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Yusuke is not a candidate for best boy. He creeps on Ann like a motherfucker. I love him, though. Best boy Morgana fight me.
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Drake deserved it tbh
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hey you fucking cuties~~

cas/adv/1x1/ask w/ any range of genres. i like slower burns, with """strong""" characters (my characters are all self-inserts lmao), potential for romance, and experimentation within narrative structure and non-traditional story telling (that mostly just means I'll reference music. that's my thing. i like music, i like having my characters like the music i like).

no one looks at these but here's some of my character sheets!!!!! mostly failures ~

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Yo-- i'd be down for some sol
Cartoon Network shows (but like the cool ones that 90's kids like).


Lily-of-the-Valley's eyes, to anyone making a passing glance, must have looked horribly glazed over. Perhaps those unaware of her past she looked tired. In truth, the woman could at least make walks like this without much effort. A youth spent making many treks like this into the badlands of the Crazy Horn stomping grounds and beyond for plants and ingredients, both mutated and not, had at least steeled her body in part for this expedition. No, Lily's eyes were very specifically downcast. She wasn't paying close attention to what she could see-- instead the short-haired woman listened to the land.

Ghosts spoke to her, wailed at her, with each crunch of soil beneath the hundreds of feet, the land sent warnings. Death awaited. Another thing she'd been steeled toward! Of course, death always awaited out here-- it always waited. They were on the precipice of blood; occasionally she would look down and see it pooling in the sandy loam beneath her feet, occasionally she would look up, and see horribly mutated birds, three of them, fighting over what was once a beautiful sparrow or a dove, but had become a mass of bloody feathers-- feathers that would never reach the ground, and then there was the big horner-- she had been seeing that one for years, thought. A great beast of muscle and rage, 6 long horns stretched out like the sun and it would stand in the distance glaring at her with eyes of green, mutating flame-- no one would ever see it, but it would breath enough grey smoke through its nose to disappear entirely-- and then it would be gone. Despite the blood, it seemed pleased with where she was headed.

Lily had been doing this for some years, you know? The whole run around with cryptic visions. There was the fact that many here would write her off if she was to say all she saw-- all that the land told her. That was a reason she kept it to herself, but another, perhaps more pertinent reason, was that she was good enough at interpreting the messages imparted to her by the bones of dust that the land left of all it touched. Storms of blood approached-- but the threat wasn't immediate. Despite the heat of the sun and the harshness of the ground, Lily, perhaps optimistically, could never accept that the land wanted anyone to die. No-- people would kill others, perhaps-- but the land just wanted to thrive. If it had to use the blood of man to replenish itself, then it would. She knew that lesson all too well.

But right now, all that the land told her of was was the approach. A rattle in the distance warning of danger.

So she tread lightly-- wary of where she stepped, but otherwise focused on the journey, and the challenges ahead. The woman wasn't well armed-- the protection she offered was medical, spiritual, perhaps psychic. The land wouldn't have screamed at her to make this journey for no reason. The stupid big horner wouldn't be smiling on her with each step she took.

Lily was dressed half a scavenger and half a tribal. The poncho she wore was her mother's, the jeans she wore she'd picked up on this trek-- the boots she wore she'd got off a dead body in Reno (They were the nicest things she owned). On her back was a self-made bow and quiver loosely slung, filled with arrows she'd made herself for the trip-- she was a bit rusty with the tribal was-- but at least according to the few Hualapai she'd spoken to (or, tried to speak to-- the gap between languages wasn't too vast, but... there was a gap), she hadn't grown too soft in Vegas. Lily had needed to sell a fair bit of her more modern firepower to afford the pack brahmin for her and her girls. They brought with them clothes, hygiene and beauty products-- Lily had loaded the animal with as many native herbs as she could, knowing she'd have to learn an entire new region for whatever remedies she was useful for.

"God damnit," A shrill voice spoke behind Lily snapping her out of her thoughts, "Need another shoe."

A laugh, "Bitch, another one?" A second voice said between laughs.

"I can make you some sandals when we break..." Lily spoke with a distracted smile.

The first voice; "Oh, so you're a cobbler now?"

The second woman snorted as she stopped her laughing fit, "Bitch what?"

"I'm sorry?" Lily added.

The second woman shook her head, "Yeah, I don't."

Lily smiled, "It sounds kind of tasty."

"SHUT UP." The first woman yelled, loud enough to turn other heads amongst the huddled caravaneer masses.

"Charlotte, I'm sorry, but what is a cobbler?" Lily politely asked.

"Well, it's not mutfruit cobbler, for one." Charlotte rolled her eyes as she spoke, "And no, Moriah, it's not sexual either."

Moriah, notably shorter than Lily, leaned up against the taller, tanner woman laughing. "Please keep telling us all the things it isn't," She giggled, "It's not obvious you don't know what the hell you're talking about, Cee."

"Oh my god, shut up," Her gaze directed toward the sky as she limped along on her heel-less boot, "It's like a shoe maker-- that should have been obvious."

"Should it?" Lily tilted her head, "I would hardly call sandals shoes."

"Lily, I'm gunna fucking kill you."

"If you kill her she can't make you your shoes!" Moriah beamed.

"They're not shoes, though." Lily's earnest smile contrasted Moriah's.

Charlotte exhaled, "LILY. MORIAH. Just shut up, please, I don't need this right now." She gazed toward the sky as she pleaded. Clearly someone was not as used to long treks. "How do you even know how to make shoes?"

"Sandals." Lily added under her breath, "It's just something I picked up."


Moriah wrapped her arm around Lily, taking another sip from her flask as she did, "Our girl has skills and visions!" The woman leaned against her as the pair continued to walk, "And as sweet as a cobbler!"

Lily blushed.

"Goodness, Valley girl! You're such a little girl, sometimes!" Moriah stumbled ahead, "Everyone knows we're whores! No ones going to do shit about it-- if they do Ol' Horace'll put two between their eyes! Relax."

Lily and Charlotte gave a dry chuckle. Lily spoke.

"We were whores." She fell behind, placing a hand on her Brahmin's side, "But this is our shot-- out here we can figure something out. Be more this time, you know? Just got to make sure we don't drown."

That last bit confused the other two-- drown? They were further away from water than ever before. But they knew not to pry. Lily's eyes glazed over again as she resumed her listening.

Definite interest.
Dope. I'll make a NPC CS for the two Charlies in a little bit here.
Leda - Faith Open Area (earlier)

"Come on!"

"No," responded a deadpan voice.

Leda Kieu followed the tall man as he tended to the few crops it was his job to manage. He had greasy brunette hair, a face scarred by past struggles with acne, tanned from time spent working outside, and a lanky frame with wiry muscle. He went by Charlie-- and he was beginning to get too used to Leda pestering him for things like this in here short time in the community. For her part-- Leda knew his type, and knew he couldn't say no to her-- so long as she was the right character.

"But Charliiiiiiiieee." She pouted.

"I'm serious Leda," Charlie wiped a bead of sweat from his head, with a mustard gloved hand, "Elyse would never approve it, we need all the space for plants we can--"

"So what you're saying is you'd help me as long as I don't..." Leda rolled her hand in the air, "You know, whatever-- do that thing you said?"


"You know-- I wont use her dirt! I'll just grow them in buckets, or pots, or whatever-- you know?" Hell-- Leda had to admit to herself that growing them that way would be better for making the whole things a surprise.

"Okay." The youth adjusted his backwards baseball cap, "What about the water?"


"Water, plants need water--" Charlie leaned against his shovel, firmly planted in the loam, eyes glazing over as he prepared to repeat talking points from Elyse herself, "But we have to conserve, so--"

Leda cut him off, "I get it--" Her smile was forced as she continued speaking to the teenager,"Look, man, I'll use run-off if I need to, okay?" That was a legitimate point Leda hadn't considered, but she'd come too far to give it up now. She didn't quit projects before, even if they were complete failures, she didn't plan on starting now. "They're flowers, how hard can growing a few be?"

Charlie sighed, "You're really not giving this one up, are you?"

"The soul has needs, dear Charles." Leda posed like the world's shittiest ballerina as she spoke. "Without beautiful things I will shrivel up and die!"

He laughed, "You're supposed to be older than me. You're so dramatic."

"I am dramatically, fervently alive." She shrugged, "And perhaps craving a few narcotics-- but mostly! I am alive!"

Charlie was silent for a time, before relenting, "Alright." Leda gave a rehearsed 'squee!' as he continued, "But I'm not going out today. I just want to do my chores and get some sleep, honestly."

"Well, then--"

"Relax, I'll ask my big sister about it. She'll have your back-- she loves killing those things. Now leave me alone."


Leda - Foellinger-Friemann Botanical Conservatory (present)

Charlie's sister was bit older than him, but otherwise resembled him to a T, very much fitting into an 80's mall goth style. She didn't have a gun, instead, she figured Leda's would be enough for a quick run for flowers (officially seeking plant supplies). She instead wielded a crowbar, that had seen enough use that it had a handle wrapped in grip tape, and an end sharpened for ease of cold body killing. She was dressed much differently than her lanky gardener brother, though-- she wore aviator shades, a jeans, boots, and brown leather jacket, despite the weather. Leda, dressed more modestly in a T-shirt and Jeans, was only not sweating thanks to time spent in LA. She gave the girl 10 minutes before the jacket came off. The woman in the jacket, Charlie's sister's name-- was Charley.

"Fuck. Here we are." Leda stood before the overgrown entrance of the botanical garden-- the pair weren't overwhelmed on the walk over, fortunately. Only encounter a couple of walkers on the road that Charley could dispatch quickly. Now that Leda was here, the dramatic part of her wanted to cry-- the overgrown shrubbery and vines having grown over, and began to twist the thin metal of the entryway's fences and signs. The other part of her, that manic comedian wanted to rush in and laugh about whatever happened. She had to temper these feelings.

"We've been headed here the past 10 minutes, bound to get here eventually." The deadpan manner wasn't lost between the Charlies, at least.

"You think there's many inside?"

"I don't know-- how many people do you think took shelter in a botanical garden-- with no food?"

"I don't know, man." Leda felt like a speck standing at the precipice of hell as the overgrown gate seemed more and more like a tunnel of barbs and brambles to her. Was she stalling? "Plenty of space for growing food-- if someone got that idea early on... oof. They'd... sure have some plants-- you know? Lots."

Charley merely nodded.

Leda sighed, better to just dive in. "Okay, so yeah, like I said before-- we aren't really gathering stuff-- we're just looking around. If there's seeds, or plant food or nutrients or shit like that, we grab what we can, but hopefully there's enough that we'll need a bigger group."

"Okay..." Charley continued to nod slowly, "So... I get why I'm here-- but then why are you?"

"Volunteered to check it out." Leda gave another brief-but-nervous sigh, before taking a shaky step forward, one step soon becoming many, with Charley close behind, "I had a few installations with flowers back in the day."
@Atomyk Hey! Working on a post-- quick question, can I just make NPCs? Is there a limit? I wanted to open with scavenging the botanical conservatory, but she'd never be out on her own.
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