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The Curse

Lucina Valkyrie had been traveling for many days to visit her aunt and uncle. After spending time with them, there was suddenly panic outside. The Lord of the castle had arrived. Upon seeing Lucina, he declared that she would be his bride. She refused, saying that she would never marry him. She wanted to marry for love. Furious, the Lord cursed the village to punish the girl. He told her that she had no choice: marry him or be cursed along with them...forever. then, he left for the castle to await her decision. Now, what was she to do? There had to be another way. Lucina Valkyrie has an important decision to make. Will she destroy the Lord of the castle, marry him, or live with the curse forever?
Welcome to the guild, I hope you enjoy being here and make yourself at home!
Role-play: The Curse of Valkyrie Isle

Name: Lucina (Luna) Valkyrie

Age: 21


History / Background: (Coming back to)

Theme (song): Shatter Me Ft. Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

Hello, I would love to start a role-play with you. I'd be interested in doing the Single Parent X Owner of a company with you. I prefer playing as females though. At least until I get back in the groove of writing again and am able to get into my characters more. It's been a while since I've role-played so please bear with me. I was thinking either MxF or FxF. I wouldn't mind having romance in the role-play, sexier the better, I don't care lol. Same with dark and twisted things. Be as dark as you'd like. Only thing I ask for is little to no rape scenes. Anything else I'm okay with. If you're interested let me know and feel free to PM me. :)
Would love to start up a roleplay, it's been a few years and am wanting to get back into writing again. Feel free to message me whenever if you'd be interested :)
Banned for being a coffee-less robot. You must be a very sad robot to be coffee-less :(
I would love to be apart of this roleplay. It sounds like a ton of fun and like it could take some exciting unexpected turns. :)
Welcome! I currently just rejoined the guild because I had some free time open up. I wouldn't mind doing a roleplay of the girl who refuses to marry the half wizard/ vampire, sounds like a good idea. :)
Hello, my name is Kali but you can call me Kal. I'm not much for introducing myself like this so, if you'd like to get to know me feel free to message me and ask anything you'd like. I am not entirely new here, I've merely been absent for a few years. Recently I've decided to come back due to having some free time open up. I've wanted to get back to writing, so here I am. :)
If you'd like to start up a role-play / short story with me let me know and I'd be happy to collaborate with you.

Hope y'all have a good day!
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