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Man, been busier than usual. Will be hitting you all up!
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i am back from my conference, shall be getting things straightened out and posted tonight after work and some errands!
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I'll be heading out of town for a conference, I'll be back Sunday for all my partners!
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Hello, I'm Denny!
slice-of-life + fantasy + adventure + romance + fandom

I'm a laid-back writer who dreams of doing just that. I like expressing myself creatively and through my writing and I am hoping to find people who like to do the same.

I have been told I have simple tastes, but I'm also a guy who wants to expand his tastes, so if you're willing to help a guy out then feel free to drop me a PM and we can come up with something together!

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Fred & Søren
Location: Mason City, Iowa
"We want the same," Fred said with his hands still up in the air. A second stranger's voice appeared and shook Fred a bit, realizing that there was still another gun out there that wasn't on his side. They requested that Søren's gun be put down too, but Fred knew better than that. "We're all looking to get supplies without anybody getting hurt," Fred said, straightening himself out. "I put my gun down first, how about your guys drop yours and show us first, then we'll do the same."

Søren nodded his head, disapproving and disagreeing with Fred's tactics. Usually the plans were of Søren's doing, but right now with Fred in the midst of all the heat Søren let his best friend lead.

"I promise you we are no threat to you guys," Fred commented. "I know we all just want to get out of here in one piece."
Location: Infirmary

Sam was stunned for a moment at the pure luck that Bianca had. She was wandering all bloodied and bruised and somehow ended up in the town her grandfather was help leading. Whatever the case the stars were in her favor and Sam figured it was best to be on her side if anything ever went south. Sam returned a smile to her as they continued on with their conversation. "I'm just helping out here today. Everyone here in Versailles helps out whenever and wherever they can. I'm not really assigned to anything yet. I'm hoping to get onto the patrol team soon though, their numbers are getting a bit thin, we've had a rough winter." Sam's bright smile turned into a deep frown as a sigh escaped his lips, thinking back on how the winter went that year.

They lost a few good guards to not only zombie attacks, but bandits too. And it wasn't just fighting that caused a lot of deaths that winter though, it was the shortage of meds and the widespread colds and flus that turned the town into a crazy petri dish of bacteria. Rose had solved a lot of those problems though with natural home remedies and helped save a lot of lives throughout the process. Sam nodded his head and returned to his signature bright and happy face, "You know, whenever you feel better I can totally show you around town."

Location: Versailles Town Hall

Gresham's morning walk was, as usual, safe and sound. The only thing that was bad news was the break-in that the guards were already taking care of. It was good that the young blood were taking care of things as Gresham wanted to see who would be able to help lead Versailles to greatness as time went on. The man had an eye for finding diamonds in the rough and helping polish their leadership abilities. Sometimes they used what he taught them for good and sometimes all the things he tried to instill in his mentees were used for bad, but whatever happened was up to the individual to decide and not him.

As he entered the board room meeting within Versailles Town Hall, he was always the first one there, he took his seat at the far right side of the table, sitting and reflecting upon what was going to be needed to be done about the break-in incident. Were their walls becoming that thin that the outsiders could break in or were there bandits who were trying to throw their town into chaos? Whatever it was Gresham knew the council needed to figure it out and move on it quickly. Gresham began jotting down notes as he waited quietly in his seat, flipping through the pages of his papers that were set aside for him.

The man was always early, but he followed the motto of the early bird gets the worm, and in this case he wanted to make sure he was going to help lead Versailles and protect them however he could. Being ready at all times was something he was good at doing. As Gresham went on writing down his thoughts, a cough slipped out from the direction of the door, breaking his train of thought.

"Excuse me," the voice said. "Hopefully I didn't ruin your concentration."

"Ah, no worries." Gresham said flipping his papers back, leaving out a blank sheet on top. "I'm surprised you're one of the early ones today."

"Wasn't too exciting of a night," the voice said, settling themselves on the opposite end of the table. "Obviously it wasn't as exciting as yours, from what I heard."

The council man slyly smirked at the comment as he set his pen down, brushing his chin with his hand. "Hopefully we can change that for you soon."
@Laios Yeah that's one of the reasons I like using colors and tags and whatnot. Makes it easier to differentiate for me and to get less confused on who's talking.
Fire Emblem Guild Forums or something like that. It was a long, long time ago. I still stick with FEEF though, that's my home fosho!
Fred & Søren
Location: Mason City, Iowa

Søren stayed quiet as he was further away from the action and sound of the voice that had spoken out to them. Slowly and silently he crawled away from the shelves and inched further away from the aisles. He hoped to catch the eye of his best friend, but also did it blindly, not knowing where Fred had jumped to for cover.

"I'm dropping mine," Fred said, it was more to tell Søren to keep calm rather than telling the man that he was trusting him with his deal of no weapons. "I'm getting up now." The red haired man slowly stood from his spot, with his back still against the wall and his hands up in the air. "I'm up with no weapon in my hands. Can I trust you to drop yours?"

Søren laid quietly as he watched his friend stand up, with his gun set beside him. The dark haired man sighed deeply to himself, cursing at how stupid his friend was being, throwing down his weapon, making him such an easy target to be taken out. Of course Søren wasn't going to let that happen. His hand was still on his pistol as he waited for the other man to do the same, acknowledging the deal he made with Fred.
Next post I'll be getting something in with Gresham for sure.
Location: Infirmary

Sam entered the room as the voice behind the door gave him permission to enter. Sam was surprised to see a girl around his age sitting there in the bed, and a cute one at that. She wasn't how he expected a blood covered survivor to look like, but with blood all over a person they could look like anything or anyone after some TLC. He set the tray down and returned a smile back to the girl. "I'm Sam, and no I'm not a nurse or doctor. Just got the lucky straw to help out around the infirmary for a few days."

Moving across the room Sam was about to ask a question of his own before a knock came from the door. Of course the source of the knock was Sidney, Versailles's Historian. She rushed over to him and showed him a few pictures she had snapped of one of the walls that had been damaged and broken into, causing Sam to feel a pinch in his gut. He should be out there helping them out, not stuck in the infirmary restocking meds and feeding patients. "Let me know if you need any help with that, Sid." Sam said nodding to the town photographer. Sam knew that at least Sidney trusted him, she didn't treat him like a child like most other adults within the town. It obviously didn't help that Danny was forcing everyone to see him as one though.

In an instant though as she usually came like thunder and lightning, Sidney flashed her camera at Bianca and was on her way out. The thunder came from her booming personality and at times voice, whereas the lightning often came from the cameras flash and abruptness of Sidney herself. She was a good person though, so Sam knew that it was all with good intentions.

"Sidney is our historian." Sam said, reassuring the girl that she could trust her. "She means well, she just gets a bit focused sometimes and forgets to slow it down." Pushing one of the rolling chairs over to the bed he sat, making himself more comfortable. He figured the girl probably wanted some company as she had been alone for what seemed like awhile before that. Conversations were always the same with those within the walls of Versailles, but Bianca was more interesting now than other folks as she was new to the town so everything about her was just that, new and interesting. "So, I heard you know Richard?"
@Laios Character is up; Post is up; Title is updated but still pending until we can come up with something better and more fitting! :)

"Should probably stop day dreaming while on patrol," Pietro hollered, tapping his fellow knight on the shoulder with a jovial chuckle. "That's my job anyways, you're the one who is supposed to be actually doing the job." Pietro was a burly man and the chain mail he wore itched his body like no other. Underneath the intertwined metal chains was a physique of solid muscle, something that the man was not only born with, but also worked for. "It's a heatwave today." The brunette panted heavily, feeling the heat of the sun burn his tanned skin.

Growing up Pietro always had a darker more olive complexion than those within the castle walls. It was said that his father, who was a Rose Vanguard, had impregnated an exotic, dancing gypsy who had cursed him when he left and broke her heart. Pietro knows little about his heritage other than the fact that his father was a Rose Vanguard and was a respected enough man to have the lord of Ursa's respect. With a deep breath he straightened his belt which held one short sword to his right side and a small knife to his left, on his back the man carried a large broadsword, opting for the usage of swords over pole arms and ranged weapons, knowing that his skills lie in close-ranged combat.

Vanadise was one of the fellow knights Pietro had gotten close too. She wasn't like any of the other knights, not just because she was the only woman, which didn't really bother Pietro all that much, but she was more in-tune with herself and was a lot brighter and much more intelligent than him and the rest of the knights combined. She wasn't just smart though, Pietro experienced it first hand how fast the woman was and how much quicker she was than most of their fellow knights.

"The trials for the Rose Vanguards are coming up soon, there are three spots left." Pietro said, "Is the captain going to speak up on your nomination yet? There are not any other good candidates besides you, to be honest."

Name: Pietro of Prairie
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Pietro has no real past that he can remember, only that of what he has been told. He has always lived in the city where the lord of Ursa has been. He was adopted by one of the Rose Vanguards at an early age as one of their squires, learning quickly and soaking in as much knowledge as he could. Pietro wasn't the brightest squire, but what he lacked in intelligence he made up for in his strength and will, determined to show that he was strong enough to carry on. Growing up the orphan bloomed into a fine and sturdy young man. With age he made vast improvements in length and width, becoming at least one head taller than his master with broader shoulders.

Once he was old enough, Pietro joined in the City Guard of Eowyn, the castle city of Ursa. He served Lord Conrad Ellewyn with great loyalty, respecting what the man has done for all of them throughout the years. If it were not for the lord's kindness Pietro would have been thrown into the church or crop fields, with him being an orphan left to the king to decide his fate. It was by the lord's urging that Pietro as a child be adopted by one of the Rose Vanguard Commanders, Weston Owain. After the City Guard he made his way to rise in ranks, joining in the respectable ranks of the Knights of Eowyn. The knights were only second to what Pietro was dreaming of becoming though, having the final step be that of the Rose Vanguard.

This year was his year to showcase what he had learned throughout all his time as a squire, guard, and knight, and to prove to Lord Ellewyn and his adoptive mentor Weston, that he was ready to be one of the front lines of Ursa as a Rose Vanguard. Pietro is one of the twelve nominated and selected to enter the trials to become part of the Rose Vanguard.
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