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Current I'm feelin' like an 8 today, baby!
9 mos ago
Already hitting the reset button after this first week of 2019. Bittersweet, baby!
2 yrs ago
I just want to be a Jim that has a Michael, Dwight, and Andy.
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Hello, I am Denny!
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@Count Cuddles You're fine, no worries.

@Eisenhorn @Karkinos @Garet

I'm in a bit of a slump right now myself with personal issues, so I'm kind of getting things out very slowly. I'd like to thank everyone for their patients as life has been really kicking my ass and me feeling guilty about it doesn't help.

I'd understand if whoever would like to drop this because of the stagnant position I'm putting it in, but those who are willing to stick around, I'll be totally in-debt too. I'm still continuing this, just at a slower (yes even slower than it already is) pace for my mental well-being.
@Garet Good then. You can swap them over.
@Garet Your pair of characters are very interesting. I like the backstories that you created for them, it's interesting and to me was done really well. The only thing that irks me, but not too much, is the curse about Jayde only turning at night. It's a strange curse, which I mean, would and could be possible, but for me I don't think that it would make sense to have it in.

I could see maybe Jayde losing a bit of control and possibly could change it to where she can now only transform with a beaststone because shifting on her own is hard or nearly impossible so having a source of harnessed Laguz energy might allow her to do it. That could be the curse, at least versus only changing at night and not in the morning like a werewolf.
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