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Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into the Guild ambush.
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v-- I'm stealing that one
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Dominate the country you live in. Learn the power of the dark side.
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prove your point


Hello! I'm on and off, semi retired, just hanging around.

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It is what it is.
I wouldn't have use for this but if the OP has a scenario for it, I won't tell him how to use the forum. It's a reasonable request. It's just that there is no activity at all on the 'would be nice' backlog from what I can see. Thus, the idea is unfortunately moot because even higher priority things probably won't happen either anytime soon. Maybe if we have the return of Mahz or something else changes to make progress, the idea can be revisited among other things.
In a manner of speaking, yes. Bright stars make you overlook a dark sky.
Can't hurt to start a thread to make a pilot scenario, and try to expand it from there. I think making a serialized roleplay is far more realistic than a full on 'persistent world' even with some interlinked threads though. If anything I think a dedicated discord server to a setting would be more feasible.
Banned for being sig-free.
We will be watching your progress with great interest >.>

Er, I mean, keeping an eye on this, might give it a shot.
Dark side potential.
Maybe apprentice material... maybe.
Ok, so I'm a little old fashioned. What's the deal >.<
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