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This sounds good to me too.
Aw darn :/. But since you've had the vaccine there is a good chance that Covid won't be so bad for you, so there is that at least! I hope you feel better soon but do be cautious and get help from your local hospital if you need it!
Yikes. Yeah, take your time. I'm not going anywhere (as far as I know).
A quiet exhale escaped Lumina's lips as she listened to Gotsumon talk. She paid careful attention to what he had to say and closely studied the expression on his rocky face. He seemed genuine and was clearly experienced in dealing with humans. Still, the fact that he was implying that they all agreed to come here and simply didn't remember doing so bugged her. If not for the fact that she remembered having a strange dream his explanation wouldn't sound so plausible and she would think that he was trying to gaslight them.

The light from her eyes dimmed slightly as they drifted to the side. Lumina took a minute to think about it. The details of that dream were coming back to her. The sound of the ocean that she heard in that dream made a lot more sense now, but almost nothing else did. In her dream she was in a tunnel and then a cavern. Basically, it did not look like this island at all. In that cavern she talked to a tall robed figure, someone she at first thought might have been Gotsumon. Although his voice kind of sounded like that person's he was way too short to fit the bill. Then there was the matter of those orbs. She had wanted one of those orbs for herself, but she didn't know which one to pick. The robed figure offered to help her with that. Admittedly she remembered that she was going to take that person's offer of assistance but she never got to officially accept or decline before she woke up.

Did her heart really answer for her? Her heart, the heart that she couldn't get a confident answer out of for anything years prior?

'Those orbs... are they the "self-discovery" and fulfillment that he's talking about? A way to fill the hole in my heart? Ridiculous. It's not that simple.' She sighed as she sat back up and cleared her mind of it's inner conflict. Her attention perked up slightly when she heard that small yellow and green digimon mention meeting the girl standing near him in a dream. She was pretty sure she didn't meet Ghostmon in her dream.

Lumina looked over at Ghostmon only to find the blue whispy digimon looking down at her folded hands. She looked sad and worried. Lumina's expression softened as she realized that Ghostmon must be thinking about the dark ocean. It made sense. That description of the dark ocean was mysterious and chilling. She wouldn't wish that kind of a fate on anyone. "Ah shoot..." She mumbled under her breath.

"I need to know that too." Lumina looked over at Akeno before quickly looking back at Gotsumon. "How are we supposed to contain an ocean or fog or whatever?"
The soft shifting noise of fabric settled as Lumina moved the hanging cloth that acted as her hut's door back into it's place. When she turned back around she saw not only Ghostmon waiting for her but also several small purple bird creatures staring at her. Lumina froze in fear. She could feel her blood run cold as these strange birds slowly but surely started to come closer. This was not a good scene. They were whispering ominous things about saviors and children. Not to mention that them edging closer to her was starting to make her feel claustrophobic. Her eyes darted over to Ghostmon who seemed completely fine with the situation. She was even giggling at the birds a little. That at least made the situation seem less dangerous, but not any less creepy. "Ghostmon what..."

Ghostmon gasped when she saw the fearful and stressed expression on Lumina's face. "Oh, Lumina, I'm sorry! This must be awfully surprising to you. Don't worry, these are Penguinmon. They're Digimon like me and they're the Digimon who live in this village." She smiled, thinking that would explain everything.

"Digimon? But what is a Digimon?"

"What? You don't know that either? Digimon are the creatures who live in the Digital World. Where we are now." A worried look came over Ghostmon's face. How could Lumina not even know that much? It's as though she wasn't told anything at all about coming to the Digital World. But that couldn't be. 'Maybe she's a bad listener? She doesn't look like that type but looks are deceiving!'

A deep gravelly voice made the weird bird things disperse. Lumina immediately started to look around for the source of that voice. It sounded almost familiar, but she didn't know why. Still, she was thankful to the voice's owner for making the birds back off. So when it beckoned her and the other humans to approach the fire she did so, though slowly and only after she saw Ghostmon's gentle confidence in the request. As she walked over she looked around at her fellow humans. Earlier she had briefly realized that there were other humans but was too distracted by the Penguinmon to worry about it right away. Now that she had a moment she noticed that they all seemed to be around her age and were accompanied by Digimon of their own. She would probably be able to assess them better once they were all by the fire. 'But why is there a group of us here? Just what is going on?' She thought with a frown as she trudged ahead.

When Lumina and Ghostmon got to the seating area only two other human-digimon duos had gotten there before them. Or at least, Lumina assumed the creatures with them were digimon. There was a girl standing behind a couch with a porcupine looking creature actually sitting on the part of the couch in front of her and a boy sitting on the other side of the same couch with a small dinosaur standing nearby. Because she does not know them Lumina instinctively avoided sitting next to these people and creatures. Instead she chose to sit on a tall tree stump with one empty seat between her and the leftmost side of the occupied couch where the boy was sitting. After sitting down she folded her hands and stared straight head into the fire, waiting with a practiced patience.

Ghostmon floated quietly to the left side of Lumina and also waited patiently. At one point she did glance over at the other humans and digimon. A faint blush started across her face and she floated closer to Lumina's side, as though trying to use the slender human girl to block the others from seeing her. This attempt at concealing her image wasn't working very well but Lumina didn't seem bothered by Ghostmon's attempt either way.

However, she was somewhat bothered when the pile of rocks near the fire suddenly assembled it's self into some sort of rock creature and called it's self Gotsumon. "Excuse me?" Lumina softly blurted out after Gotsumon introduced himself. She then blinked when he commented on how young she and everyone else was. 'Those Penguinmon called all us humans kids, huh?' She looked down at her lap with a puzzled look. That's right, she is eighteen. But she hadn't felt like a kid in years. Technically, she wasn't anymore.

Meanwhile, Ghostmon was far more concerned about the conversation about kidnapping going on. She looked from the human girl to the human boy and then to Lumina. "Lumina...is that true?"

"Huh? Oh, yes I suppose so?" Lumina had been listening to the conversation this whole time, despite probably looking as though she was lost in her own thoughts instead for a moment there. "I never agreed to come here. I wasn't physically able to say anything at all before I was whisked away here. At first I thought I had gone insane." She winced at her own words and squeezed her eyes shut for a second. Now that she said that out loud she felt more scared than before. She was already plenty scared about this and had been fighting herself almost this entire time to stay calm and composed. "I still worry that I might be unstable and that this is some sort of hallucination. But if it's not then the next answer is that I've been kidnapped...right?" She opened her eyes again and gulped as a shiver went down her body. She still wanted to stay calm. Panicking here wouldn't do anything and she was about to get answers. Those answers could help her greatly.

"No..." Ghostmon put her hands up to her mouth and stared down at Lumina with a sympathetic and worried expression. She then spun around to face Gostumon again. "Gostumon... KingWhamon wouldn't kidnap humans, right? And not ones so young! R-right...?"
I agree with the others^^. Exposition first, then interacting with each other!
Moments before the little lights appeared in the air outside of her bedroom window Lumina was set on completing one task and one task only. That was to brush out her long, glossy blue hair. It was a tedious, though necessary bedtime routine of her's that her stylist taught her to do. She had to be careful not to force her brush through the hair because that could cause strands to break off. If she encountered any knots she was to undo them gently and only with her fingers. It was a huge pain in the butt but ultimately this routine was the key to her lovely locks more so than an expensive product was.

As she was finishing up she noticed something moving outside of her window. Immediately suspicious, since she was on the fourth floor of the apartment building, she grabbed her phone and slowly approached. She couldn't help but let out a small gasp at what she saw next. To her delight there was a group of what she was pretty sure were fireflies playing outside. Lumina's eyes lit up as she watched them. Their lights were beautiful against the dark color of the sky. They were free without a single worry in the world. She almost wished she could join them. What if she could simply turn into a beautiful light and lose herself in the night sky? What a simple and easy way to live that would be.

But the longer she stared at the lights the more she felt like she was forgetting something. A memory was lurking at the edge of her mind, trying it's hardest not to be forgotten...

She hated when this happened.

During the years she spent recovering from her, let's say "difficult" past, memories would often resurface like this. Most of the time they were memories of things that had happened to her during the dark years before she was able to start healing. Her therapist explained that her mind had purposefully locked those memories away because of the pain they caused her, but now that she was in a safe place she needed to learn to confront them. And confront them she did, successfully and at her own secure pace. Now these kinds of resurfacing memories were only rare occurrences. But once in a while a memory that resurfaced was not one of trauma but rather one that had simply been filed away so that she could focus on surviving life in general. In other words, not all memories were bad. A simple concept but it took her awhile to realize this.

This memory she was trying to remember did not feel like a bad one. But what was it? Lumina narrowed her eyes in thought as she stared out her window. Didn't she have a dream about light or orbs or something?

Before she could recall completely her phone started ringing. She silently looked down at the screen. An unidentified number. But she had just recently moved into her apartment and was getting ready to start college. It was very possible that the number had something to do with either of those things, so she answered the call.

Lumina wasn't even able to get a "hello" out before the air around her started to crackle with electricity. She shivered and looked around fearfully as a fog started to somehow roll into her room. Soon all she could see was fog! What was going on here? And then it happened. The familiar noise of ocean waves. "Wait, that's it... I..." Lumina was blinded by light and when it finally faded so too did the memory of the dream she was almost able to recall...

When Lumina regained her senses she found herself in a small room face-to-face with a large floating mass of quivering flowers. There was something dark blue sticking out of the top of this flying flower pile too. From the way it moved she was certain the blue wispy thing at the top of the flowers was actually a flame, but that couldn't be right. Then suddenly the flowers started to talk in a soft, mature female voice.

"H-hello...! It's nice to meet you. My name is Ghostmon... uh...umm... I decorated the room as nicely as I could to make you comfortable. I hope you like it."

Lumina blinked slowly before looking around the room. It was true, the room was decorated with great care. There were flowers bordering the wall edges, soft straw bedding in the middle of the floor where she was standing and even some incense burning. The place looked and smelled nice. She looked back up at Ghostmon and addressed her as calmly as she could. "Ok... "Ghostmon". But where am I? And what's with all the flowers? They're pretty but there is no way you are an actual ball of flowers...I think."

The flower float shrunk back. "You didn't know? You're in the Digital World. I'm... I'm your partner. But you're right, I'm not made of flowers. Sorry, sorry! I didn't want to scare you right when you entered our world. So um... we have to work together so I guess I will take the flowers off... but remember I'm here to help you. I won't hurt you!" The Digimon sighed sadly as she started to take the flowers off of her body. This human had no idea how long it took for her to make herself this presentable, and yet she was right. Ghostmon was not a mass of flowers and they would have had to know that eventually.

Lumina stared wide-eyed as this dark blue ghost-flame-creature emerged from the flowers. She could feel adrenaline kick in. 'I need to run. I need to get out of here! If I don't I...' Though her body shook her eyes slowly drifted down to the flowers that Ghostmon had taken off. They were stacked neatly in a pile to the side. That was hardly aggressive or destructive behavior. Ghostmon's voice and demeanor also suggested a shy and gentle personality rather than anything harmful. 'If I don't run I... what? Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion? She looks scary but she doesn't act it. Ghosts don't exist anyway.'

She took a deep breath to steady herself and then looked back up at Ghostmon who, at this point, was frowning worriedly at the human. "I..." At first she couldn't find the words and her voice wavered. Ghostmon flinched too when Lumina started talking, as though expecting something terrible to be said. Lumina tried again, this time with a calmer voice. "My name is Lumina."

Ghostmon perked up. This was going surprisingly well. "Hello Lumina! I'm happy to meet you... welcome. There are others waiting outside that would also like to meet you. When you're ready we should leave the hut and join them. If that's ok, I mean!"

"What?" Lumina squeaked. Last she checked she was wearing only a nightgown. She moved around to check herself out and that's when she noticed that, strangely enough, she was in her favorite outfit. She even had her black bow headband on. At no point in time going from her room to this hut could she have changed outfits and yet she must have. At least that meant she would be able to meet people comfortably.

'This is insane. I'VE gone insane. But what choice do I have now...?' She closed her eyes, stood up straight and stayed still for a few seconds while she gathered her nerves. Ghostmon crept forward but Lumina opened her eyes back up before she could get too close. "Fine. Let's go then, I guess."

"Y-yes. Ok! Let's...do that." Ghostmon turned and floated towards the door but instead of opening it she just phased right through.

Lumina paused mid-stride to comprehend what she just saw. "No..." She mumbled, shaking her head. "Ghosts don't exist." She reassured herself as she opened the door and headed outside.
D'aw Blucomon ;-;. Unfortunately Ghostmon probably would have been real caught off guard with Blucomon's desire to actually hug her. She likely hid her face in her hands, turned away and then became intangible so that poor Blucomon would fall right through her.

Anyhow I'm super excited and will try to post tonight. Tuesdays can be a mess because I work for a long time on these days and then I'm supposed to get to bed at a kind of early time. But I'm pretty excited so I'll probably swing it >w<.
Hello! I thought I should probably poke my head in and say hello to everyone, being a late entry and all. I heard about this roleplay from Digizel and after getting over my cold feet I jumped at the chance to join in. So it's nice to meet you guys and I can't wait to roleplay with you all^^.

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