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The frozen desert covered the landscape in a blinding white shade. Sunlight cast its glow across the tundra, causing a blinding effect called “Photokeratitis” to occur in all but the unprepared as they would attempt to cross the many arduous miles that led to the old soviet metropolitan. Amid the hills of ice and snow, tracks would be evident – proof of recent passage, be it from an animal or otherwise. It was in following these holes in the ground that one would come across a figure dressed all in white – partially obscured due to his outfit’s similarity to the landscape. As one would approach, they’d hear the loud expletives about someone named “Jhieten”.

“….bastard always sending me off to god’s asshole. Just once, I’d LOVE to hear him say ‘oh Mitsu, I’m sending you to sunny Hawaii’ or…’Oh Mazono, You’re heading to the Caribbean’. Noooo He always gives those missions to Serenity and Mystic…fuck Mitsu!”

Considerable complaints streamed from his lips like water through a faucet. He wasn’t necessarily a tall individual, nor was his size an indicator of great physical triumph. The one thing that would stand out however…was his lack of external warmth. For someone traversing such harsh and cold temperatures in nothing more than a suit long-coat, he seemed absolutely fine if not…a little hot himself. What was stranger was that for someone walking through the snow, he seemed completely untouched and unphased by the cold substance – as with every step, small holes would appear before the area that his foot was to step on – as if melted by an intense heat. The strange man had just passed into the city itself and with a single look he had only one thing to say; “This place is a shithole…”

Golden eyes, their serpent like pupils, darted left and right as the disheveled buildings and structures were fully taken in and analyzed by his discerning gaze. Destruction had once faced this city – as was evident from the scorch marks on stone, the way certain buildings were falling apart and others were barely touched at all. A sort of…Ghost Town feel to it truly. Vorka City; It wasn’t a place unknown to him, quite the opposite. Vorka City was located only four hundred and fifty miles east of the old VOLTZ Complex, his former home. Though this was to be his first time traversing among the once bustling streets of Soviet make. Mitsu would’ve been awestruck by the architecture still standing in solitude after all these years…but there was something far more pressing taking up his concerns that even such a city couldn’t cause him to shift his attention from.

Mazono’s presence here hadn’t been coincidental – after all, who would willingly walk out to the middle of nowhere for nothing? No, his presence here was purely professional and it was in that reason that his mind was so preoccupied with thoughts. Having been contacted by Vertex home base, Mazono had been granted a contract that had caused a moment of pause in his normal enthused response. The targets name was not unknown to him, even if the person in question wasn’t a personal acquaintance. Merely, the name itself was synonymous with his past….and now everything had come full circle. What once he had struggled to put behind him, was now a very real and present aspect of his current life. The Target in question? A ‘young’ man named Dias Blade.

A name that had a large past behind it, Mitsu had spent the four day trek to Russia studying every piece of relevant information that had been gathered on the man over the years, but unfortunately it hadn’t been very revealing. Most people indicated he was ‘a man who could make the impossible possible’, others stated he ‘seemed a god’. The firsthand accounts were of course waved off with a bit of incredulity to the man’s gifts, as Mitsu himself knew very clearly how the general public had been reacting to individuals of unique and special abilities. For the most part, the only clear bit of information that could be ascertained was the man’s physical appearance.

With a heavy sigh; Mazono realized that once again it would be up to him to find out for himself just what made this man a ‘god’ amongst the common folk. Stopping mid-stride, Mitsu gazed upon the Eiffel Tower like structure with awe. Its large and deliberate design seemed out of place for the center of town, and potentially the reason the city had gone bankrupt. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed a series of landings ascending in a strange pattern up to the very top of the structure. His body hummed and began to glow before a loud crack filled the air. A flash of lightning would strike down upon the 2nd level platform, and it was from here Mazono began to keep an eye out as he examined the strange city. As his examination concluded, he realized that at one point this must’ve been quite a place…sad that the tundra reclaimed it.

No more time for examination, simply the time to prepare for the coming battle; Mazono’s strange ever present undulation of air began to expand outward thirty feet as his Thunderdome extended to its full mass. Additionally, the Iron Sand Canisters adorning his hip bloated and broke releasing the piles of self-propagating substance into the air around him. It was only a matter of time…before something were to happen and prepared he would be as he reached down and grasped his hands behind his back to take into his grip the pair of Ratifiers he’d readied for combat. The strange mechanical apparatus at his hand, The Zeus Cannon, was already beginning to hum as the charging sequence began for all three firearms. He may not of had much information to go off of for Dias Blade, but he wasn’t about to be taken off-guard. Now, with glowing gold eyes – the slowed down perception of the world in full effect – gazing across the land from a slightly elevated position; Mazono waited to once more claim his throne.

Come out…come out…wherever you are!

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