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Current Is it just me that just wants life to hit me with the money stick?
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I just want to be a Jim that has a Michael, Dwight, and Andy.
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Hello, I am Denny!
i am a twenty-five year old wisconsinite who likes to write.
i am interested in modern slice-of-life, fantasy, adventure, romance, and variety of fandoms.

What I'm Currently In:
Group: Departure: From Kanto to Kalos | Attack on Titan: Somnium | Altera: Of Departures and Deliverance | What Happens In Vegas: Remastered | Welcome to Pinewood Ridge
1x1 PMs: Double Trouble | Double Lives | Brought to Light | Rekindling Old Flames
1x1 Threads: A Magical World

i am always looking for more things to join. so if you have something and are interested in me as a possible partner, feel free to let me know!

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Aoi followed silently, still full of regret, as she filled a bowl of the thin, free meal of broth given to them. Blowing at her spoon she sipped and tasted it, sighing with a sense of relief that she was actually getting food into her stomach as Aoi had not remembered the last time she ate something.

She was inhaling a few mouthfuls when Matteo stated his thanks, Aoi nodding silently with a plastered smile. "I promise not to get into any trouble tomorrow."

As she finished her soup, Aoi returned the plate thanking the nuns and volunteers for the meal that was provided. Her eyes wandered at the homeless folk that filled the room, with a crooked smile on her face. What was she really in and how did she get there? Those were the questions that filled her head as she returned back to join her two friends.
Realistically, I think Skiddo would and should win. But of course! Eevee ain't goin' down without a fight! :B
I'll get something out then, good sir.
@Ever boop! :3
Sad to say, but the day has come, that we will have to retire this roleplay. The start was fun, and I am absolutely sorry that my two week trip to Thailand kind of ruined the flow and pace of the roleplay.

I did have fun with this and hopefully one day I can rp with each of you again!

If you need anything from me feel free to PM me or hit me up on discord friends!
i deserve it
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