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Current I got it! I loved that game so much!
24 days ago
I'd be the worst criminal ever! The best the FBI could get on me is littering! hehehe
24 days ago
Also! I suppose I should come out honest! I'm actually 24 years old in real life! I thought that being dishonest about my age would help me stay anonymous... but the truth is I'm not 20 but 24!
24 days ago
Sorry to all my roleplay partners! You'll get replies tomorrow! Promise!
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30 days ago
I'd like to apologize to everyone! Some online trolls were harassing me and it causes me to have such a breakdown I went crazy and deleted everything! But I'm back and a little more stable now too


Howdy howdy!

Welcome to my user-page! If you're here then it's probably because you've either seen one of my interest checks on this site or because my name/profile-pic alerted you to the fact that I'm into Pokémon roleplays hehe! Either way, it's lovely to meet you and I hope we can be great friends and even better roleplay partners! Now, I understand that if you're still reading my bio then there is a pretty good chance that you wanna learn more about me to judge whenever or not I'm the right roleplay partner for you :D, so without delay let me tell you a little information about myself hehehe! (Please keep in mind that I'm Welsh, and so my time-zone is GMT:+OO so I may not be able to respond quickly at times if we are in different time-zones)

So, let me start off with me giving you the most basic of my personal details hehehe... my name! Now, I don't actually use my real name online in order to stay anomalous and instead go back the fake name of 'Jake', and profile-wise I use the name 'A cute Gardevoir' as well as a few other similar sounding profile names on other online sites! Oh, also I'm male in real life but online many people can sometimes mistake me as a female (I guess I'm very much a femboy hehehe) but I can assure you I am 100% male, though I don't mind roleplaying either gender hehehe! Lastly I am an adult that is 24 years of age! I know this may cause confusion to some as I have previously lied about being merely 20 (Sorry about that, I was shy at first about giving real life details) but now I'm comfortable being online I've decided to reveal the truth, though I again would like to apologize for the deception.

But moving on to the part everyone is interested in hehehe... The roleplaying :D hehehe. I'll start off by openly stating that I am in fact an extremely lewd individual and so literally all of my roleplays will have smut in them one way or another, though that does not mean I am just interested in purely sex hehe! As I love having deeply interesting storylines and likable characters in my roleplays, with lots of lewdness sprinkled into that to add to the story. I am happy to work with almost all kinks that others want included and I don't judge as I understand how personal kinks can be, so feel free to be honest with me about them, and if you are wondering what my kinks are... well I am a submissive, have a strong tickle fetish and most importantly loved being bound/tied up. You likely already know this just from my profile alone, but I also am very big on Pokémon hehehe! As such all my roleplays will be about Pokémon in some way though I do distance myself from the main games a lot, so don't worry as I'm not interested in poorly thought out plots and needless battling like the Pokémon games are hehehe.

Now now, I think that is pretty much everything there is to say, though if you have any questions or just want to talk for the fun of it, please feel free to DM because I am super friendly and do love to chat! Just beware as I'm super affectionate and therefore you'll likely end up getting loads of hugs and cuddles! Anyway, have a great day everyone! See ya! (IMPORTANT: Please do NOT message me if you are under the age of 18. If you are below 18 I will NOT talk or roleplay with you! NO EXCEPTIONS, sorry but it's for your own good)

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Howdy howdy!

It's truly an absolute pleasure to be back on this site again, roleplaying with y'all just like I did previously almost every single day all those months ago hehehe! I really did miss all of you loads and it's great talking to you all once again, oh and to those here that haven't met me before (maybe this is even the first time you've seen me here hehehe) please let me introduce myself hehehe (or needlessly reintroduce myself if you do already know me hehehe). My name is 'A Cute Gardevoir' and I'm this sites go-to person when it comes to smutty Pokémon roleplays! I love all my stories to be long-term roleplays that contain fun storylines as well as likeable characters, and for all of those characters to be Pokémon hehe! Just keep in mind you MUST be 18+ to roleplay with me and all characters in the story MUST also be 18 years of age!

Alright I've only just started this interest check and it's confession time hehehe... although I do love and adore lewd Pokémon roleplays, I will be upfront about the fact that I actually don't play or enjoy the mainline Pokémon games at all! Yeah, I know its crazy but hear me out ok hehehe, see in the mainline Pokémon games they simply don't give any of the Pokémon a real personality other than just 'I will mindlessly obey humans' and the games storylines are nothing more than 'humans needlessly fighting using Pokémon' and that honestly just seems dull to little old me hehehe! So instead of following the games traditional ideas, I'd like us to make up a Pokémon roleplay story that will have both of us roleplaying as Pokémon with fully developed personalities and traits within a world where Pokémon are physical unchanged from the games but able to think for themselves, and where battling doesn't happen so we can focus on what it is really like to be Pokémon (I mean, why fight when you can cuddle it out, right?).

In regards to the storyline itself I'm very open to any ideas that you have as I'd love to build a world with you that has everything you want rather than force any ideas I have down your throat hehehe! But in general I love themes and ideas that revolve around Pokémon interacting with other Pokémon in ways the games don't show, for example maybe two Pokémon in the wild that happen to meet each other at a natural hot-spring that learn they are both planning to explore a cave system to try to find a legendary artefact. Additionally I like stories that show humans and Pokémon interacting in non-battling ways as well, for example maybe a story where a human adopts a seemingly helpless Pokémon into his life but she turns out to be so disobedient that he has to 'train' her using some unconventional measures. As you can see I have kept the storyline open so you can tell me what it is you want to see in a story, but don't worry if you are completely lost at ideas as I do have some ideas of my own if you want to hear me out in DM's hehehe!

Now, when it comes down to what Pokémon (or human, if you'd prefer) that you can roleplay as in our story... well you can be anything that you wish :D. I love almost all of Pokémon so I have no issue whatsoever with what you'd like to be, but just keep in mind they will be lewd-ed so please pick Pokémon that you are comfortable with sexually hehehe! I personally prefer to roleplay as the cuter Pokémon (for example as a Ralts, Buneary or Absol) but I'll be happy to roleplay a particular Pokémon if you have something in mind or avoid roleplaying as Pokémon if there are some you don't wish me to play :D. Moving onto the best part of the interest check hehe, I am happy to accommodate almost any kinks (aside the ones I'll state below as my personal limits) and I won't judge you for any kinks that you have (as I understand that kinks are very personal, I will not judge or belittle you for having them, I promise) and I will give a list below of my own kinks too hehe. Additionally I am happy with any pairings (MxM FxF or MxF) and my story-to-smut ratio is about 50:50 though I'm happy to go much higher if you prefer! Ok, time to do the kinks hehehe!

Oh, just as one last thing about the kinks! If you did not see your kink in either of the sections then that means it's something I'll happily consider! Also tell me what kinks of mine you don't want if there are any, since I want you to be comfortable as well!

Alright, well I think that's everything! So hopefully you'll like what you've been and wish to PM/DM me!
Thanks! hehehe
Bump time, yay
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Bump time

I'm not sure if this is even something that can be changed by the mods on this site, but on the off-chance it can be I wanted to raise the issue. While using my mobile data when I'm out and about my service provider determines the site to be "unsafe" and this blocks access unless I can find WiFi. I was wondering if anything can be done so that I can access this site without needing WiFi

Thanks in advance,
I love this site and its mods
Take care, Ralts
Welcome welcome! I'm glad you managed to log back in and hope you have lots of fun here again
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