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Please do not post here, personal message me instead thank you! <3

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A 1x1 roleplay search thread
Seeking seme's

◊⋯ So here's a little about myself! ⋯◊

Hi there, my name is Dabi, I'm in my late twenties born in the 90s. I know old right? But strangely enough I'm excited to turn 30. Odd numbers always bugged me xD However. The reason why I'm here is to find a partner in crime to write with, I feel in a much better head space. Whilst striking whilst the iron's hot. My muse is in the best shape its ever been.

I hadn't had an easy year and recently lost my grandmother so I'm new to grieving. So please bear with me! Here are a few things to know about me before going further. Please understand that I'm going through a hard time right now and trying to sort my mental waves out I might be in and out so selectively adding RP's.

I am an every day poster, multiple times per day.
But I'm very patient if you can't be. The least I expect is once a week minimum.
I am a multiple paragraph writer. I tend to write novel size posts, I do expect mirroring.
Communication is a must. Communication = Anxiety.
Special request:

I am an odd ball, I am looking for someone who loves male pregnancy + weight gain. I would love to be the carrier, but the weight gain I'd love to be you. How much weight your character gains is up to you. My guess is that he is a foodie and is a stress eater. He binges off secretly from his partner. Eating between meals, slowly they started to add on the pounds, when my character announces he's pregnant or she's pregnant. Then he becomes more greedy and claims he's doing it because of sympathy weight gain and his partner is catching on how much he's gaining. He enjoys the view and do food play, and both enjoy it.

FYI this doesn't have to happen this is just for the off chance that someone actually enjoys it:

Things that I can promise you as a writer:

I can post as many times as you're able to.
I'm very patient with replies.
I can do m x m
I mainly prefer playing the 'bottom' character. But I do variety of different styles to suit your taste.
I love discussing OOC/discussing different avenues the plot could go down.
I love multiple paragraphs, novels sized posts.
Good communication, please tell me if you've lost interest
-Not ghost friendly-

Things I want you to be aware before posting me a PM:

Some one who is a switch leaning top, I will double for the right person.
Who doesn't mine male pregnancy and weight gain
Someone who is multiple paragraph writer
Someone that contributes to the story.
Honesty is the best policy.

Things I love to include in a RP

Alpha x Alpha

Character + World development
Sexual tension
Rivals turned to lovers,
Male pregnancy
Weight gain
Chubby characters
Multiple paragraphs
Multiple characters
Breeding programme or Alpha/Omegas


Attack on titan,

Armin x Eren, Levi x Eren, Reiner x Eren,


Dragon ball z

Sk8 infinity

Goku x Vegeta,


My hero academia

Bakugo x Deku, Todorki x Deku, Endeavour x Almight, Aizawa x Almight, Bakugo x Kirishima, Dabi x Hawks, Shigarki x Dabi

Naruto shippuden

Kakashi x might Guy, Shikamaru x Naruo, Gaara x Naruto,

Yuri on ice

Yuuri x Viktor Yurio x Viktor
Seraph of the End
Seven deadly sins
Breaking bad
Hank x Walt
Harry potter
Draco x Harry, Sirius black x Remus, Ron x Harry,


Alpha x Ex Alpha

Alpha x Alpha

Omega x Omega

God of war x God of love

Experiment escaped Monster x Trespasser Human

God x Human

God x God

Merfolk x Pirates

Businessman x Merman

Angel x Cancer patient

Griffin x Vampire

(Animal) Shape shifter x Shape shifter (human)

Hero turned villain x Villain ex lover

Singer x Singer

Celebrity x Rival singer

Band mate x Rival band mate

Doctor x Patient

Model x Photographer,

Equestrian helper 'therapy' x Wheel chair user

Paralyzed male x Career with no experience

Athlete rookie x Ex professional

911 Operator x Fire fighter

Chief Fire fighter + Police chief

I actually signed up 3 years ago and completely forgot I made an account. I started to venture from other sites that I normally write on and found myself back here. So Hi, I don't think I even got past the introduction part. My bad, but I'm here now, so better late then ever right?

I suffer with a neurological handicap, which is hugely interrupted my way of writing. But after 10+ years of sticking with it I finally worked around it. I'm not the type to give up and now I'm actually considered to be an advanced writer now, from not being able to form simple sentences but I can even through appropriately used big words in the mix.

Hoping to make some friends here!
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