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Current only on discord and lurking this week.
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I just want to be a Jim that has a Michael, Dwight, and Andy.
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Hello, I am Denny!
i am a twenty-five year old wisconsinite who likes to write.
i am interested in modern slice-of-life, fantasy, adventure, romance, and variety of fandoms.

What I'm Currently In:
Group: Departure: From Kanto to Kalos | Attack on Titan: Somnium | Altera: Of Departures and Deliverance | What Happens In Vegas: Remastered | Welcome to Pinewood Ridge | The November 9
1x1 PMs: Double Trouble | Double Lives | Brought to Light | Rekindling Old Flames
1x1 Threads: A Magical World

i am always looking for more things to join. so if you have something and are interested in me as a possible partner, feel free to let me know!

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@Ever boop! :3
Sad to say, but the day has come, that we will have to retire this roleplay. The start was fun, and I am absolutely sorry that my two week trip to Thailand kind of ruined the flow and pace of the roleplay.

I did have fun with this and hopefully one day I can rp with each of you again!

If you need anything from me feel free to PM me or hit me up on discord friends!
i deserve it

Abe chuckled at Claire's joke, happy to hear that they could still have a bit of fun and laughter even with the grim situation at hand.

Again following in tow behind Claire as she made her way to the car, Abe took one last look at the house over his shoulder, making sure to check the surroundings and of the faces that stood nearby. His eyes canvassed the area, taking note of anything that seemed out of the ordinary, or faces of folk who didn't seem to match the neighborhood.

Once they got into the car and began their drive back, Abe let out a heavy sigh. "If only we could prevent things like this from happening sooner, the world would be so much easier." Still smiling though, making light of the situation, "But I guess we'd both be out of a job then, huh?"

The car ride back seemed much shorter as the two young Aurors entered the Los Angeles headquarters. Abe, scratching his head, his mind still on the case and remembering anything he could about the house, the claw marks, the people in the neighborhood, anything that could help them crack a hole into their work.
Aoi stood silent as she watched in awe of the priest showcasing some holy magic before their eyes. It was shocking, but excitement and curiosity filled her eyes as all of the cuts and bruises from Matteo disappeared. "Wow," she mouthed as her friend began regaining a sense of consciousness.

When it was all said and done, Matteo's biggest concern it seemed as in the safety of her as he asked if she was alright. "I'm fine." She manged to stutter out. "I... I'm..." Her words seemed to falter and fade away as all of the conversations continued. She would apologize on her own time to her friend, making sure to showcase her gratitude for what he did since he was the one who dragged him into the fight with the drunken knight in the first place.

"If it's not too much to ask, of course." She added on after Matteo had asked to stay the night in the church. "We can pay for it." Aoi of course meant that she was willing to pay for the three of them to rest up for the night, still taking full blame of what transpired thus far on their adventure.

Somehow Astrid had convinced herself to wander around the hotel. Like most hotels in Las Vegas the Seara had a lot more to offer, with clothing boutiques, gift shops, arcades, things for people of all ages and interests, so Astrid was going to pass some time and do just that.

"Maybe I should grab a bite or a drink," she said, still attempting to convince herself to do something proactive while she still had the time to do it. She was in Las Vegas, but like always she would rather just spend the time sitting in her room enjoying the lights and glamour for afar. "I mean, I should."

Within ten minutes she was out her door, strutting down the hallways, through the mirrored doors of the elevator, and in the lobby looking at the entrance to the mall that the Seara provided. People rushed by minding their own business with Astrid noticing she would have to do the same, of course she wasn't one to throw her neck out there for the sake of it, so she kept her head down as she weaved her way through the crowds, stopping at store after store, window shopping to see if anything of interest would pop up.

"Wow, that's beautiful." Astrid cooed as she tapped at the glass of a jewelry store, a set of diamond earrings catching her eye. A smile appeared across her face as she continued on her trek through the mall of the resort, peeking at her phone for possible messages from the wedding party.
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