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" Sooner or later though, we all need to wake up. "
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Still open!
@ Chello


I'll send you a PM.

Always open!

1. Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day.

2. No one-liners. I'm not an advanced writer, but I do enjoy detail.

3. Absolutely no controlling MC's, no matter how slight.

4. I am looking for those who can write as Canon Characters.

5. I have seen all the seasons, so no spoilers here!

6. As the show has dark themes involved, please expect like-subject-matters included in the RP.

7. I only do M/F gender-paired-RP's.

8. I also only accept 3rd-person-paragraph-style.

9. I only RP via PM's.

10. Because IRL partners and RP characters can be underaged, I will not partake in sexual RP's.
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