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So when's the riot?
So who's got plans to start their characters?

OB could start pretty much anywhere in the wasteland, but most likely in the north, where all the beasties are.

<Excited beeping>

Edit: I added OB's club to the end there.
Awesome possum. I can get that done once I'm home. Or tomorrow after work.
<Snipped quote by dereken>

You'll have to clarify on what you mean by 'tribal type weapons'.

A war club type weapon. Bigger than a baseball bat, smaller than a sledgehammer. Her own customized beat down stick.

Edit: By customized, I just mean that it's her personal weapon, with markings and carvings specific to her.
What kind of leeway do we have with equipment and the like? I'd imagine Obadiah would mostly use tribal type weapons, not necessarily things that were in game proper.

<Excited beeping>
Would I be able to make a tribal type character? I know they weren't a huge thing in the Capital Wasteland, but there were some in the general area, as evidenced by Point Lookout.
Hey. Sorry for disappearing. School and work in concert fucked me over good. I can keep going when all is ready.
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