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I apologize for disappearing for two months by the way.
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Is it just me that just wants life to hit me with the money stick?
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I just want to be a Jim that has a Michael, Dwight, and Andy.
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Hello, I am Denny!
i am a twenty-five year old wisconsinite who likes to write.
i am interested in modern slice-of-life, fantasy, adventure, romance, and variety of fandoms.

What I'm Currently In:
Group: Departure: From Kanto to Kalos
1x1 PMs: A Road to Discovery | The Apocalypse | Fairy Tail 1x1 | On the Road Again
1x1 Threads: A Magical World

i am always looking for more things to join. so if you have something and are interested in me as a possible partner, feel free to let me know!

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@Sola Fixed up. And it was a typo on the whole Kane/Krane thing, my bad. I think I'm okay with how she is.

Once in the room with Claire, Abram scoffed at the luxury they were given by the office, which was something almost like a practical joke. "You're right, let's get a few drinks in me and go over these files."

Tossing his bag to the side, Abram spread the files out on one of the tables for Claire to have her once-over. A second after he finished spreading the files he darted off to the fridge that was in their room, reaching for two bottles along with an ice tray and two glass cups. The clinking of the glass and bottles rang as the wizard made his way back to the table, taking a seat as he filled the glasses up with the liquor and a few ice cubes.

"Guessing we start this party?"
Bumping this because I would love to do this roleplay!
Still looking for more interest in this!
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Welcome to the guild... Very peachy.
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Digimon Type

Koemon is a spitfire, he's full of energy with a bright outlook on the world. He has a bit of a prankster attitude, but means it all in good fun. He also has a curious nature, which is often overlooked as there are times he can be found zoning off in his own little mind and being easily distracted by the wonders of the world. The little digital monster does his best in whatever he is asked of as he wants to prove his worth and showcase that even with a little hope you can always go a long way.

As Koemon moves on in his digivolution line he gains more confidence in himself up to a point where he can come off as a very vain and cocky, which is unlike his normal attitude as a small, green monkey.

Digimon Line
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Lincoln "Link" Johnson




Crest/Digivice Color
Blue / #2B5194

Appearance Details
Unruly and unkept crow black hair sits on top of the pre-teens head. It is ruffled in whatever style he wakes up that morning, never bothering to comb it out of his face, rather going with the basic hair flip or sway to the side method instead. He has a pair of bright, blue-green eyes which are round with a twinkle in the corner. He can be often found with bumps, cuts, and bruises on his tanned body, which is sun-kissed do to his athletic nature.

Link was born to be an athlete and has been trained in it his whole life. He has lean muscles, growing with every protein he in-takes, with shoulders budding in his hormonal body. The young pre-teen is still growing into his body as his genetic short stature is fighting with the vitamins and supplements he has been taking to make sure he is receiving as much attention to his body as possible. To cover up his frame he can be found in athletic wear, coming in all shapes and sizes from shorts to soccer sweats, to joggers or gym shorts, pairing it up with a plain tank or tee, depending on the weather.

Link often appears as his bright and goofy self, kid who hides his emotions behind a mask made of humor. He considers himself a bit of a dreamer, having acquired his father's dream of being a professional soccer player and attempting his best at following through on it. He is self-disciplined, having been taught that he should listen to what others tell him as he doesn't need to be the superstar and shine, but that he can always be a role-player and do what is needed of him. With that in his mind, he doesn't have the confidence in himself and has little belief in his own skill as a player and as a person.

Link has many inner struggles with how he should be and where he should be at in his life. As a pre-teen it doesn't help when his body is adjusting hormonally either, with the lack of confidence, he always turns to talking and pranking as an outlet which can cause a lot of troubles with his peers.

With a playful attitude, that of a jokester, Link is often seen as a dimwit, which isn't too far from the truth. Academically the young athlete isn't the brightest, but Link does what he can as with the lack of confidence in what he is actually good at being low, attempting to put energy in something he isn't takes too much of a toll on him.

Link has lost a lot of the hope he used to carry as a curious child and transitioning into a teenager hasn't been anything but headaches and heartaches.

History Synopsis
Born and bred to accomplish his father's dream, Link has always been on the go. He grew up with blood, sweat, and tears, running around the soccer field the instant he was able to stand on his own two feet. He was put into every soccer camp possible, with his father coaching him at every chance he could. Link learned how to listen to every critique and criticism that was given to him, watching every move he made as it was always under the watchful eye of his father's magnifying glass. That quickly turned his love of the sport into a dreadful job that he wasn't passionate for, rather felt he owed it to his father to fulfill his dreams since he was putting so much of his own effort into it.

Growing up with only soccer in his sights made struggles for Link academically, which caused his mother to notice how burnt out he really was with everything. His father had signed him up for another soccer camp but Link's mom finally put her foot down and didn't budge. She had signed him up for a three-week summer camp that had nothing to do with soccer as she wanted him to actually have a summer where he could be a kid with kids his age and to actually enjoy it.

Anything you feel you need to include go here: what belongings they have, your choice of a voice claims for your character and their Digimon partner - your pick. You can list one or ten things. Up to the player.
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