as she passed a storefront. It was her in a revealing swimsuit and her posed like she was hiding it. She didn’t understand the directions of that shoot. She would have worn it proudly since it let her access her skin to use her quirk. After sucking her teeth, she moved on. A taiyaki shop came into her view first, she bought one. The fish bread was warm as she ate the chocolate filling.

“ How wonderful.” Sahara thought to herself quietly and leaned up against the storefront. Munching on the face of the bread fish.

It truly was peaceful, People passing by in droves, but were so quiet. This was why she loved this city. The fact that it was quiet. Then a loud explosion sounded down the street, and the city was once again, noisey.

“What now?” She huffed as she stuffed her Taiyaki into her mouth and quickly started grabbing the buttons of her coat. Her feet kicked off her little heels as well.

People started to wonder what was going on as she performed what seemed like a mini strip tease on the street. Under the coat, was a very scanty bathing suit and damp-looking skin. It took a moment as she bundled up her clothes for someone yell out “It’s That Slippery One!”. Instantly, she turned and gave her Miss America like wave, then search around for the closest thing to surf on. Someone happened to have a spare tire on the back of their Jeep, which Sahara grabbed and turned back to the crowd.

“I’m going to borrow this. I shall replace it when done. Send me and email if it belongs to you. Look me up on the hero database!” She said at mach speed, then swiped the liquid from her abdomen and flicked it onto the tire surface.

The crowd stood in awe as she backed up into them. Next, she swiped from her leg onto the ground. Finally, she got a running start, tossed down the tire and jumped onto it. This was the first time she surfaced on something other than her actual board. The double lubrication caused her to travel faster. Now where was she going.


Another explosion was getting closer as she whizzed through traffic. At last, she could see it. It was Balla Halla Banking. There was no time to waste. Her nimble body weaved in and out of traffic to cross to the bank. As she arrived, people were fleeing from what looked like Giant robots that were attacking the bank. Once she came to a stop, Sahara shook her head at the sight.

“I heard everything was going automated, but this is getting ridiculous.”
There was a moment where the students had to introduce themselves. Afterword, Gang Orca dispensed the niceties. The students were told of what they would expect while being in the school and how to uphold themselves. During which times, Alexa noticed certain students didn’t seem to be paying attention as they should have been. Xen and Voodoo seemed almost alouf as the information was given out. That struck her as odd, but she chalked it up to first day jitters. She also made sure not to look in Herito’s direction. It almost felt like if she made eye contact with him, he’d reveal her secrets.

Alexa felt a new kind of nervousness run through her like electricity. This competition against her new classmates on their first day. How would she do? She really needed to do well. Not that anyone in her family would come down on her, but for herself she had to prove why she was there.

When they changed in the locker room, Alexa kept to herself. She had to stay focused, but she couldn’t help but think about the two students that didn’t seem hero like. Voodoo and Xen seemed really scary if anything, but it really could have just been due to nerves.

“You need to focus. How can you pull ahead when it comes to these events?” She told herself quietly.

There didn’t seem to be any people in the class that had a speed quirk. The race was probably a safe bet. If only she had the right kind of shoes, she probably could speed run in her bubble like a Gerbil would, but it was too slick. It would help her possibly in the throwing competition and the in the debris event. Though again, she would have to use it her quirk and quickly drop the barrier once she evaded the obstructions. It was a lot to think about. She really wished she was a better tactician.

The bell rang loud.

Alexa was pulled from her thinking session and forced herself to get out of the locker room. Once her classmates and herself were outside, they were told the event order.

First up was running. She felt alright about this. She ran everyday, well just about and swam to help with her breath control. She needed to be able to hold her breath as long as possible. This would be fine.

All the students lined up, then the beacon sounded. Alexa pumped her legs, but she wanted to make sure she didn’t use all her stamina at the beginning. Her pace was steady was as they continued along the track. Her eyes were focused in front of her and not on anyone else. In her head, a Capybara waited at the finish line, waving a flag just for for her. As they made their way to the last stretch, she realized there was a girl ahead of her. She tried to pump harder, but she couldn’t seem to catch her. The disappointment sank in a little, but it was alright. Once she passed the line, she was told she got 2nd. That made her feel pretty good. Unfortunately she didn’t hear her time because she was focused on the others coming in. The muscular girl was right after her.

“R-really?... Strong and fast?” Alexa thought to herself as she tried to get her breath together.

The next event, The long jump, went as she thought it would. She tanked. No great distance, just an average marking. Of course the muscle girl did way better than a number of the class. She was surprised that the green kid did better than she did though.

“I wonder how he pulled that off.” She would think to herself quietly.

Next, throwing. This she felt a little better about. Alexa didn’t feel like she would be the best, but she felt like she wouldn’t be last.
When it was her turn, she took hold of the ball firmly in her right hand. The confidence was rising as she readied herself. This was something she did before, but with a different principle. When her mind was ready, she put herself in what sort of looked like a running stance. Her left leg bent and her right leg extended, and toes pointed into the ground. It made her laugh inside, when she heard a couple of kids in the class questioning what she was doing. Yes, it was odd, but she knew exactly what she was doing. With a hard jerk, she threw the ball straight up. Quickly, she brought her hands together and sucked in a deep breath. Her barrier came up, lodging the ball within its wall. Once the ball was secured, Alexa pushed with her right foot and staying firm on her left. The barrier spun in a circle. Alexa kicked harder with her right and the barrier spun faster. She continued doing this, until she felt satisfied with the speed of the barrier. Once she was ready, she let go of her breath and brought her hands away from each other. The barrier fell and the ball zoomed through the air.

“She used her barrier as giant slingshot……..Very impressive.” Gang Orca said in an all knowing fashion with his arms crossed a his chest.

Her ball landed at 502.1 meters.
A student passed them by as they chatted. He looked familiar, then she remembered. It was Albion, they had talk to him after the written exam. They would give him a wave, then continue talking.

"We'll finish this conversation later. We should get to class before we're late." Alexa said in a rushed tone and began to trot off to class. She could hear Gale following behind her.

Once inside the class, her grey eyes took in all the faces in there. Her heart beat faster as she saw Yin's face in the class. She cursed that she hadn't gotten in earlier so they could talk. She gave her an enthusiastic wave and a smile.

Next, her eyes fell on a pair that looked like they were ready to eat any and all alive.

'Don't mess with them...'

Then, finally, her eyes met with a pair of silver ones that she knew. She froze when she saw him.

"Oh....God...No..." Her voice was trapped in her throat, but her lips moved on their own. Her muscles stone and she wouldn't shake his gaze.

'What do I do?! Everyone will know!!!!!!'

"Ahem! ...Mind taking a seat...So we can begin."

It didn't take too long to realize that she hadn't even greeted the teacher before looking for her seat. She stiffly turned, bowed at Gang Orca, then turned again to find herself a seat. The back window seat was open and that would be her territory. Awkwardly, she trotted over to the seat not realizing that no one was going to take the seat. Once at it, she would seat and take out her Opal notebook with a printed picture of a serious Capybara and a word bubble saying "Work Hard!"

'I probably looked silly but I'll make up for it with my quirk.'

Immediately, she scanned the room for her classmates. Making sure to avoid Herito's gaze again. A green kid really stood out, but no big deal. A kid with copper swirls on his skin that poked out from the sleeves of the uniform. That seemed interesting. A kid with long black hair in a ponytail. A really buff girl on the other side of the room. There were a couple of empty seat and some other students who didn't seem to be paying attention(NPCS).

'This is going to be a long year...'

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