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Current Life is a deep long voyage, Time only can tell the length of your journey.
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Been around the void and seen what i don't want to be. In my life, seeking a better path is my only truth to see who i am. In short im a dude that loves to write and making artwork.

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thank you
I don't know much on finding online friends or what not. I just know i need someone to help me with my books and stories ive been writing for years. i do like someone that is honest and willing to help me build up a fan-base. A friend and co worker to reap the rewards with. ive been writing alone and well i'm not Stephen King but i need a friend. I just want someone will and trust on creating something new and fun for the world. I will be kind testy at first to see if you aren't going to screw me out of what i have been working on for years. Truth is i do need a female perspective on writing, but anyone can do. I am no judge of who you are, i accept anyone willing to help me. i just desperate to have my world come to life. one day the pay out will be awesome and you will get credit and your share of the profits. i'm a man of my word and show my gratitude to whoever is willing to be my friend on this journey.
Damn miss clicks, thanks bro.
Looking for a partner to play an alien that i encounter on a journey to a new home for humanity. After a long time alone on a ship with state of the art AI and robot staff to help him from going made. His journey makes a new discovery first contact, however the contact goes a bit rough. The alien can be either a Friendly Xeno or a pirate that looks to raid the lone voyagers ship? All he knows the alien is a the first life form he seen in his many years alone. All i can tell you the voyage has or can go dark since both know nothing about the other being expect both are alone in a large system.

alien male x human female
human male x alien female

we can discuss more on what the roles are

IF you are interested pm me

Hello, I need a name change. I like to have the name DarkVoyager.
My bad for posting
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