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Current Having shitty internet so my being online may be spotty at times especially during the weekdays.
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A great White Rose story that is in progress:
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I'm making my own race to create variety.
I'm here
I'm still here and willing to make more than one character if necessary
Awesome. I'm pretty sure I could answer any question needed :)
I'll hop in on this. Are we able to create our own races?
I'm interested
Sayuri yawns as she leans against the wall in one of the back corner of the room as the rest of her squad gathered for the meeting they were going to have shortly. She's had night Patrols for the past week and a half, not that she minded. She actually enjoyed the peace and quiet it provided. The only problem were days like today where she wouldn't be able to sleep. Luckily she had the day off today and that night so she could sleep later. She stifles another yawn as the Captain walks up on the stage as the meeting finally started. Annoyingly the meeting was super short and had nothing important in it. Just a warning to be careful of the "Senkaimon Slasher" as the rumors put it. She put little stock in the fact that they were just a murderer. There was some other purpose or something else going on, 'Hmm... Maybe I can pick the captains brain on what's going on.'

Sayuri made her way after the Captain slipping threw the crowd easily, "Hey Captain. I know you're probably busy but I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a bit. I wanted to compare opinions on the quote on quote Senkaimon Slasher."
Here's my mostly complete CS. I'm only missing the Former life which I'll post later

I'll probably get mine out over the weekend.

also any particular genre's you want out characters to stick to?
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