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Will wait to hear from the GM but i'm also down to keep going.
Kazama Kosubaku

Strange Gospel! As he heard that name leave Hattori's mouth he knew why the morbid scenario he witnessed some minutes ago was familiar to him! It was the same imagery as those creepy videos that started to pop up in that app, and his eyes widened as he realized that perhaps he wasn't crazy, perhaps something more was going on behind the scenes... but if that really was the case, it only invited more questions to his mind. He looked at Hattori's, his cool and collected facade starting to disappear a little as his eyes became, for a lack of a better word, alive for the first time in the conversation.

He was about to answer the question when the guy behind him grabbed the orangette's shoulder. Now that he was closer, Kazama could see just how tall he was, considering he himself was taller than the average student and even some men he worked with, it was rare to find himself looking up to someone, even if slightly. He noticed that the grip he had on Hattori was perhaps stronger than it should be, but if they all experienced that same moonlight-filled world then he couldn't blame him if his nerves got to him. Still, that didn't mean it was correct, so he quickly spoke out, both to answer the questions and to try and calm the situation. "Yeah, some minutes ago on the street". Before continuing, he made sure no other customer was in the store, even if the entrance was visible from where they were, he didn't want anyone to overhear what he was about to say. "Blood all over the place, a full moon, and a fucking enormous tower in the distance? Yeah I saw it, and I can still hear the heartbeats". Even the memory of it made his blood run cold, it was the most disturbing thing he ever saw.

He sighed, a weight off his shoulders now that he could confirm he wasn't crazy, but that still begs the question. "You say that weird app, Strange Gospel, has something to do with this?, I've heard the rumors and though they were only urban legends, now I'm not so sure." he shifted his view between Hattori and the still unidentified tall guy, seeing as the three of them were in a similar situation. "Do you think the disappearances are also connected to this? because if they are...". Then any of us could be next was left unsaid.
Will write a post later on today.

Of all the things he expected coconut girl to do, climbing up even higher was admittedly second on the list, and it was then that Orlando realized that in the short time that they have been acquainted she had a tendency to forgo common sense and do whatever strikes her fancy. He had to admit, in a situation like this, that aspect of hers was strangely comforting. Seeing her act like this was a run-of-the-mill situation took some of the weight of being stranded on a seemingly deserted island with no way to contact the rest of the world... as long as he could put the gravity of the situation out of his mind that is.

Happy to do just that, he watched as Verity climbed down, rather haphazardly if someone asked him, but it got the job done, and she had shown she was gutsier than your average rich girl, some scraps here and there probably didn't faze her. She asked them a question and after looking at Victor, shrugged and answered "Seems like the only choice we got, maybe we'll find some more fruits to eat or something". There were lots of coconut trees here, but they didn't really know how much time they'll have to wait for help to arrive, so finding more things to eat seemed like a priority.

With that in mind, he tried to juggle the three coconuts he managed to catch in his hand, and wondered what they should do with the ones in the ground, perhaps asking the rest of the people on the beach to help them carry them. But where? Maybe looking for a cave to stay in should be their next move? Or at least a place they could be safe if it rained, not like it looked like it would at any rate, the rays of the sun still could hit them even under all the foliage of the forest after all, but better be safe than sorry and all that.

Daniel, now with an opened coconut in his hands courtesy of Verity, reassured them he was fine now, and he nodded at the guy, giving him a quick smile before shifting his attention to the beach, where he could see the rest of the guys and gals trailing behind Sofia, her awkward cheerfulness a contrast to the gloom the rest seemed to carry, not like he could blame them, he too would look like that if he had to listen to Sofia trying to cheer people up.

He took a quick look at each of his peers. Maive looked the worst, her eyes red and puffy, probably the result of that episode with glasses girl, Imogen. His feelings of shame and guilt at not intervening resurfaced and he gave Maive an apologetic smile. Next, he focused on Frankie, more precisely on the slight redness on his cheek. Did he hurt his face with something? He wondered what could have been when a strange person entered his field of view. It was a black-haired girl, the tallest of the group too. He did a double take, was she with them the whole time? He was about to ask just who she was when he thought about it and realized he would look like an asshole if he did that, so he just keep quiet, his eyes quickly going over Imogen, who looked calmer now that she got some of her anxiety out of her system.

Sofia's words got his attention, a spring meant drinkable water right? At least that was what cartoons have taught him, or did that only apply in deserts? His thoughts were interrupted by a sound, or rather, the absence of it. Back in his home, Orlando had learned that silence in a place where noise was the norm, like the streets of Brazil, or in this case a jungle full of insects and other similar things, only meant trouble. He didn't expect a shooting to start out of nowhere, but just in case he gently let the coconuts in the ground and took a rock out of his pockets.

He didn't expect a rock to be of any help against a large animal, but well, at least the act of grabbing it helped him soothe his nerves a little.
Kazama Kosubaku

"Hey, are you okay? You're looking kinda pale there"

When he heard that question Kazama wanted nothing more than kick himself, he had let the events that transpired a few minutes ago impact his job. It didn't matter that it was a minor thing, in his mind any and all mistakes were unforgivable, but that just showed how much it affected him, and that damned heartbeat didn't help at all. He could still hear it, thumping and thumping at the back of his head, but he needed to concentrate on the client in front of him first. "Y-yeah, just had a weird day is all, no need to worry"] , he said with the best smile he could muster. Kazama noticed Kauro had the money in his hand and was about to extend his own when he paused, and against his better judgment decided to ask his peers in front of him "Actually, just a quick question if you don't mind, did any of you notice anything weird in the way here? I think a gas line broke up or something, I became a little lightheaded a few minutes ago, saw some weird stuff" . That was the only logical explication Kazama could think of to explain what he saw and wanted to be sure.

If there really was a broken gas tube he would need to tell his boss so he could pass it up to the neighborhood association before anything too bad could happen.
Kazama Kosubaku

Being a rather small, off-the-road market, Kazama was the only employee around, and he served the function of both the cashier and a stock clerk and so it was also his job to replenish any missing item when he thought no client would arrive. He was in the middle of this, alone in the store when his mind had time to realize one crucial detail: that nauseating sound, the thumping of that alien heart hadn't stopped, it only became fainter, almost inaudibly when he didn't actively look for it, but now that he had he couldn't get it out of his head.

His thoughts became mumbled, he wanted to forget what happened, write it off as a stress-induced hallucination, a consequence of his routine, but the constant heartbeat was a reminder that he was going crazy, or what he experienced was no delirium. Kazama was so lost in his thoughts that he almost didn't hear the chime signaling a new customer had arrived. "stop thinking about crap and concentrate on the job" he said to himself, and really mean it. There were few things worse than slacking in a job you got paid for in Kazama's mind, and besides that, it would be good for him to take his keep his mind busy with anything other than the events from some minutes ago.

He walked down the aisle and got behind the cashier's desk, put on the best salesman smile he could muster on, and waited till the client got what they wanted and went to pay, but what he did not expect was it to be a fellow student from his school looking at the aisles. He was about his height, had orange hair, and carried himself with confidence, even if he looked kinda distracted from what he could see.

The oranged-haired boy was still searching for something to buy when the bell at the entrance sounded yet again, and another peer of his entered the store. Not only twice in a day but at the same time? Not that it was weird or anything, but usually students didn't pick such a small market to buy things... well, not like he was ashamed to be seen working here, so he didn't care either way.

The first guy that entered reached the checkout and asked for some chicken to accompany his coke. He smiled at him as he answered "Hi! Wait for just a second and I get it for you" . With that said, Kazama crouched, the opening for the glass door being on his side of the desk. Just as he was about to grab the chicken he heard the second customer greet the now named Hattori. His name didn't ring any bells in Kazama's mind, but to be fair he didn't know a lot of people in school to be honest.

He got back up and put the plastic plate on the counter, "That would be 2000 yen, would that be all?" . He looked behind Hattori and nodded to the other boy, his face seemed a little more familiar to him, but still not enough to put a name to it. There was a moment of silence, but it was enough for that creepy thumping to return to his ears. The smile on Kazama's face weakened a little, and he turned his head slightly to the left as if to make sure there was nothing behind him. The paranoia was starting to affect his mind on the job he noticed and grimaced for one second, before returning to his smiling self. He hoped neither of the boys had seen that.

When Victor said she could use vines, Orlando didn't expect her to actually do it. It took him far more time than he liked to admit to realize that no, she wasn't making a skirt out of vines, but some footwear instead. They were good too, taking into account they were made out of literal vines and leaves. He would have asked her to make him some if she were just a little less crazy for his tastes. Honestly, that could be said for all the girls on this island except for Maive. Shorty here acted like she was the queen of the world and nothing could hurt her, the glasses girl looked like she was one comment away from killing someone, and Sofia was, well, Sofia.

Crazy girl, and Orlando realized he really needed to start learning some of the names of the people he was stranded with less he blurts out the nicknames he called them in their head, and started to climb a nearby tree. He had to admit, her core strength was nothing to scoff at and her technique was good too. He tried to look up to see what was her objective and saw some coconuts far above them. Right, food and water, necessary things for their survival, it would seem that, under all her quirkiness she had a good head over her shoulders to think of that. Orlando started to look for more coconut trees when one pelted him on his right shoulder. "Caralho!" He shouted and hastily took some steps back as he grabbed what he could and dodged the rest, thinking her early assessment of that girl was correct, she really was crazy.

Soon after, the coconut apocalypse stopped, and only the sounds of the jungle could be heard. It was flirt... no, his name was Danny if he remembered right, who spoke first. He didn't look the part, but it seems he was more shaken by the events that happened that he led on. Orlando couldn't blame him, he was sure he was going to throw up the moment he was alone and it was only his pride that fueled him along.

Danny spoke again, this time with more nervousness showing, and it was Victor who answered him. He supposed he should add something too, even if the last time he tried to cheer someone only made the guy flap his gums at him, but well, it would only help them to have more people with a cool mind, or at least not being a ball of panic and whatever emotion Sofia had. "Hey no need to apologize amigo, you were brave enough to come here with us, you already did more than the rest", he said with what he thought was friendliness in his voice. It was Victor who reminded him that there was a missing member of their little group. He looked up and saw shorty in the same exact place that some minutes ago, with no signs of trying to go down, yet with not one iota of fear on her face. Orlando hoped that she wasn't thinking of jumping on top of one of them, the last thing they needed was two injured people and honestly, with all the things she already did, he could imagine a scenario where that happened. So he gave her the only help he could in his position: "Just climb down the same you climbed up but this time put one hand under the other and slide down with your feet when you need to! just uh, don't lose contact with the tree". It was like he did it when he was young, and he had a lot less confidence in himself at that age that coconut girl, she should be fine... but just in case he whispered to Victor: "hey, you think we should y'know, get under the tree to catch her if she falls or something?"


Perhaps it was the monotony of looking for stones in the sand, or maybe the sun had started to affect him more than he realized, but Orlando's mind started to wander. He didn't want to appear weak in front of so many strangers, but the truth was that, if they were stranded in this place forever, death was the most likely option. He was scared of dying of course, but the promise of eternal paradise was like a comforting blanket for his mind. No, what truly weighed on him was the reaction of his family to the news. They would be devastated, especially his mother. What if she gets sick with grief? What if his father blames himself? What if...

Luckily for his dwindling mental health, he was interrupted by Frankie's response. If they were friends of any sort, he would be happy that at least he seemingly got out of his funk, but they were not, and his rebuke at Orlando's attempt of helping only got him on his nerves. Yes, they were scared, and yes, this was a horrible situation to be in, but at least he tried to be useful, and he made his thoughts known to the guy "hey man I was just trying to cheer you up, if you want to join Icebreaker girl on the sand be my guess, more power to you." He scoffed, should have guessed these rich kiddos would crumble at the smallest problem presented to them. He was about to say something else when the unexpected happened: Sofia had woken up.

Orlando watched, dumbfounded, as the girl that instantly crumbled in the face of pressure in their first meeting and fainted immediately when they got here, got up, managed to injure one of them in one swift movement (not even their collective fall has done that) and started to bark orders like a sergeant. "Is this for real..." he muttered to himself. That sequence of events was more surreal in Orlando's mind than any other. The idea that this was all a massive prank started to make sense in his head. No normal human being could go from unconscious to... that in such little time, he could just not accept it, life didn't work that way, so the only other option was that, in the jungle, there was a batch of older students waiting for them to surprise them or something, yeah, that made sense, and that crazy chick was in the joke, that's why she just decided to go alone without any hint of caution. He could see the same incredulity in the wannabe flirter guy, and honestly, he could relate to him. At least she made one coherent statement, being out in the sun was starting to melt his brains out, and going under the trees would help him cool off a little.

He got up, patted his knees to clean off the sand, and stretched a little. If there was one good thing out of Sofia waking up is that she chose to say probably the worst thing you could think of to someone angry. Glasses girl would certainly forget about Maive and focus on her instead. He honestly wished he could see that, but at the same time he was scared he was about to see a murder live in front of him, so he quickly decided to follow Victor and flirter guy.

Once they started to walk on dirt rather than sand, Orlando's pace became more sedated. Even if he was already used to walking barefoot in places you rather have some shoes, you could never be too cautious, the last thing he wanted was to hurt his feet. Once they were sufficiently far enough, he decided to try and lighten up the mood a little "...so, wanna bet we are going to be able to hear Sofia get chewed out by glasses girl from here?". He grinned at that though, he honestly could imagine it.

When they reached the crazy girl, she made a crazy statement without any kind of shame or preamble. He had a pair of boxers underneath his swimming trunks, but he wasn't sure the other two guys did. He looked at her, then at them, then back at her before replying "well, it seems it's time to be a gentleman Victor, you looks the sort."
Hank Doyle

beep beep beep. The alarm clock continued to sound, as it had been doing for the past 5 minutes. The only inhabitant of the small apartment laid sprawled out in his underwear, with half of his body tangled with the sheets of the bed. Since today he got the night shift, Hank Doyle had decided to not show up to the usual work day, using that time to hit the cheapest bar he could find open at 3 of the afternoon, before crashing out until it was time. He groggily got up, one hand hitting the off button of the clock, the other wiping the drool out of his mouth. He sat there for another 5 minutes, looking at the wall, before going to the bathroom, where he took a quick bath, just enough to wash off the majority of the smell in his body, taking a piss in the shower in the process before going back to the bedroom, where he grabbed whatever clothes were nearer to dress up.

The kitchen, separated from the bedroom by a single curtain, was his next destination. Hank opened up the fridge, saw that the only edible things in it were a half-eaten instant ramen bowl and a semi-rancid apple, and decided to buy something on the way to the station. He checked that his gun was safely strapped to his hip and, with that out of the way, only one thing was left. He looked around for a bit, seemingly looking for something, before going over a stack of dirty clothes on the floor, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes still impregnated in them. He grabbed a coat out of the pile and rummaged in one of the pockets, finding a small hip flask in the left one. He opened it, took a sip, and nodded, the flavor of the cheap whiskey doing wonders to his mood. He donned the coat and saved the flask in its pocket again, before walking to the apartment door and going out. He didn't lock out the door, there was nothing of value to steal anyway, the smell emanating from the apartment might even scare out any potential burglar. Yeah, nothing of value indeed, not even the life of the person living it.

He took the last bite out of his burger as he entered the station. Contrary to what one would expect from a graveyard shift, the lobby was buzzing with activity. Everybody was working on this Morse Code Killer. Hank had to admit, in all of his years working in the NSPD, he had encountered an endless number of psychopaths, but for some reason, this case made the hair in his neck stand. Perhaps it was the fact that some officers working on the case had disappeared, perhaps it was the clues the killer left at the scenes of the crime, Hank couldn't tell why, only follow his instincts.

He reached the room, ignoring the look and whispers aimed at his back, those rat bastards thought they were being sneaky, or perhaps they didn't even care that he could feel their stares. He took one last drink from his flask before opening the door, years of experience making him do a quick, surreptitious scan of the integrants in it. Only two people were in it so far, a rather beautiful lass and a guy trying to talk to her. Hank didn't know any of the two, so he just nodded to them and took a seat in one of the empty chairs. He wondered who else he was going to work with in this case as he closed his eyes, trying to make use of the time before the rest of their "secret" force arrived to doze off a little.
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