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Thanks for dropping in. For this RP I intend to run it as a Narrator, using 2nd person. What this means is that when I post it'll look something like "She looked at you with a soft smile." And you would respond. "I smiled back at her." It'll be run in a typical Visual Novel style, where I'll occasionally leave your character with a list of choices, which will direct him into certain scenes, but within those scenes your character will have full freedom to act how he wishes.

You used to live alone with your wealthy father, that is until he tragically passed away. During his funeral, among the many mourners, you noticed a familiar face. Linda Philips, an old close friend of your father's. Sympathizing with your position she makes an interesting offer: To come and stay with her until you got back on your feet. With the alternative being returning to the big lonely apartment that you shared with your father, you decided to take her up on her offer. And so with your bags packed and apartment sold, you set out into your knew life in the Philips Household, with lovely Ms Philips and her three attractive daughters.

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