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I'm going to try a new char, ignore that last sheet.

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Vasile pulled yet another of the wretched burs out of his scraggly beard and silently cursed. Who knew the better part of a decade spent teaching spoiled twats to heft swords without dismembering themselves would leave him so lamentably out of practice? That wasn’t to say the job was without its benefits though, his favorite of them being easy access to a barber; an underrated privilege of the elite and pleasure of life, that one. He owed it to the old man, but if this whole business took as long as he expected it would Vasile would have to make peace with roughing it for a second time in his life. He supposed that was fitting, all things considered.

For now it seemed he’d slipped the foraging mercenaries easily enough. It was just his luck to have run into them so far off the roads, after all was it really home if he wasn’t crawling through underbrush? There was always the more convenient solution, but he’d really prefer to not start killing people until everyone was on the same page, there. Knowing the others it wasn’t likely they’d settle for a funeral and call it water under the bridge, but better safe than sorry. The barrow wasn’t too far now anyhow, an hours walk at worst he reckoned. Then again the woods here had changed enough that that was only guess. Back when he’d called the Nightwood home he’d have just known, and that one was a skill he’d have to reacquaint himself with soon.

In truth he never was cut out for a ranger’s life, but that hadn’t stopped him from learning how to be a ranger. Oh he’d forgotten a good third of everything Brand ever taught him, notably the lessons about charity, but the real important stuff? That’d never go, no matter how rusty it got. He might not have passed invisible through the forest, but he’d be damned if he left a single good track for those mercenaries to follow.

The barrow was just ahead now, but Vasile stopped. He wasn’t like to be the first, but the question was who’d beaten him? More pertinently, if they had beaten him here, had he done anything to grievously offend his adopted siblings of late? He’d been serving the King of Allia for the last two years, and the Allians were a notoriously prickly lot, not that he’d ever say that to their faces. Well, hopefully none of his siblings had had a run in with one of those ridiculous raiding parties the Allians insisted on propping up as a ‘cultural institution’.

Then again there was always Kay. Ah well, even if he’d done something to ruffle the elf’s feathers, there was Harvey. Sometimes Vasile felt blessed, he could never outdo that particular bad seed. Well there was no sense in wasting time. He took a half step before he stopped again and muttered aloud, “Oh balls.”

There was no way he’d forgotten how to get into the barrow. Had he? It had something to do with the perimeter runes, he was sure of that. Yes, runes. As he thought on it he stepped closer and mumbled, “It was probably just… Ah and there was… For god’s sake Rangers never making anything easy…”

With a light touch a rune glowed and he nodded to himself before making his way in. Surely it had taken the others a few moments to remember as well. Really, he’d left when he was nineteen. How could he be expected to be that quick on the draw? Surely they’d all struggle with the runes, at least a bit? Inwardly he hoped nobody had been watching.

Finally entering the barrow proper Vasile caught sight of Dakgu and Harvey. As he gave the two a desultory wave he grinned, only the third to arrive? After all that nonsense Vasile had a silent moment of pleasure at his haste being enough to beat most of the others here. Polished or not, he still had it.
I heard mid sixties.
Name: Vasile
Age: 32
Race: Human
Faction/Unit: Brand's Brood
Location: Bosfyrd
Synopsis of Role: As a wanderer who has leveraged their skills tutoring the rich and entitled heirs of nobility across half the known world, Vasile owes much to Brand; the ranger who saved an unremarkable boy from an equally unremarkable fate.

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