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Dirk raised his eye at the mention of flight, his interest peaked instantly. "I've not even seen many with a machine such as this and... you mention flying? Do you know how? Do you own a ship?" He instantly hounded her with a line of questions, keeping his eyes glued onto Tina with his pale frame standing back, studying her.

He crossed his arms, tapping his feet onto the concrete pavement, Dirk clearly had a real interest in flight for such a poor looking male, his usually dull look brighten up at the mention of space travel, no matter how small and how brief of a mention it was, he latched onto the idea of it.
Dirk blinked lightly, eyeing Tina with his brow raised. He wondered if she was accusing him of something due to her remark. His eyes went downwards, eyeing the scooter with interest peaked, outstretching his thin arms. "I'm sorry for prying, I was just curious is all, I don't see many around here with any kind of transportation is all."

"Oh a courier you are? Does that earn you a lot of credits?" He questioned her with his interest peaked, itching at his cheek at her comments, his skin was quite pale, but that wasin't really his fault, this city and planet in general cast-ted a dark shadow over most of the place.
Dirk watched from the shadows, spotting the headlights as it pulled up to the street and illuminated the otherwise un busy piece of road. He slowly stood up, dropping his apple core to the ground, outstretching his palms. Dirk was curious as to who would come around these parts, it was odd to him.

He studied what seemed to be an older women on a scooter drive up to a door, looking upon her from a distance. Wondering what she was up too, he slowly walked closer and closer, using the shadows as cover. Dirk noticed the door creak open and her pass a box along. She must be a courier of some sort he thought or something of the sort. But that wasin't enough to satisfy his curiousity, Dirk had to know for sure.

Stepping out of the shadows, he spoke up towards the women, his bright amber eyes glowing. "What are you doing exactly?" Dirk questioned her without a second thought, he looked pale and thin from where he stood in the darkness.
Huh sorry? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that.

Dirk was the only name he had ever known, growing up on the planet of Vexxith alone for most of his childhood and through his early teens. He was now nineteen years of age, a boy on the verge of becoming a man. Though he felt trapped, marooned on a planet home to criminal masterminds and corrupt government officials, life was good to nobody here. Yet Dirk was smart, well he housed the smarts and the wits which allowed him to survive as long as he has here, managing to steal or scheme his way through everything, allowing his belly to be filled when he desired it to be.

Currently he was hiding away at the end of a dead end street, where very few lurked, which was the perfect place to hide away after pulling off his shady endeavors. He munched on an apple he had stolen from a food cart, devouring it like it was the best thing he had ever eaten. This was life down here for Dirk, he hoped and wished for more, to someday get off this soul crushing planet, but the longer time passed, the more he doubt that day would ever come for him.
Welcome to the guild!
Updated with a few plots!
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I'm down to do Rockstar x rival band member or rockstar x fan even!
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