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The above image is to act as proof as I create this thank you to Mobius for hosting his event and - to his benefit - keeping up with the promise of a Thousand Dollars to the winner of the TZDL. As I was it's winner, I wanted to thank each and every person I fought against for giving me the challenge that I craved and ultimately helping me grow as both a player and a fighter.

Thank you to the judges - Shadow, Dollmaker, Lust and Mobius - for their decisive (even if it was lengthy) rulings and the amount of work you put into each and every decision.

and finally, thank you RPGuild for providing the medium in which I was able to return to RP in full swing and accomplish this goal. It really couldn't of been done without the forum itself allowing the tournament to proceed. It's been a hell of a year, but with this it seems all the more worth it.
Blinding Radiance gleamed from the gathering of swords, intense light growing so bright it would’ve been nearly impossible to see through its luminescence. Nearly impossible, for anyone that was not Mitsu that is. His eyes, with their enhanced perceptions and design, had been modified exclusively to allow Mazono the ability to focus tasks usually denoted to his visual cortex to other areas of the visual spectrum; this came in handy over the years for someone used to firing large flashes of electricity from his face and body or crafting arc flashes before his very eyes without blinding himself. Luckily for this, his attacks considered as they had originally been intended to, having no need to cease or hinder his activities even for a second.

A mere second after the flash of light occurred, Mazono caught sight of movement – the figure behind the swords was beginning his ascension, which to the man in white might as well of been happening in slow motion. Shifting his wrists ever so slightly to lead the target, another crack filled the air nearly instantly behind the first set of rounds as the trick-shot feature of his twin Ratifiers came to light. As the man leapt up with powerful force, two rounds would accelerate in the direction of their target, the slight lead of the shots were set to match the momentum of the others movement, to allow his own leap to carry him into the vertbrinium bullets themselves and in turn kill him. There was zero lag time or need for a trigger pull, the weapons design being thanked for this.

A second after his attacks, if the man with blue hair was so inclined, blades were launched at his direction – each potent weapon aimed directly at his person. Iron sand billowed forth to the front of the thirty-foot field of defense creating a wall of moving sand. As the swords came within reach, the synthetic iron sand would take each object into itself as it moved with them, creating the opening required for Mazono to continue watching the outcome of the situation below. The consistent buffeting of iron sand against the swords would cause an effect not unlike the sandbags at a shooting-rang, each weapon finding its momentum slowing before its entire kinetic force would be dispelled and the weapons speed and force diminished to nothingness. Each sword would never make it past the twenty-five-foot mark before being reduced in speed so much that they’d be stuck within the mass of moving black particulates.

Narrow serpent eyes continuing to glow gold as the enhanced perception intensified further. He kept his senses about him, the sounds of twisting leather long since ending. His body was ready to move at a moment’s notice, the kinetic force being stored within his muscles causing his legs to bulge out more than normal. Veins – beneath the undersuit – were bulging outward in a painful way. If Mitsu felt any of it however, his face did not betray him. It seemed the one with blue hair, Dias Blade, stayed true to his last name – the use of swords more a comical thing. Still, Mitsu had to admit he was a bit impressed. Not everyone had the power to throw a building, let alone attempt such thought out maneuvers. Pity, he’d been told to kill him…he’d have loved to get to know this man. Watching as everything would unfold, Mitsu would once more hum with energy build up as his hands – each holding a firearm (as well as the Zeus cannon on each wrist), continued to track the man before him ready to fire at a moment’s notice.
The loud cacophony of sound echoed throughout the ghastly ruins, diverting his thoughts for the moment and dispelling his focused build-up of energy and causing a backlash to occur that wasn’t necessarily planned. As the building crashed into the solid hemisphere of the Iron-Sand enriched dome of defense, a tear would form in the shell and the power that had been building within would release outward in an explosion of light and power forcefully expelled by such a strange attack that disintegrated the once solid structure into small pebbles that were swiftly converted into Iron-Sand by the self-propagating granules.

Remaining chunks of stone and brick would fall upon the street below – harmlessly clicking and clacking as they made contact with the concrete surface below. As the light dissipated, the scene on the platform had now changed as the blackened dome had once again become transparent and undulating with iron sand streams rising around it like a slowly-rotating dust cloud. Standing in the center, more irritated at being interrupted than anything, Mazono shot a glance around his immediate vicinity – noting the lack of a building that had once been to the south of his position and in its place…a strange defensive formation of swords encasing a figure yet unseen.

You must be him.

The words echoed through his mind, as Mitsu turned his body to regard the strange scene. On instinct, his right and left arms were brought to bear as his enhanced perception of the world around him caused time to seemingly slow down. His eyes would narrow in as the serpent like gaze examined the sight before him with an informed eye. A protective wall of blades? Swords dug into the ground in defiance? Regardless of the what and the why, the Lightning Emperor had deemed the sight unusual and as such responded to it as he would anything he didn’t understand. He attacked it. Just like he had the strange cloud of miasma he’d run into in Egypt.

With the twin Ratifiers and Zeus cannon angled to aim at the interlinked swords standing where a building had only just been, Mazono’s ever present grin widened as a loud CRACK echoed through the empty streets. From the one sound three rounds soared towards their target. The Zeus Cannon’s large weighted shell propelling towards the target faster than the twin Ratifer rounds. A unique field of bio-electricity radiating outward in a four foot radius from the mighty projectile, enhancing its own unique defense which would act similar to the wielders Thunder-Dome defense. In this instance, it was visible as a vermillion hue overtook its usual transparent undulation and transformed into a brilliant red object roaring towards the stationary swords. The impact from this weapon would cause the most damage and would threaten to shatter through the defensive formation.

The other two smaller shots, the Ratifier rounds, would follow directly behind the Zeus, intent to pepper the initial impact zone with two additionally strong impacts that would – in theory – be more than enough to break through multiple buildings, let alone some blades of metal. The weaponry of the man in white would threaten to cause the shell of swords to shatter in response to the impact and would continue, if successful in breaking the formation, into the center where they would attempt to hit whatever could be within the center of its mass.

From his position, Mazono’s legs bent as the sound of twisting leather filled his ears. The muscles in his lower torso would bulge as tension and kinetic force was built up within the appendages to launch the young man at a moment’s notice should a need arise. His eyes, never leaving to swords, had to wonder exactly what had just happened to the building that had been standing just moments prior. The thought crossed his mind that the object that had slammed into his solidified field could’ve been the building itself was quickly dismissed. That would be ludicrous! There was no information in the dossier that indicated that his enemy had such strength let alone the capability to do such…yet…it could’ve been missed! If Jhieten had managed to make a mistake….oh god did he hope that Jhieten had made a mistake…

Oh Jhieten…I get to say you were wrong?! Oh this is already turning out to be such a FUN day!!!

Once more his body began to hum with energy as he internally began to prepare his electrical discharge for an attack of mighty proportions, should this initial assault fail to achieve the desired result. There was no time to take chances in his mind, as something – anything – had caused that building to disappear….and whatever it was had a power all too potent to ignore. Within his enhanced perception, power flowing through him, Mitsu waited…
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The roar of an engine would echo across the countryside. An unusual choice of vehicle to approach such a ghastly city due to its noise in comparison to the silence all around. The large buildings obscuring sight preventing the man in white from viewing the avenue of approach. The sound grew louder and louder as it approached the city’s outer edge before….silence. The ever present smile remained unchanged as the figure standing on the tower shifted his gaze to and fro.

Ears strained to the limit, Mazono hoped that his enhanced perceptions would’ve assisted in at least locating an area of approach, but the approach of his enemy was silent and well planned – a testament to their years of combat no doubt. Falling into his own power, Mazono exhaled deeply, causing a reaction to occur all around him. Billowing grains of black – purely visible due to the white backdrop of the snow – swirled around him like a pillar of rising flames. Denser and denser the cloud became as the Iron Sand’s self-propagating effect ate away at the fallen snow and debris surrounding his immediate vicinity. As the granules came into contact with the non-biological mass, the object would slowly deteriorate and be replaced with a pile of black sand.

The storm of dust intensified as it spread outward more and more, filling the 30 foot field of power with its substance. Within its center, Mitsu remained, his breathing steady and purposeful as if the very action was the causality of the dust’s actions. To a spectator, one would see a thirty-foot dome of black – vision to the center obscured by the material’s shifting and condensed form. A barely audible hum of building energy emanating from the semi-sphere’s location. As the sand continued to shift and move, golden lightly barely escaped from the openings caused by the granule’s movement.


Within the center of this field, Mazono continued to inhale and exhale as a buildup of impressive electrical energy filled the thirty foot area with its intense and brilliant luminescence the light growing brighter and brighter until the man in white was blotted out by the sheer brilliance. The hum of the barely visible field of defensive power growing louder and louder as the energy within grew more and more intense. More and more energy began to gather until – without warning – the illumination would dissipate, the electrical discharge compressing into the form of the man in white. With one final exhalation, a sheen of white-blue formed around the outline of his body, a testament to the activation of the first stage of his Thunder God Teleport.


From his illuminated form, hidden behind the shroud of black, energy would steam off of his body like vapor. The 30 foot space found itself suddenly becoming filled with basketball sized spheres of white-blue until there was barely any room for movement. Sparks of power rising from the surface of these dense electrical balls, Mazono continued to focus his power inward, until his eyes snapped open. The brilliant golden glow of his enhanced perception witnessed the field of arc-spheres around him with satisfaction. All was prepared, and it was about time. The hum of energy grew louder still as the 30 ft dome of pitch began to rise into the air completing its shape and becoming a perfectly solid black sphere as it rose. Once reaching twenty feet above him, Mazono ceased the rise of the construct. Undulation more and more evident around him as the black obstruction was removed from the interior.

Now then, where will you attack me from….Narrian
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