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Sorry for my disappearance. Life is cruel. I should have a post up and ready wednesday.

Edit: I'm actually garbage, and the post will be up tomorrow.
Wow, I'm gonna have to step up my game. That's awesome.
Shit, I shoulda made a half dozen characters. Sounds like Girard ain't gonna last two minutes.

There it is. Not perfect, but it's mine.
@Aaron Damien
Excellent! I imagine he'll be less combat oriented, so here's hoping he makes some friends he can trust along the way. CS should be done before the night is out.
I'm most definitely interested. Would a roboticist type character work? One that can build and repair cyborgs and androids and the like?
So what's the feeling on draconic species? Kobolds, dragonborn, the like?
Howard needs no limbs, for he home-grows his own out of cow carcasses.
Stuff is happening! I'm here!
Back from all that. I should have a post up tomorrow.
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