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Current A bit busy at the moment but replies will get sent today as soon as possible.
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A dwarf who was a mystic escaped from prison. The APB went out that there was a small medium at large.


My area of 'expertise' falls mostly in mature themed Rps but I do love a good plot and story to really dig into when it comes to roleplaying. I can play almost any gender you might be looking for and have played a variety of roles into the past, no idea is too weird or out there for me to at least try once. Though I am more partial to 1x1 Rp's in all fairness. As long as you can sell me on an intriguing enough plot or I can sell you, we should get along fine.

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Updated Bump.

Cleaned up the post a bit, mostly with hiders, and added that some of the pairs are open to mxm as well as fxf. Again everything is considered 18+ up and therefor relegated to pm. Also added a few more plot ideas in Shapeshifters and a new category in Fantasy relating to Omegaverse stuff.
I play either depending on what the role calls for.
Updated what's locked up now. Figuring to clean this up properly when I have a chance.
So I realize the title is not that great but I can promise that the tiles of the plots below are a bit more on the interesting side. Feel free to take a look and if something interests you then please send a pm and let me know. You can post to the thread too but to be perfectly honest I'm more likely to check my messages before I look in the thread.

Fandom Related Rp Ideas: (Simply the pairing with a small plot idea, any ideas you have for a pair I am willing to listen to of course.)

Pairing Varieties: (Same goes for the pairings listed as the ones in the fandom section.)



Stranded Survivors

So I am pretty open to most modern/slice of life pairings but I've done quite a few of them and I'm looking for something a little different. This probably as close to real life situation but still bordering on fantastical situation so here it is. The two characters are survivors of a ship wreck on an almost near tropical paradise, now they face themselves, the environment, and its wildlife in order to survive.

Detective/Unlikely Partner

Whoever the latter role is up to you, but they most likely weren't going to help the detective in question solve his case right away. However looks can be deceiving and of course they end up being far better at adapting to their situation than previously thought.

Original Plots: (As above, these are open to some re-working or tweaks but overall I'd like to stick with what I have posted but am always happy to brainstorm.)



(Sci Fi)

Space Pirates...Kinda

The crew of The Surly Nebula is not exactly what you would consider your crack team of mercenaries; consisting of a giant spiky lizard, an ingenious engineer that also happens to be of a race that was once infamous for cannibalizing rival tribes, a strict AI that fails to understand humor, an ancient cantankerous king, and well others...To be fair this is a piece of fiction I am still working on that I haven't fleshed out as much as the others. But there are definitely pieces there, if you'd like to brainstorm on something regarding than I'd be happy to discuss. But basically it's going to be a galaxy hopping adventure involving characters that may or may not be heroes of some kind.

This looks interesting...good thing I already have some neko characters perfect for this. Just fair warning though I am more into more mature subject matter if we Rp and will of course prefer pm.
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