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So what's the feeling on draconic species? Kobolds, dragonborn, the like?
Howard needs no limbs, for he home-grows his own out of cow carcasses.
Stuff is happening! I'm here!
Back from all that. I should have a post up tomorrow.
Hey, I'm game to start up again when the time comes.
I have a funeral. Don't expect to be on for a week or more. Dunno if that's too long, but it is as it is.
Works for me.
As I said, OB mostly wanders around then northern wasteland, killing beasts for their meaty bits. She travels south to the more settled areas to sell and trade. Most likely anyone who makes the rounds around the wastes has met or heard of her. The Atomic Survivor (@AngelofOctober) and John White (@Sirkaithethird) are likely, but I ain't gonna force it.
So when's the riot?
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