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Current Having shitty internet so my being online may be spotty at times especially during the weekdays.
4 yrs ago
White Rose Fic of the day:
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4 yrs ago
A great White Rose story that is in progress:
4 yrs ago
White Rose Silliness:
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White Rose Awesomness:


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I'll have a character up tomorrow.
@Noodles alright also what power level are we starting at?
So quick question. Are we qlready a crew or are we getting together at the start?
@Noodles it has indeed been a while. I actually haven't been on in a long while. Decided to hop back into forum RP.
I'm totally all for it. Got an idea for a character already.

Can we make our own races.
I'm making my own race to create variety.
I'm here
I'm still here and willing to make more than one character if necessary
Awesome. I'm pretty sure I could answer any question needed :)
I'll hop in on this. Are we able to create our own races?
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