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Ducky said
It's called: Gabby, Gabby, and Gabby watching as Gabby and Gabby help Gabby up the wall.

Killer picture, god job. ^-^

I don't do anything involving photography or stuffs like that. But i enjoy looking at peoples work.
Sweet. Because as/when the lore or concept for this role-play becomes more set in stone. I am more then willing to build this Dr.Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde esque character to fit this lore. ^-^
So does this new magic setting make my character null? This is what i have to say about my character at least.......

His level of strength and endurance or w.e is negotiable. Along with the amount of control Albane has over 'Bane'.

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde were essentially what I based Albane off of. A character who has to struggle with an inner demon, that can physically manifest itself as A secondary form. With the cost of this secondary form being monstrous and proves to be excruciatingly hard or impossible to control.

Also a kind reminder.....

The struggle is real........
Just a reminder. Those who have pending character sheets. If I don't see progress by tomorrow. I will remove your characters from the list. This is going to go for those in the Reserved slots as well.

For I am not going to reserve spots for people to simply rust in. People need to occupy those slots if they hold intent to be apart of the role-play.
Sorry i didn't do this earlier guys. I really should have :/

FireFlower said
Also, apologies for the lack of updates, I am too sick to stand at the moment, so posting has been a bit of an issue ^^ I hope to get something out tomorrow :)It's up to you where to go, but for some reason people chose the tavern :)

Dazed said
Alright, rest and relax. No problem about the lack of updates, do not worry on posting if you do feel well. Getting better is a better focus! ^-^I'll be making my post asap. ^-^

Let's wish FireFlower a clean bill of health from the minor flue or whatever it is FireFlower is experiencing, thus stalling posting on FireFlowers end.

While being patient with FireFlower for when time to post becomes available. ;3

So I hope you get better soon FireFlower. I know I patiently await your return!
Also when you all get it situated with who is GM and who is accepting pending characters.......

Dazed said
Name: Albane; Al; Bane

Age: 20

Race: Human


Personality: Due to the nature of his power, split personality disorder is present.

History: Albane or preferably known as Al, is not the only soul sharing his body. Proclaiming his past is blurry and he does not remember how or when Bane possessed him. Though somewhere down the line it did occur. Little did Bane know it would backfire and he wouldn't have full control of Al's body. Merely forced to share it and keep Al alive or meet death along with him. This has caused Al to lose friendships due to thinking he is a monster. Resulting in Albane traveling a lot at a young age, learning to cope with the savage inside his mind.

Not allowing his setbacks to stop him from his goals, Al shows determination with joining Iron Tree. Hoping that they can help him tame the beast known as Bane. Forging Albane into A formidable hero, that Iron Tree can call their own. His desire to join stems to it demanding you treat allies as family. Not simply having the goal be currency. Also Albane never really grew up with a family, so is something never experienced for long. (Lived an orphan life.)

Class: Berserker, Warrior, Barbarian,


Axes: Proficiency with axes, including single-handed, double-handed and throwing axes. Al's skills with weapons resides in one-handed axes & throwing axes. His overall ax wielding skill is lacking and he is in need of guidance with it. Not because of relying on Bane. Simply due to lack of experience/practice.

Rage: The energy or power given to Albane from Bane. Rage can be gained by coming close to death and in rare cases high stress situations. He can also naturally draw from his power source known as rage, the more rage Al uses/absorbs the more his physical features warp and grow. (Transforming him into bane eventually.) Rage also increases his strength, endurance and (Lightly) speed. Although at the cost of sanity. (Using to much rage also can awaken Bane allowing him to take control and do as he please.)

Bane: A hulking 7-8ft form of Al that looks nothing like him. The more Al accesses the power he calls Rage, the more he risks awakening Bane. Bane is savage, unpredictable and rather ruthless. Showing to care little for Al or his goals. Bane has immense strength and pain tolerance/endurance. Also quite impressive speed. Agility and grace is lacking, along with straight thinking. Bane also is very stubborn and easily allows his anger to get the best of himself.

Extra Details: Bane constantly tugs at Al's mind and provokes him to use Rage so its more likely for him to gain control. The easiest way to tell he is slipping into Bane's control. His skin will begin to shift pale-red, also his hair will darken to fully black.
*Edited 4/23/2014*
Yes Joe this is still going on.

If anyone involved with the RP wants the IC to get fired up. Invite some people to participate, so the rp opens quicker! (more members mean ability to start. Since having four people in my mind, is not enough.)
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