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Current v-- I'm stealing that one
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Dominate the country you live in. Learn the power of the dark side.
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prove your point
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Missing the forest for the trees. It comes off a bit salty and I get where Hawk was coming from, but there's still some point to Purple's issue.
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He's not saying he doesn't want to write with anyone, instead write with the people who have similar pacing. Problem is, it's a tricky balance and the guild's not exactly speedy by nature.


Hello there.

I've been around before, but that was years ago and now I just hop in every so often out of nostalgia. Sticking around a bit if something retains my eye. Occasionally dumping my opinion here and there, and some say I even perform the dark art known as roleplaying.

When I perform in said art, I tend to go for multi paragraphs, a few times a week. Rarely any faster, often slower depending on how things go. If we hit it off, I'll stop around more often and I'll be there even if my muse isn't up for it at the moment. Good contact keeps me going even when the text has slowed down. Poor or no contact and I won't chase for it, just move along instead.

I like medieval fantasy and sci-fi, with a little bit of modern. Contrary to my alias, I don't play canon characters often. I do like a handful of canon settings, but I tend to approach for them instead of being approached. I go for a range between light hearted romps to nitty gritty content to very, very not safe for work behavior. And I can transition into any of them decently, so ideally we're all 18+ and cozy with that. Once in a while I go for groups, but I've found 1x1s and tighter knit ideas more reliable. I especially prefer good chat surrounding the actual thing. Though I can be picky on ideas, I tend to be pretty open with them and more picky if I feel the 'chemistry' is there.

Otherwise I just lurk and stop in every so often, so there you go. You naughty snoop.

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We will be watching your progress with great interest >.>

Er, I mean, keeping an eye on this, might give it a shot.
Dark side potential.
Maybe apprentice material... maybe.
Ok, so I'm a little old fashioned. What's the deal >.<
I'm not sure I'd care, but on the other hand if I saw a copy of Mein Kampf I feel like I'd be rethinking life choices.
I think the lack of response here is a clue. Perhaps you've already considered it dead and moved on, but I guess here's one for the search results.

In general I've gotten very pessimistic. Commitment is the key problem and it's in sparser supply than ever. It's just hard to get people to care, and then to care long enough, and then to humor the advanced logistics that are going to hurt interest further if any of it is on the frontend, except bottling it up on the backend is a key cause of burnout. I think one literally can't 'just make' a persistent world no matter how much effort they put into the setup. It needs to be great circumstances with momentum. I'd be interested in trying one out, but I think the most likely issue above is going to hit no matter how much feedback you get, how much interest is expressed, etc. But I'll throw thoughts at some of the hypotheticals.

1. Staff are there to do things cleanly. Be efficient, but be accountable. I think there should be a divide between what people are pinged for and stuff that is available if people are interested. Keep anything serious exposed, but don't air the laundry - especially as far as discipline, which should be handled efficiently as well. Personally I have the 'draw the line, give a chance' approach in most things. Tell them something is up, tell them what it is, be open to clarification and keep it between you without making it a parade. If you must, act. Be open about why but don't let it linger. My take anyway.

2. Simple to get into, complex in detail. Don't make people read a million threads to start, but perhaps lure in their interest and then allow them to dig into things and get that 'oh that's cool I didn't even realize' rush once in a while.

3. Curate it. Have a center vision, allow expansion and approve propositions for - but be mindful of its impact on the setting and don't let people add willy-nilly.

4. Personally, no. I don't think there's much chance for something huge to work unless you kinda defeat the point and limit people to sections at a time in their own bubble-areas. This site's ill fated PW is a pretty good example. Better off smaller locations with more chance to overlap. As much as flexibility is great I've come to think that if there's a chance, it'll be from focused GMs standing their ground and not letting things spread too far. Build the core, don't just have a roleplay site with a vaguely connected idea of lore.

5. Haven't been on many dedicated ones, but I like decking out profiles for characters.

6. Bureaucracy in general. The backend should be pretty streamlined. You could blend roleplay into administrative things, but be prepared for that to cause issues. It can cause the right intrigue too, but be careful.
I don't think the deliberate attempt to create art is a requirement for something to be taken as art, therefore sure.
Interest check sections are your looking for RP sections, which are typically linked to the roleplay sections you post in like here for Arena. I'm guessing the 1x1 section would probably be closest to what you're looking for to ask for all those at once, otherwise it tends to be a specific, more detailed request for the given section (like elaborating on that battle thing in arena).
The dark side of the force is a pathway to many cravings some consider to be unnatural.
I think you're better off building it naturally.

Don't expect it to start with roomy sections and 10 meta threads. Start with something and branch into something more. I promise it's easier if it is started to grow, and plus it looks less silly if it dies off like this section.
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