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My name is Diamond Ripper Poe. This is basically just a small introduction and a small back story to my character. My character will also have certain Creepypasta characters along with her. I do not claim own to any of the Creepypasta characters, this is just my take on them. My facebook has stories explaining my relationships with the other characters, and help give some back story on my character. My father is Zlago, and my mother was a human. I currently live with the Slenderman clan in Slenderman's house. I used to live in the human world. Most of my inspiration for the slenderman characters come's from the "I Eat Pasta for Breakfast" season 1. I am new to RPing but hope to learn as i go. My profile picture is the my face when Slenderman found me, the tape was removed instantly but that's how i drew the picture because it's an image she could never forget.

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My name is Diamond Ripper Poe. I've wrote for years, and recently got into RP. I have background characters that RP with my character, just because I am obsessed with Creepypasta.
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