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"Well, that's that I guess" The group of students became even smaller after Verity followed briefly over the blond guy to the spring. It seems the unspoken theory that the calm waters near them could get them home was accepted by the majority, or perhaps the alternative, that is, spending more time on the deserted island was so much worse than whatever could happen to them if they dived in.

He breathed a few more mouthfuls of air before seating in the dirt, the cold presence of the hooded corpse no longer pressing on them. Looking around, Orlando noticed less than half of them were still there, and after a few moments of thinking, decided that he would enter the waters next to last. The logic behind his decision was based on the fact that if for some unknown reason the "portal" closed before the last one could pass through it he wouldn't be the unlucky guy or gal to stay on a deserted island until who knows when, and on the other hand, gave him more time before he had to deal with Sofia again who, in his mind and maybe unjustifiedly decided, was the main person to blame for all of this.

With a set course of action, all that was left was to wait for another student to take the plunge. With no other way to pass the time, Orlando asked a question that begged to be asked, one that he got from some time back.

"Hey sooo, do you think that crazy chick, Verity, is, you know..." At this, he used his right index finger to circle the side of his head a few times before continuing. "...for real?"

He only hoped she didn't find out he asked that question, not that Orlando thought she would even care, the little time he had spent with her didn't paint Verity as someone who really cared about the opinion of others, to say the least.
Kazama Kosubaku

Kazama nodded at the boys and their attempts at encouragement, he didn't know what he would have done if he had been alone when all of this happened but surely more of a mess than he was now. He only hoped, maybe selfishly, that this thing only affected people of a certain age, at least that way he could be sure his mom would be safe.

He nodded once again, psyching himself up, as it would seem their best course of action was leaving the store behind. He was about to turn around and head for the door when he heard the characteristic sound of glass breaking before being pushed to the ground by Yuichi using the hand already on his shoulder. He frantically looked around to see a long spike directly behind the place he was a few moments ago and quickly shifted his gaze to the front of the store, where a humanoid figure stood.

Kazama instantly recognized the black substance the thing was made of, having seen where it came from personally. The thing looked vaguely feminine and had a white mask and creepy-looking hair. It was one of the most terrifying sights in his life, and it was looking their way.

The tallest teen in the room acted rapidly, using the fire extinguisher as a weapon and reminding Kazama what he had to do. Desperately he got up and ran towards the door that would lead them to the alleyway, using his hands to get some of the foam out of his way. When he reached his destination he miraculously could control his trembling hand to open the door on the first try, using his whole body to push it open.

A small, cramped room full of boxes and other miscellaneous items welcomed them. "The exit is this way, quick!" he shouted to the boys who were following him, traversing the storage efficiently and quickly, the adrenaline coursing through his veins making him act reasonably well in spite of his fear.

Once they reached the exit, Kazama used the same key to open the door, the alley behind him was painted the same red, bloody colour as the rest of the street. They heard a strepitous crash behind them and he quickly locked the door again, hoping it would give them some time. "Now what?! Where do we go? The main street? Our houses? What if more of those things are out there, waiting for us?!" he asked, not entirely panic driven but not in the best state of mind either.

The only thing he had clear was to not, under any circumstances, shift his view upwards. He didn't know if it could happen to him, but Kazama would not risk the chance of the moon entering his sight

After having thrown his 4th rock Orlando realized that perhaps this wasn't one of his brightest ideas. The frog stood unfazed by his puny artillery and yet what he truly feared is what would he do if he did get to attract its attention, run and hide behind a tree? Luckily he didn't have to wait for too long, out of the corner of his eye he could see Maive getting up, he didn't know how she could call the spectral wind figure but as long as that thing could save them from the frog he honestly didn't care. He saw her raising her hand... and then faltering.

The situation worsened by the second, and Orlando could only hope the frog stayed tired for a few more seconds, maybe a miracle would end out happening? But it wasn't an act of God that got his attention, it was a familiar voice instead, and he could turn his head around just in time to witness, for the second time in the day, something truly mind-boggling.

Danny stood there, all the fear and nervousness having left his face, as a cold that chilled Orlando to his soul started to permeate the area. An icy, shadowy mist seemed to follow him, but on closer inspection, he could see it started to coalesce on an approximation of a person. Once Danny and the weird figure approached the monster frog, a hand that looked like it belonged to a long-dead corpse appeared within the mist, in its grasp was an oar made of extremely old wood, which the figure used to dissipate the mist that cloaked it.

It was Death, no other way around it, who had finally come to reap their souls. But instead of taking their lives, it raised a finger towards the monstrous amphibian and from it, liquid blackness flew towards the frog. He could not see what it did from his position, but the way it started thrashing around it looked like it worked.

So enraptured was Orlando with the events in front of him that he almost didn't see the big chunk of upturned dirt that almost pulled him, but he managed to dive out of the way in time. He rolled a few times to stay as far away from the berserk frog as he could, and after a few seconds, the trashing stopped and only the necrotic remains of what was once the biggest threat to their lives could be seen, before even it evaporated, leaving no traces behind. And he could only stay there, flat on the ground, breathing big mouthfuls of breath and trying to calm his beating heart. They had managed to survive, and the others started to approach their part of the jungle.

He had a fuckton of questions swimming in his mind, each one crazier than the other, but after the ordeal, they survived only one left his mouth: "...Now what?"

He didn't expect a coherent answer, hell he didn't expect an answer at all, but that didn't stop him from asking.
Can't wait.
Kazama Kosubaku

Kazama would be the first to admit that his life was very atypical for a teenage boy his age. The fact that he started working when he was 13 certainly stunted his social life, and he didn't have a lot of free time on his hands, but if you were to ask him, he would answer that he was satisfied with his lot in life, could be worse could be better, as they say. The truth was that he wasn't the only guy in existence who had it rough, and he wouldn't be the last. He even had a joyful and pleasant childhood, full of laughs at cheers. It was during this period of time that he got into anime, the 90s and 00s anime to be exact, there was something about the way it was animated that really got him. While nowadays he lost some interest in it, back then he loved it, watching every show he could on the old tv and DVD player in his room. He had his favorites, like Cowboy Bepop -Spike was THE man- and Dragon Ball, but there was one that left quite a mark on him: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not really an anime a 12-year-old should be watching in his current opinion, yet at that time, as he gazed into the life of one Shinji Ikari and the tragedies that would befall him and the supporting cast, he was enraptured, he even begged his parents to buy him the movie. After watching it, a particular scene stayed in his mind for a while: The Third Impact and its effect on the people. He found it disturbing yet strangely captivating and wondered how would modern technology adapt it to the screen if there was ever a live-action adaptation of Evangelion, God hopes there wasn't.

Now, 5 years later, Kazama got a childhood question of him partially answered, and the result wasn't pretty. The sheer fear in the student's eyes quickly got replaced by intense pain. The gruesomeness of the process that he experienced and the last look he and Kazama shared. This was a moment that would stay with him until the day he died, he was sure of it, and, if he knew he would see this, would have done anything to not be the one who had to go take a peek outside. He slowly closed the door and walked back to the cashier's desk, his movements erratic. Once he reached the two guys who were there he said "There was someone outside. a student of our school, and he... black stuff started to come out of his mouth and eyes and he... he's dead" he finally got out, his face ashen white.

To say Kazama was shaken would be a severe understatement, he was traumatized. Never before had he experienced such a sight in real life, not even when a guy broke his arm in a construction zone he was working with.

All his previous nervousness seemed to have left him, only a cold, almost robotic indifference permeated his movements as he reached for a key next to the cash register. "This is the key for that door, if we got out we shouldn't look to the moon, that guy did that and... that happened" He left the decision in the hands of his peers, he was too tired for that.

He heard another enormous thump, small branches, and dirt crashing on his legs, the air pressure has carried them from the place the monstrous frog descended from its leap, closer than he expected, but he did not stop. He saw, from his peripheric vision, that a handful of people were starting to lag behind him, but he did not stop. Orlando kept running, ignoring the inkling of guilt that slowly but surely started to become bigger and bigger. The thoughts of running that dominated his mind started to be replaced by excuses and justifications. 'I don't even know them. They would do the same. It's not my fault. I don't want to die'. As long as he focused only on putting one foot after the other he could forget about everything else, he could deal with his emotions after he was safe.

And then a body flew over past him. He froze, looking as Victor, now that he could discern better, felt into the spring, making a splash from the impact. Orlando stood there for a few moments, the gravity of the situation weighing on his mind. His body moved almost on its own, bypassing the last few meters he needed to reach the border of the spring. He slowly moved his gaze toward the place Victor's body had hit the surface, but instead of finding a corpse, he found nothing.

"W-what?" Was all he could say. He could see the bottom from his position, but no matter where he shifted his gaze there was nothing on the water that even resembled the shape of a person. Just another item to add to the already large list of impossibilities they lived through since they magically arrived at this... wait! Could it be? He remembered how they arrived at the beach to begin with, how it all started with a slip, a fall, and cold water, perhaps Victor returned to that old pier? Maybe he just needed to take a dive and everything would return to normal, no creepy men in a raft, no unsettling ocean, and no giant monster frog. But then a doubt surfaced in his mind, an image of him waking up in another weird place, an eternal nightmare where he could never wake up.

His doubts were interrupted by a tingling sensation in the base of his neck. Orlando looked around and noticed something strange: It was darker, the bright sun that hounded them since they got here became shadowed by some black clouds, a strange sight made all the weirder by a sound that reached his ears. It was Maive voice, but its characteristic softness that seemed to encompass the bespectacled girl was replaced by loudness, the single word he could hear from his position at the edge of the spring resonated with him in a strange way, like the lullabies his mother used to sing when he was younger.


He reached the clearing just in time to witness Maive facing the gigantic toad alone, but not for long. It started with a breeze, but it rapidly became a gale, scattering branches and leaves all over the place. Then the winds started to gather behind the girl, forming a shape similar to a cocoon before exploding outwards, and in its place, an ethereal entity stood in silence. It exuded tranquility not dissimilar to the girl in front of it, yet Orlando could feel a sense of power emanating from it, and he was proven right when the figure extended all six of its hands towards the beast, who now looked wary, scared even.

Whirlinds started to zero in on the frog, forming a hand that squeezed it with what he expected to be considerable strength. It was then that he realized there was someone inside its mouth, the toad's large tongue unrolling just enough to see Sofia's unconscious body in its grip. He mentally cheered, whatever the hell that thing was it seemed to be able to stop the frog, just a few more hits like that and it would be over!

Sadly, Maive's opponent decided to stop being passive and bellowed its greatest scream yet, so strong was its force that it blew her away, making her crash into a thick branch, the phantasmal apparition disappearing for some reason, and Orlando only managed to stay in its place due to the three he managed to grab. Things were looking rough, he saw Verity managing to take Maive behind a tree, but he didn't know how much time they had before the beast decided to follow them. He racked his brain for any ideas but came up with none, and after looking around, identified some of his peers also watching the fight.

For all he knew, Maive was the only thing guarding them against a slow and painful death, and she needed time to recover, he couldn't guess just how severe was the hit she took. Perhaps it was the heat of the sun, the sight of Victor's body getting tossed like a ball or the toll this entire situation took in his brain, but his mind reached a single conclusion: They needed to distract the thing and make some time or they would die, so he did just that, not before telling anyone near them about his plan, if it could be called that.

"Guys we need to distract the frog so Maive can recover! Just do whatever you can!" He screamed and started to throw stones toward the head of the toad, trying to hit an eye from his position, perhaps he could blind it so they would have an easier time escaping if things didn't work out. He didn't know what he would actually do if he managed to get its attention, his plan didn't far, but he hoped that the living tornado didn't need that much time to heal.

Kazama Kosubaku

He stood there and listened to Hattori's hypothesis about what was going but the wild theories only served to confuse him even further. Parallel worlds? Seeing the future? Concepts that only existed in manga and anime now were possible answers to the problem they were facing. But... Kazama's previous experience didn't only serve as proof, but it also matched with what the teen in front of him was telling him, and going by the expression on the tall guy's face, the three of them were in a similar situation.

Faced with facts and a solid explanation, or at least more solid than anything he could come up with, he could only nod, taking a few moments to organize the many ideas floating in his head before speaking. "So, let's say you're right, that this is some kind of parallel world or whatever, then the question becomes just what the hell do we do? My first idea would be going to the police but that's just asking for them to laugh at us or worse, taking us for addicts of some kind" Or at least that was his line of thought. With no way of actually showing other people what they have seen there was no way, they would believe them.

Kazama sighed, a tired, nervous sound leaving his mouth. He had noticed something in Hattori's tirade and he just had to ask. "And not to change the topic or something, but aren't you a little too carefree when talking about this Hattori-san? We may as well be talking about our possible deaths here..." Then again, in the face of such excitement? He wasn't sure if that was the correct word, but nevertheless, Hattori's way of speaking helped in soothing his mind a little, at least he wasn't afraid of his own shadow anymore. He was about to introduce himself when the tallest guy in the room decided to speak up, voicing his displeasure at the orangette's wild conjectures. A valid opinion to have in the face of all this that's for sure, but what else did they have aside from theories? "Well, maybe that's true, but any reason for what's happening is going to be a crazy one anyway"

Sadly for Kazama, his peace of mind wouldn't last for long. It was an imperceptible change, a blink of an eye. One moment everything was alright, but one second was all it took for him to notice something was amiss. The first thing he noticed was the lack of movement outside, once again the street became deserted of all life. Then the blood started to seep from the floor, from the fridge, and even from the ceiling. That damned heartbeat that he finally managed to ignore returned but now it wasn't just a heartbeat. A strange sound came from the outside, unidentifiable to his ears, a shuffling of some kind or something. Even the shadows seemed to move on their own, the alien moonlight illuminating the ambiance a stark reminder that they weren't in the normal world anymore.

"G-guys what the fuck do we do, there's something out there!" He said, frantically looking at the store, seemingly looking for something, his eyes never straying from the entrance for too much, afraid of what could step inside. Having found what he was looking for, Kazama rapidly went to one of the nearest aisles, taking the biggest kitchen knife for sale in one hand and a small but sturdy-looking meat tenderizer in the other before going back behind the counter.

"Q-quick! come here and take one of these, there's also a fire extinguisher behind the counter! Just grab whatever!" He was clearly panicking, remembering the earlier sensation of being watched, of having something coming from behind. His thoughts were so frantic that he didn't even consider the back exit until after he was asked by the purple-haired boy. "R-right, there's one on the back, in the storage area. The door's over there" He said while pointing to their right, a nondescript door with an 'Employees only' sign in it some 5 meters of distance from where they were standing.
Hank Doyle

He had already seen some crime scenes left behind by the Morse Code Killer, but that still didn't make the images easier to digest. All the bodies mutilated were once people that had dreams and aspirations that were snuffed out by a sick psycho. Hank wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in his or her head when they found the culprit behind these crimes. Sure, he would need to answer to the higher-ups about it but no sane judge would condemn someone for getting rid of such trash, at most he would get suspended without pay for a few days and get a slap on the wrist.

The slide show ended with an image showing three familiar locations. The other guy in the room voiced his opinion, choosing the Bay as his destination. Hank was ok with that, he was familiar with all of them but he felt more in tune with the Old Town anyway. To say it was a nest of criminals would not be far from the truth, but then again you could say that from New Seattle as a whole. The thing was this new killer was an outsider, someone who didn't fit into the equation that was the criminal underground of the city, so it was in the best interest of the drug dealers and pimps that the police could catch him soon.

"I'll take Old Town, have some contacts I can talk to in there" The plan, if it could be called that, was set. He would put an ear to the ground and find out if the rest of the trash squatting there could help sniff out the rat that was hiding from them.

The silence that permeated the jungle didn't last long, a heavy thump made Orlando snap his head toward the water. Until now he tried to ignore the sea, just looking at it made him feel queasy, like there was a voice inside his head telling him not to go near it, but now something was getting near them coming from that direction. Another thump made his heart beat faster. Whatever that thing was, it was big, perhaps an elephant? but what would an elephant be doing in a place like this?

Orlando didn't have to guess for too much, as Sofia's scream alerted the whole group of the danger, and probably any other inhabitant of the island too, but upon seeing the monstrosity a few meters ahead of them he felt that for once her reaction was not exaggerated.

Big was the first word that came to Orlando's mind, big and ugly. It looked like a frog if it was drawn by a 5 year old who decided to change one pair of legs for wings on a whim. Any other thought left his mind when the beast opened his mouth and let out a massive bellow that rattled his bones and made his ears hurt.

Faced with such an impossibility a primal, instinctive part of Orlando's mind took control of him and without waiting to see what the rest of his peers did, threw the stone in his hand in such a way that it would fly over the head of the frog, hopping that it would distract it for at least some moments, but he didn't wait to see if that was the case. Even before the rock left his hand he was already running in the opposite direction.

"run, run, run, run, run" was the only thing repeating in his mind as he speeded through the forest. He heard someone near him asking a question but he wasn't in any condition to answer, the survival instinct innate to all human beings had taken over his body, and Orlando could only focus on what was ahead of him, dodging any rock or branch that could slow him down.

He needed to keep running until he could make sure he was safe, dying wasn't an option, not now that he finally got a chance to change his and his family's life.
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