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Current I'm feelin' like an 8 today, baby!
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Already hitting the reset button after this first week of 2019. Bittersweet, baby!
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I just want to be a Jim that has a Michael, Dwight, and Andy.
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I'll be posting something up this weekend to move us on, so if you wanna post before that to continue on conversations feel free to do that too!

Location: Route 101

Soon enough, lunch was ready. The sandwiches were plated as well as the stew made by Yuu, all laid out before them on the picnic blanket Soren had evenly unfolded before. This was the best way to eat, the boy thought, with others. Putting out bowls for their partners as well, Soren began filling them with a mixture of Pokemon kibble and berry treats he had taken out.

"Th-thanks for lunch!" Micah said with a little more pep in his voice as he took a seat on the blanket.

"Thanks for joining us." Soren smiled. "I think watching you and Low-low train made me even hungrier." The dark haired trainer took a seat next to Micah as he scarfed down half of his sandwich in one big bite. The teenager had a big appetite, having been taught to always clean everything off your plate to show gratitude and thanks to the chef. "So, are you from around here, Micah?"

Coughing from a bite of his own sandwich, the green capped youngster nodded as he wiped his mouth. "Petalburg City," Micah said. "I-I'm from Petalburg City."

"That's where we're headed actually." Soren said. "We're thinking of challenging the gym leader there."

"O-oh? Norman, he... he's tough." Micah replied. "M-my neighbor had to challenge him... three or four times."

"What, really?" Soren said as he glanced over at Yuu, with a bit of concern in his eyes. Maybe he was a little over his head, he definitely needed to power up his team and get in some training in of his own from what Micah was telling them.

"I-I'm sure that you two w-would be fine though!"

A nervous chuckle escaped his lips as Soren took a quarter bite of his sandwich, licking his dried nervous lips.
My post didn't give much either, I can post again if you all would like, to give us something more to do.
@Omni5876 @Blizz I think with everyone else dropping, I think I might just cut this. It's honestly my fault that the thread has died down from it's initial post and because my own lack of creating more excitement and oomph to it.

But I do like the idea that was presented by @Blizz if you two would like to do a separate RP with it, I'd be more than happy to join and have our 3-man team with that.
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