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3 mos ago
Current I'd say the line between Slice of life and "Character based Drama" is a pretty "thin" one. But getting into the weeds of that needs more than 200 characters.
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3 mos ago
You ever just look in the fridge, find nothing but 3 random disconnected ingredients and go… “Well, this is gonna have to work somehow”
3 mos ago
I feel like to draw hot dudes you also have to know how to write hot dudes. You feel?
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3 mos ago
You ever just marvel out how human beings have advanced to just... eat a bunch of stuff? Just watched a video of a possum trying to eat an apple and I was like "Damn, little guy's having trouble!"
3 mos ago
Has anyone actually read Hegel? I mean I haven't, but I keep telling myself I will. Is anyone else also procrastinating on the Phenomonology of Spirit?


I'm not too interesting of a fella but if you want to dig then I guess I can't stop you.

I do writing, that much should be obvious enough. Genre is flexible but I really like to write from a first person perspective. It's not a deal breaker if I can't. It's not like I'm physically unable to use other perspectives but there are certain advantages with the way a narrative can be formed from a first person writing style that I prefer compared to others.

I like characters, I like getting into their heads, I like exploring the little lies they tell to themselves but still believe because it's honestly easier than confronting the truth. I like to think about what they focus on, what they think is worth focusing on, and what that might say about them. And most of all, I like to inhabit their voice. You could say that's the actor in me coming out from there. You probably wouldn't be wrong.

I actually do a bit of voicework on the side funnily enough, been acting since a young age, but this isn't a place for me to shill that side of my life. But with the acting and the art stuff that I do I suppose you could say it colors the way I craft narratives. Pun only semi-intended.

I like making tired, lost, and complicated men. Lotta reasons for that, but we'll just stick with "I find them interesting." Those fellas I make can manifest in a lot of different ways no doubt, but it is undeniably my comfort zone. So keeping all that in mind, hope we get along. I imagine if you're reading this you're at least curious about the kind of person you're working with right?
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