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Lady Carahan Mikayazi

Mikayazi pulls her blade from the chest of an undead spearmen, his light chest piece being no match for the thrust of her sword. Not spending a moment to watch, she quickly swung her blade to the right to decapitate another abomination, both bodies falling to the ground and crumbling to dust. She hadn't slowed down since the beginning of the battle, she had no need to. Her opponents were rotting corpses that lacked finesse, fine movement and strategy. While she did have to make sure she didn't end up surrounded, these small pockets of undead were of little match to her and her blade. Peering to her left, she smiled at the sight of Sakura, her captain, swinging her naginata down in a heavy arc, splitting a man's head in two. She had been trained well.

But they all have. The training camps that Mikayazi had set up when she inherited the throne had done wonders on her populace. All able bodied men and women were required to train and graduate from the training camp. In these times, everyone needed to be able to defend their home from an unstoppable force. And it was something very few people complained about. Who wouldn't want to be compensated to learn how to protect their family from invaders? And they were doing it well. The mindless shamblers were being slain at a quick rate. If they kept this up, it'd be cle-

Mikayazi suddenly cringes in pain, nearly dropping her sword to cover her ears in an attempt to stop the screaming. Nagri... she's only seen one, but... it was enough to know what they're capable of. Not the rotting corpses of the shambler, they were as able bodied as any normal human and had a scream that could burst ear drums at close range. Which means, her militia's training would be put to the test.

"FORMATIONS!" Sakura screamed. "Poles arms in front, bowmen in the back. Priority target are the Nagri, aim for the chest, pierce their lungs!" Men and woman rushed back and forward, making a line formation, with those armed with bows taking the back. "FIRE AT WILL!" Sakura shouted , arrows whizzing past her face as they stuck distant Nagri like pin cushions. The group would stay in one spot and priortize defending the archers from approaching undead. Mikayazi smiled and turned back toward the undead, her grip on her sword tightened. Things were finally about to get interesting.

Flashing her blade, she ran toward the nearest undead, her way cry rivaling the Nagri.
Lady Carahan Mikayazi

Mikayazi's eyes drilled against the wooden gates of the city ahead, her hand tightly wrapped against the pommel of her sword. She kept a cool demeanor on the outside, a leader must show courage around her soldiers, they must show that there is nothing to fear ahead, that victory is surely at their grasp. Moral is a key part in victory and the general is responsible for the bulk of it. For, if even the commander is nervous of the battle ahead, what does that say for the common soldier? A steely resolve was necessary, so she kept it for the sake of the people under her banner.

That wasn't to say she wasn't scared shitless. Sure, she's fought in small skirmishes with the undead, her group normally had greater numbers or fought against mindless undead. But this... this was her first invasion. This would be the first time she and her men would be running against a horde of enemies that wouldn't immediately break. But... she knew she was ready for this. All the men and woman by her side were ready for this. She had trained since a young age to be a warrior, and her people? The moment she had became Diamyo of her land, she made it mandatory for all citizens to train in combat. She knew they'd be at war soon and every last soul should be prepared for it. And the results showed. Behind her, were willing volunteers trained to be militia, men and woman trained in all manner of weapons ready to fight by their Diamyo's side. Well, it was mostly the offer of land she'd get from moving her borders onward. Many of these farmers, fishermen or hunters were more then willing to fight a war so they may have a better life at the end of it. A commitment both she and her bushi warriors shared. Speaking of, her samurai were currently elsewhere, making preparations as a Calvary unit. If things went horrible here, she'd need a flanking unit to allow a strategic retreat. She doubted it would be necessary, but in war there's no such thing as being over cautious.

Her eyes drifted to the large steel contraption that was rolled up onto the battlefield her eyes briefly examining it before flicking back to the wooden gate. She was assured by the fortress engineers that this contraption could blow the gate right off it's hinges. Which, while made her relieved now... but, if this weapon spread to other nations, it'd change the art of war forever. Which means she'd have to plan. Not know of course, but all in due time. The wick was lit and a murmur spread through her band, the realization that they'd all be in combat, real combat was making it's rounds to every single one of them. Mikayazi turned to the woman next to her, putting a hand on her soldier, giving her a warm, reassuring smile. "Captain Natame and I have trained you all well. Remember, you are fighting for the future of this nation." She yells out to the crowd, turning toward them, her hand clasped on her captain's shoulder. "Remember, the undead have no honor, so do not make the mistake of having any of your own on this battlefield. They will use any dirty trick, so be sure to use any of your own. And remember... you have your brothers and sisters in arms beside. Put their lives in your hands and they will do the same to you. Depend on each other and we will make it out of this battle with our banner on top of this gate!" The cannon exploded, a the gate splintering with a loud boom, Mikayazi throwing her fist in the air. "The time for conquest is now! FOR JIKAI!"


Mikayazi charged forward, toward the zombies that were flooding out the gate, quickly noticing that these were just mindless shamblers with an armed ones mixed in. Most likely to soften the group or to try and overwhelm them so that the tougher foes inside would face the group while they were exhausted. Disgusting. The roaring group soon clashed with the undead, Mikayazi ripping her blade from it's sheath, her blade quickly severing a zombie's torso in two. The way she moved was sight to see, she was never in the same place for long and her blade slashed and cleaved anything in it's sight. Her militia began filling the spots next to her, eager to send their former country men back to the afterlife.
Name:Lady Ó Ceallacháin Mikayazi (Her countrymen pronounce it Ca-Ra-Han)
Age: 26
Origin: The Jikai Province of Najin, located in the southern east coast.

Personality: Ever patient, yet undoubtedly rash. Mikayazi has the mindset of a great conqueror and leader, seeing all events as potential things to exploit, even this dastardly undead conquest. She tires from the noble game that is played between the Najin lordly neighbors and as a result has grown very to the direct point in her efforts and conversations, as such she's more likely to challenge you to a martial duel than a bout of words. And while you may think otherwise by her frequent unkind words, she does genuinely care for the people around her and will go to great lengths to ensure all those in her current and future rule will live the best lives they possibly can.
Sacred Weapon: Senhai, a gleaming white katana with handle and sheath made from cherry wood, wrapped in dark silk. Etched into the blade is a blooming cherry blossom. Made with the soul of her master, Atama.
Mundane weapons: Carries a bow and has many small knives stashed in her robes. Carries a wakizashi on her back.
Equipment: Wears a very well built piece of light armor all around her body, made with a combination of leather, silk and steel, all under an elegant silk robe.

Character you have created: Beatrice Andersen
Alias: Forge Master
Speech Color: Orange Red
Character Alignment: Hero
Identity: Known. When you're nearly 8 feet tall, it's hard to keep your identity secret.
Character Personality: If you know anything about fantasy, Beatrice's personality could be best compared to the typical dwarf. She's known to be stubborn in her view points and very hot headed if tested. But she takes pride in her work and never settles for anything less than perfection.

Weaknesses: Her very obvious stature makes having a secrete identity nearly impossible.
Supporting Characters: Angelica Andersen, Daughter of Beatrice. Has been acting strange since the pax event and her mother suspects she may have obtained some sort of power.
Alright, Augment's introduction is finished! Sorry it took so long.
Elizabeth arrives to Lost Haven

Elizabeth Miyasaki
Private Jet

The attendant brought over Elizabeth's favorite bottle of wine, Claire de Lune, she always did enjoy white wine. Giving a polite thank you to the attendant, Elizabeth brought the glass up to her lips, swirling it for a moment before taking a light sip. A pleasant sigh leaves her lips, placing the glass down on the table in front of her as she reclines her chair back slightly to get a view of the outside. Well... her view was mostly saw clouds at this altitude, but hopefully that would change once they got close to her destination. Having to fly across all of america was bothersome, her American headquarters was currently under construction in Seattle, a lovely little city it was. Wasn't too long of a flight from Tokyo and they just have lovely sea food. From what she's heard, Maine has excellent sea food too. ...Lobster was famous there, she thought? Now that she thought about it, she should visit Maryland one day... Crabs always were here favorite sea food.

Ah, it appeared that they were close. The plane was beginning to drop in altitude, pretty soon they'd breath through th- There we go... Lost Haven looks very nice from up here! At a distance it does, at least. She saw the pictures of the city after the terrorist attack, it's honestly surprising they managed to get the airport up and running in what... a month? From what she's heard, the town was still in a degree of martial law, so her plans would have to... hold for a moment. But that wouldn't mean she couldn't start preparing. From what she's noticed, real estate was fairly cheap in the city, most likely from the large super presence there. Most normal people didn't want to live in areas where capes were constantly slugging it out in the middle of the road. Which is how she purchased a nice condo and and a somewhat damaged warehouse for... very cheap. And since the warehouse was damaged, no one would question the large amount of construction there. After all, she was making some... changes.

Well, the airport looks much batter than she imagined, it looked much better from the inside than it did the outside, certainly. Now that she thought about it, they most likely didn't fight in the airport, so that would probably explain things. She didn't have any luggage, so it was a quick trip through the airport and to the awaiting limousine. She had plans to visit her newly bought condo later, what was on her mind was her new warehouse, of which she's had under construction ever since she bought it a month ago. Now, Lost Haven was a highly dense cape area, a perfect place for this... "outpost". She'd have several of these across the world if her test run here proved successful, but she shouldn't plan that far until this worked, afterall from what she researched about the capes in this city, it would certainly not be easy.

After tipping the nice man that had been driving, she stepped out of the car to set her sights on the newly remodeled warehouse. Looked sturdy, hopefully enough to last a while in this city. Though, from her specifications, the places that weren't to the public eye would be a lot sturdier. Walking in the door, she could see the remains of scaffolding on the inside, the lights and other features that weren't needed for the structure to stand were still in the middle of being set up, but she didn't need that. What she was looking for should be... here. Pushing a button in a conveniently hidden spot, revealing a staircase to a lower room. What she told was a "panic room" to the construction workers, was actually going to be her future secret workshop, lab, and storage center. Speaking of which, there should be a nice package for her...

Opening the crate, she smiled at her magnum opus. Created by a number of devices, blueprints, patents, and even theories all of which were both legally and illegally obtained. This power suit was going to make her rival other supers. Now, while she wasn't the first person to ever become a tin can, nor is she the first to steal from others and incorporate in their own design, but... she knows she still has a slight edge over the others. Placing her hand against the chest piece, the suit quickly lit up, the software inside booting up for it's user. Picking it up and placing it on her own chest, the suit began to unfold, wrapping around her body as the suit unwound and connected to itself, armoring her in mere moments. Everything seemed to be in order, she's tested it enough that she knows everything should work, however it was nev- Her thoughts were sent to the back of her mind when something flashed in the corner of her visor, her HUD was alerting her to a hero conflict. Apparently two giants were sighted in Lost Haven, with one leaving and the other one still in the city, only flying above it. Well... this makes things interesting.

"A bit sooner then expected, but I welcome it all the same."
Character you have created:Dr. Elizabeth Miyasaki
Alias: Augment
Speech Color: ec008c
Character Alignment: Villain (Lawful Evil)
Identity: Very Secret
Character Personality: A perfectionist. Believes that most of the world is flawed and that it is her duty to improve it all. Is a subtle and calculating woman that is more then happy to wait for the perfect time to make her moves when it's best suited, opportunities don't come all the time and she's more than smart enough to know when to take them. Has a bit of an ego and a mix of elitism to match.

Lady Luck's Arrival to Lost Haven

Robert D. Sherman Airport
Late at Night

Cassandra walks through the airport building, picking up her single travel bag and slinging it over her shoulder. Staring at her phone, she looks through her selection of songs and picks a smooth jazz song, letting out a sigh of relief not only in her clearly superior music choice but because she hated being stuck in one spot for too long and a flight from St Louis to Lost Haven? That's a long flight and being able to finally walk was just simply divine.

Walking out the doors, she manages to hail down a taxi and soon enough she's being driven through the streets of new haven, her eyes gazed out the window as she takes in her surroundings, her soon to be home. Immediately, she notices the place is a lot cleaner than her own home... but now that she thinks about it, most cities have a clean part, she'd have to see this place's slums first...

The sudden shiver that ran down her spine reminded her that this New Haven, or Maine for that extension was certainly a lot colder than her old home. It probably would have been smart for her to buy a lot more heavier clothes before coming here, but that would require thinking ahead and she just wasn't too good at that.

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the taxi driver informing that she has arrived at the hotel. Quickly thanking him, she hands the man money and leaves the car, again shivering from the frigid air. Looking around, she quickly noticed men standing against a wall in an ally way, she almost moved toward them, but decided that maybe her first day to a new city wouldn't be a great day to get high off her ass. But on other side, she really wanted something to help her fall asleep. She finds herself walking to the man, offering him a smile. "You got Xanax?" She asks, plainly. "Forty dollars a pill." The man responds, causing Cassandra to quickly scoff. "Forty? Yeah, fuck that." The woman quickly pulls a card from her pocket and places a card on his chest, causing him to seize up and began to spasm on the ground in pain. After a quick pat down, she found herself a bag of xanny richer.

Frowning, she soon walks into the hotel, the bag already been stuffed into one of her coat pockets. She smiles at the woman behind the counter and after an exchange is handed a set of keys. Heading up the stairs and opening her door, she quickly drops her bag to the ground then walks over to her bed, taking a pill, swallowing it, then flopping onto her bed, soon fast asleep.

Lady Luck Prepares a Heist

Shitty Rundown Hotel
The Next Morning

Cassandra absent mindedly tapped her arm, her gaze glued to the screen of her laptop. She’s been doing some research since she had woken up about… three hours ago? A quick glance at the clock confirmed her thoughts, her eyes moving back to the screen to continue her apparent three hour work. She almost considered taking another Xanax, but she wanted to have a clear enough head for this.

Apparently, the city of Lost Haven is still under degree of martial law from the massive terrorist attack that happened months ago, so her planned target in the city might not be so good of an idea. Which is why she had chosen another city that was… decently close. Rockland, a small city that wasn’t too far from the one she was in now. Her van should have finally arrived by boat, so she wouldn’t have an enormous taxi fee getting there. She wants to spend as little as she can, after all. And showing up the a heist in a taxi seemed… a bit silly.

From what she’s read, there’s a local bank in Rockland as well as a jewelry store. While she’s loved to go for the bank, she didn’t have a crew yet and she didn’t want to start building up too much heat quite yet, so a quiet job would have to do. She had a few things coming to mind, but she couldn’t plan anything further until she saw the damned place. Shutting her laptop, she grabbed her keys and left the room. It was a quick walk to the port and she’d be on the road soon enough.

Lady Luck Robs a Jewelry Store

Rockland, Outside Tiffany's Jewelry Store
A Couple Hours Later.

From what she’s seen so far, the place was very basic. A single security guard and a half dozen employees, they most likely had a panic button somewhere so this job would have to be done very fast to remain silent. Yeah, she’d need one card for this one, hopefully it wouldn’t take her long to find it. Putting the car back in drive, she drove to the back of the store and quickly put on her temporary costume. A cloak and hijab. Thank America for religious freedom.

“Please sir, I must use your bathroom, I-I swear I will purchase something!” Walking into the store would cause panic and with the windows leading outside, they’d see her coming a mile away. She had to make sure she had the element of surprise. And in this case, it was the bathroom. “M-Ma’am, i’m sorry but it’s not open to th- “PLEASE SIR, I NEED IT!” She practically screams, making quite the show. “F-Fine, but please be quick, M-Ma’am. It’s through this door here.” “Thank you sooooo much!” She blesses the man, running off to the bathroom and quickly shutting the door behind her.

“Nope. Nope. Nope. Wrong Card. Queen, but not a diamond. Nope. Nope. Nope…” Cassandra sat on the toilet seat, going card after card, trying to find the Queen of Diamonds. This would be a lot easier if it wasn’t for the fact that every time she dismissed a card it reappeared. Damn RNG bullsh- OH, HEY! She got it! Putting some magic into the card, it quickly disappears with bit of a static shock and seconds later the form of a women begins to appear in the bathroom.

The women was a fairly tall, but slender and wore loose fitting robes. She was obviously of asian descent and had a head that was shaved bald except for a single ponytail from the back of her head. The woman quickly placed her fist against her palm and gave a deep bow to her summoner, before opening her eyes to take in her environment

And then the person that summoned her.

“Why am I in a bathroom, Luck? And are you wearing…. A Hijab?” The monk asks, a very confused expression on her face. “I’ve found the light of allah, it there a problem with that, Mohlin?” She replies, crossing her arms around her chest. “N-No, In fact I find it wonderful that you’ve found something other than stealing to devote yourself to, religion is a wonderful thing t- Oh… was that a jest?” She asks, her suspicion being confirmed upon the sight of Cassandra’s shit eating grin. “Yeah, I was just using this so the cameras wouldn’t get a good look at my face. We’re about to do a job and we’re in a bathroom of the place we’re going to do it. So, are you ready to hear the plan?”
“So, I saw two cameras on opposite sides of the walls, you can leave those to me. I’m going to need you to wipe up the employees before they can hit the panic button and save the security guard for last, I should be able to take care of him before he pulls out the gun or calls for back up.” The monk nods, her finger lightly scratching her chin in thought. “Can you give me a basic description of the interior and maybe where the employees were? From the sound of it, i’m going to have to act very quickly.” Cassandra pauses for a moment, backing up in thought. “There is a counter to our left when we walk out the door, with two people behind. I think a panic button is there, if they have one at all. Then there’s one person that walks around to see if everything’s alright, then there’s the security guard by the front door. And that’s it, unless there’s anyone I haven’t seen.” The monk merely nods.

It didn’t take long for the bathroom door to explode into splinters, the monk flying through the air with a leaping kick. Before anyone could react she had already hit the ground and lept toward the duo behind the counter. She grabbed the man behind the head and threw his head back, his face loudly slamming against the counter, knocking him out instantly. One foot lands on the ground and she pivots on her heel, swinging her other leg and slamming it against the women behind the counter, knocking her out as well.

Meanwhile, Lady Luck now in her uniform instead of traditional muslim garb, nonchalantly rushes out of the bathroom, two daggers in each hand. One goes into the camera on the left side of the wall, the other goes on the right side. And that last one goes right into the hand of the guard as he was reaching for his gun. She rushes toward the screaming man, who was busy screaming about his dagger impaled hand. A quick punch to the throat quieted him followed by a swift sweep of the legs, causing him to loudly slam against the ground. A stomp to the head turned the lights off for good. Looking up, she found that the remaining employee already slumped against the wall, the monk standing over him. “Now comes the easy part, go ahead and close the shutters, I'll take the display case.”

The pair of women walk out the back door Lady Luck having a duffle bag over her shoulder. “Thanks for the help, Mohlin, I'll see you later then.” The thief offers a smile as she opens the door to the va and throws the duffle bag on the passenger seat. “I doubt I have much of a choice, Cassandra.” The monk states matter of factly, a hint of a grin on her lips. “You always were my favorite one to speak too.” Cassandra snaps her fingers, causing the monk to turn into a beam of light then disappear. With a happy sigh, Lady Luck turns the keys and drives away from the store, heading back to Lost Haven.

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