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Current be back june 2nd
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That feeling when you want to join all these roleplays but you're going to be out of the country for two weeks. WHY DO I GET INSPIRED NOW, WHEN I HAVE LIKE NO TIME!?
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I just want to be a Jim that has a Michael, Dwight, and Andy.
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Hello, I am Denny!
i am a twenty-five year old wisconsinite who likes to write.
i am interested in modern slice-of-life, fantasy, adventure, romance, and variety of fandoms.


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Hey Suki, welcome to the guild!
hello from me.
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Welcome to da guild, hopefully you can find a voyage to your liking.

Cameo by Conrad & @Elevation
It felt as if time froze for an eternity as Kennedy sat back down. Those around him had become just as curious as he was about Roger's warnings and he knew that he wanted to know more too. The professor looked at each person's face, thinking about what course of action to take next. Should he wait until Roger got out of isolation, but could he wait that long was the better question? Isolation meant that it could range from days or even weeks depending on how cooperative the old Acolyte was. And Kennedy wasn't sure he would be able to wait that long to find out just what Roger meant with his callings of freedom, especially if that freedom meant another chance out of Paragon.

His mind was brought back into what was in front of him as Alex went on another nonstop tirade to the group, dwindling down the already thick tension with even more bravado than what was needed. Maybe his meds were taking too much out of him, but Kennedy of course didn't know what he was on to even have the slightest of clue if it really was the medication or not.

Choosing not to confront the medicated man Kennedy turned to Fay, giving her a faint smile as before she had instinctively grabbed his hand to pull him down in attempt to stop him from causing a scene. Kennedy nodded, before eyeing the others around him again. From Sage, to Alex, followed by Tori, and ending on one of the men who had helped unite most of the people before him, Conrad.

The Paragon office had come into the room, updating them on Roger's status. That's when it hit the usually calm and kept man, he knew what he had to do. "I'll find out what I can," Ken whispered to the group around him. "Just wait until then and don't make any waves, got it?" His eyes turned more to the two boys around the table, knowing their attitude and their mouths, something was bound to happen while he was gone.

With a deep inhale Kennedy stood up clenching his fists, eyes closed to soak in the moment, before heavily exhaling and slamming his closed fists to the table. His pupils narrowed and brows furrowed as he felt the pain of the impact the metal table forced back into his fists, "I'm sick of this!"

Grabbing one of the empty trays Ken flung it across the room, making sure to throw it in a direction no one was in, carrying on and continuing with his angry tirade. "We shouldn't be caged here like animals. I've been here for two years, two years to this day, and nothing has changed! Your doctors and scientists haven't figured out what's wrong with us or why we have powers and you don't, but we are humans just like you."

As he took steps closer and closer to Agent Yates, who was the only real authority figure in the room now other than the orderlies, he took notice of Ivory who had taken a seat now with a book in hand. He could see she was just as interested in Roger's words too as their eyes met, but it wasn't time to think about that as Kennedy snapped back into his facade forcing all his passionate anger at the Paragon officer again.

"You help hunt people down and bring them in here to get experimented on. You act as if we're animals, feeding us garbage, giving us these meds to poison and make us weaker." Biting his lips Ken lifted his hand to his neck, clenching the collar that he had around it. "You even make us wear these collars to control us."

What really triggered the professor though was that as he was going on with his own tirade Conrad didn't say a word as if he knew all these things already and that's what made him more upset. The Paragon employee knew these things and how bad it was but continued on like it was nothing. The mistreatment of people, the experiments, all of it.

"Kennedy I'd go back to your seat if I were you." Agent Yates responded, "You know you'll go to confinement."

Ken knew that with his collar on there really wasn't much he could do and he could tell Agent Yates was also aware. Before Kennedy could say another word or move an inch more, three large, bulky orderlies surrounded him. Each one with their arms the size of Ken's head, grabbed the professor at whatever limb they could and lifted him out of the room. His plan was in motion, he knew he was going to be put into solitary confinement, but that's what the goal was.

Kennedy needed this vacation away anyways.
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