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I joined the chat, but I think my discord is acting up because it's not showing any message log or users in the channel. I'll try again tomorrow, since it's getting a little late here.

Same, for me there is a members list, but they're all blank and when I click on the 'Load More Messages' it acts like it is but does nothing.

Edit: NVM, I just had to restart Discord three times. It was so obvious!
If you have room for any more, I'm interested.
Rylan stared up at the wall for a few moments before being distracted by the raindrops splashing against his visor. Each one impacted and dispersed into a unique trail that would roll down his visor. In his current state of mind, high as fuck on a chem cocktail that'd kill a lesser or perhaps just smaller man. They were a beautiful sight to behold, it reminded him of the glee he felt in the countless times he had watched blood splash against the same visor as he rended the flesh of his victims into pieces to be hung outside their camp. Good times indeed.

Rylan's armor made a faint clatter with every step he took into the subway tunnels. He gently lowered his duffel bag to the ground at his feet as he took up a position leaning against the tunnel wall, acutely aware that the bag represented likely his only chance of a fix for the next few days at least. He glanced around at his counterparts, for the most part they looked the "civilised" kind, even a couple Brotherhood peons had found there way into this little mission. None of them seemed to be his kind of people except maybe the ghoul. Rylan could never get the measure of a ghoul, but by and large he liked them, squishy but not soft, easy to cut but hard to kill. It was a lesson he had learned the hard way many times, few of them were screamers, he figured having your flesh melt off must have been comparable to what he put them through.

Still though, no sign of "Pariah" not that he particularly cared. He was going in whether he got paid or not. Fifty-five was damn old for someone in his line of work and he had no intentions of seeing his body wither away like so many elder wastelanders, weak and helpless, absolutely disgusting. He was gonna die on his feet and while nothing so far had been up to the task, this little endeavor seemed to have promise, after all you don't go somewhere called "Necropolis" without expecting some death to occur.

"If they don't show soon I'm going in regardless." Rylan brought his rifle up and examined it one last time, once he was satisfied the action was in working order he pushed against the upper and lower blades to make sure they were still sturdily held in place, they were. "Got shit to do, places to be, things to kill."
@cunfuzzler, since Rylan was also from a raider camp, maybe he and Frankie know one another on some level? She was taken from her home to a (non-specific) raider camp since she had medical skills, so it could always be the one he is from. And, I can imagine she's had to sew him up quite often, lol.

Anyway, just a thought :)

I'm down, though I dunno if the timelines would matchup since he hasn't been an actual raider in five years & I dunno when she was taken. Though someone who knew him as the Butcher would certainly be interesting.
Finally got around to putting together a CS.

"Yes ma'am."

"And the name is Lizzy McShea, but let's stick with 'ma'am' for now shall we?"

The little creature nodded and Lizzy felt a pang of remorse at her own cold demeanor but shrugged it off quickly."Yes ma'am." Lizzy and her companion made their way back to the others just in time to witness what she could only described as some kind of angel descending upon them. She thought back to her time at school and the regular lessons in the faith that accompanied it. Reflexively she scratched at her neck, it had been many months since she wore her school uniform but she could still feel the irritating touch of her blouse supported by the school jumper rubbing against her neck. Years of that and it never quit being uncomfortable.

Eventually the angel addressed each of them herself included. She felt a bit insulted by it's remark, though she wouldn't contest it's truth she just didn't like having character flaws pointed out by strangers. Especially when they're pointing out the very real fact that she was in a word 'insincere'. Though the real stinger was the context, surrounded by a bunch of strangers in a foreign land she had basically just been labelled. From everything she had gleaned about her situation so far she was going to have to spend a fair amount of time with these folks, a certain level of trust would be essential. Something not easy to cultivate with a group after they witness a divine being label you a liar.

After a few moments of letting it stew she began muttering to herself aloud. "Sincerity!? What gives tacky two-face here the authority to run her sanctimonious gob about my 'sincerity'. Best believe I'm being pretty fookin sincere about that!" Lizzy could hear her own accent begin to exaggerate as her words drew on into a more traditional melodic Irish accent and felt immediately embarrassed. More than a little part of her expected to be instantly destroyed by the being for her insolence. Although she tried her best to remain stoic, Lizzy glanced down at Thorn hoping for the Digimon to do something though she wasn't sure what.

"No need to get worked up ma'am. You're digidestined, she only mentioned it because you are capable of greatness. I have no doubt you're the most sincere person I will ever meet!"

Lizzy rolled her eyes. "Look, I think you have the wrong person." She crouched down so she'd be at least near eye level with Thorn. "I'm known for a lot of things, but few of them are good and even less are honest. You're expecting some kind of hero, but I'm the opposite. I once spent four months gaining the trust of a classmate so I could convince her, that her friend slept with her fella. Just so I could watch it play out."

Thorn beamed back at her."Excuse my forwardness ma'am, but if that was who you are, would you have told me that?"

Lizzy rolled her eyes again and stood up, Thorn was right in a way. What she had just done was foolish. Why did she care about Thorn knowing the truth of her character, it would have been easier to keep her mouth shut. Hell the very act of meeting at eye level with Thorn was making a concession she had no need to make. She'd had a moment of weakness but resolved herself to not let it happen again. She made sure to not look at Thorn as she spoke again. "We're done talking about this Thorn."

She wasn't exactly capable of reading the digimon's face yet but she could have sworn the smile that crossed Thorn's face as she replied betrayed a bit of sly satisfaction. "Of course ma'am."

Lizzy finally turned her attention to the weird looking froglike Digimon that was addressing the group. Her only reply was to dismissively shake her head. These Digimon put far too much stock in words and belief, it's sickeningly naive.
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