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Wendel & Sunny

Collab with @Banjoanjo

A buzz from one of her books alerted Wendel to the campaign status. It seemed that they'd missed a whole bunch of developments, but while the 'Chaotic' did make her raise an eyebrow, it was the time displayed in the corner that made her breathe out a surprised "Ah...".

Sunny glanced over her own book, giving a blank “Huh.” she paused for a moment, contemplating the page, “Maybe we should’ve hung around…”

Wendel's only response was a nod, her eyes still stuck on the time.

Sunny smiled, “Well, whatever. They can do whatever they want! We… we should go look for those sunflowers, eh? See this new area a little more. And hopefully find that cool thing to put our name on.” she said excitedly.

Wendel didn't move. Geez, they'd really talked for that long? A sinking, crawling feeling filled the pit of her stomach as her thoughts inevitably drifted to Joy. Joy, who was at a party tonight, who wouldn't even know if her sister spent another hour or so in this game. Joy, who Wendy didn't want to let down, even behind her back.

There was the matter of Sunny too. She was nice, really nice. Somehow, things seemed to be looking up despite what happened earlier. Not that it would last. Either way there was a casserole she needed to get to.

"Uh, I, uh... gotta go," Wendel shifted awkwardly.

Sunny frowned a little, caught off guard, but quickly reformulated her expression back into a smile, “Oh! Yeah. Totally. I should… I’ve totally got stuff I should be doing too. So, like, cool. Plus, if you’re going I don’t want to be caught alone with that weird dude we partied with. Ha… haha.” was she being awkward? She genuinely couldn’t tell. Why did she feel like she was being awkward?

A look of concern briefly crossed Wendel's face. Sunny wasn't usually like this.

"Yeah, weird..." she scratched the back of her head, "There's that Nomine girl, if you don't want to be alone."

“Yeah, totally, she seems alright,” was she saying totally too much? “It’s cool. Like I said, I should probably get going too. Get… like… food and stuff.”

Another frown. Wendel had definitely done something wrong here but she'd be doing an even bigger thing wrong if she didn't log out now.

"Okay," she simply nodded, turning to a page in her book, "See you, then."

And then she was gone.

“See ya.“ Sunny said, watching Wendel fade away.

Yeah, he was gone.

Sunny rubbed the back of her head, awkwardly glancing around. She really didn’t want to be stuck with the others, even if she didn’t really have a reason to log off. Playing with Wendel had been fun, but she wasn’t exactly sure why it seemed so much more fun than playing by herself.

She sighed, snapping open her book and logging out too.

too tired for header sunny/wendel/nomine/matt/darren

Her heart rate was probably starting to pick up around now. Wendel turned from the mage girl to the giant, the dismay she was feeling translating outwards into a narrow-eyed stare. More people, right after Sleazy Matt and Darren, and they were strange. This was... fine. All good, really. She was supposed to be talking to people anyway. More party members was a positive thing. Nothing to despair about in the slightest.

... Hey, didn't she have a casserole to get to?

Wendel remained silent as she attempted to mentally craft a reasonable excuse to exit the game.

Sunny glanced between the two newcomers and then back at Wendel. That was... some introduction, alright. But Sunny gave them her signature grin, "Well... hmm..." she learned her lesson from last time, it was better to consult before coming to a decision, "What do you think, Wendel?"

Wendel's gaze flickered to Sunny. Why was she the one getting asked here? She couldn't reject their request while they were standing right in front of them. The swordsman gave a terse nod, summoning yet another smile.

"Yay!" Nomine grinned, raising her staff in celebration, though she quickly reined herself in and lowered it to the ground. "Anyway, as the big guy said," Nomine poked Cygnus in the side with her staff, "I'm Nomine, acolyte and apparent moon goddess, if you take Cyggy here's word for it," she prodded him in the side a few more times, earning a lighthearted but questioning expression from the man. "Oh, and his name is actually Cygnus. Only I can call him Cyggy, probably. I mean, you're free to try, but he might punch you," Nomine stopped assaulting her ally, and he simply joined his hands behind his back, standing straight up and saying nothing. Cygnus sighed. "So, what are your names?"

Sunny held back a giggle. Nomine was certainly eager, and a lot more charming than the other two that had joined them. "I'm Sunny, and my friend is Wendel," she said with a nod, "Nice to meet you!"

The swordsman nodded some more. She didn't offer a handshake this time. "Nice to meet you."

A cough sounded from the NPC, and polls appeared before all thte players but Cygnus. Wendel's attention was fixed on the landscapes.

After the NPC's short speech, Nomine stared into the portal, glancing over the images set for them to choose from. She turned back to her new allies and Cygnus, just in time to watch the giant shrug and sit himself down.

"So, what will you two be voting for?" Nomine wasn't too sure what to choose, herself.

Wendel's gaze didn't move from the portal, one image in particular. Her mouth was slightly ajar in a vacant expression. That stuff was seriously pretty. "Sunflowers."

Sunny half-turned to Wendel, giving her a curious look. "Sunflowers?" she repeated, questioning, giving a small smirk, "Tough guy wanna look at the pretty flowers?" she teased.

"I--" Wendel felt an unwanted blush heat her face, "I'm not that tough."

"Sunflowers, then?" Nomine interrupted, acting oblivious to Sunny and Wendel's exchange. The acolyte immediately put in her vote, giving no time for anyone to talk her out of the sudden choice.

Sunny didn't hold back that laugh, "Sunflowers are good. Flowers are nice, and I getta live up to the name." she gave Wendel a wry smile as she keyed in her own vote. Rolling her eyes at the joke, Wendel voted too.

Matt chose that moment to return with Darren in tow, the latter was still engrossed in his ledgers and notes.

"Have you guys all voted?" -He grinned, the jovial demeanour back in place -"Or still making up your mind?"

Wendel said nothing, hoping the still-open poll in her hands would be answer enough.

"We're going with sunflowers." Sunny said with a polite smile, giving a nod towards Nomine and Cygnus, "We also got some new people with us."

"We do. Introduce us?" -Matt glanced at the newcomers, subtly running his gaze over the both of them -"Me and Darren's going sunflowers too, so that's good news."

Cygnus excitedly lifted himself from the ground, clearly prepared to repeat his spiel, which earned him another whack from Nomine's staff. He still stood up, though he now lurched over himself.

"This is Nomine," he sighed, "goddess of the moon and patron of the guild MOONPHASE." He made a halfhearted gesture with his arms towards the short, energetic Nomine. His tone was almost comedically monotonous. "Her Holiness will be joining your party for the duration of this campaign. I, a simple follower of Her Holiness, will refrain from most direct involvement unless she requires my action." Nomine nodded along, attempting to console the sad giant with a few pats on the wrist.

"O-Okay?" -Matt raised an eyebrow, clearly taken aback by Nomine's elaborated introduction. He regained his cool quickly enough though, working a smile back onto his face. He knew of hardcore roleplayers; he had just never run in the same circle as them-"I'm Matt. This is my friend Darren. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too!" Nomine darted around and looked over Matt and Darren. She seemed to take particular interest in the fish-man, barely able to keep herself from poking at the water sphere with her staff. She eventually moved back to her place next to Cygnus. "Your characters are cool! You don't see many people playing merfolk, or... goat-people," her hat blinked, "so, what classes are you all playing?" This question was addressed to all four of her new companions. The answer was obvious for most of them, but she clearly hoped for some sort of elaboration.

"I'm an archer!" Sunny chirped, "And Wendel here is a swordsman."

Wendel nodded in affirmation.

Matt did raise an eyebrow at the goat person comment, but he let it slide. Not everyone could really appreciate the aesthetic, after all.

"I'm an acolyte. Darren over there is mage." -He gestured over to his friend, who gave a slight nod.
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Down Range

Regies | Rose-Marie
Gabe | Arden

𝓝𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻 𝟖𝓽𝓱, 𝟏𝟑𝟐𝟕 / / 𝓐𝓾𝓼𝓯𝓮𝓵𝓭 / / 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓪𝓷'𝓼 𝓔𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓮 / / 𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰
Collab with @Diggerton @GreenGoat @January @RedDusk

Rose-Marie had no problems with waking up early.

What she did have a problem with was the treatment they were getting. This certainly wasn't something she was expecting when they spoke about training. In fact, this seemed to be normal drills one would do to train their troops; nothing wrong with that, but it seemed highly unsuitable for training people such as her. Each of them had their own abilities to hone. If they needed troops, then by her father's sword she could and would take a hundred men and train them to be real soldiers. But this sort of training certainly was unsuited for their needs in her opinion.

But in any case, at least Regis could be trained to shoot a musket. She knew he had never truly had need to train in fighting, considering that wasn't his job and certainly nothing he was expected to do at a regular basis, but at the very least, not fumbling when trying to fill the pan with gunpowder would be an improvement.

"Hmm, perhaps this training is for the benefit of the others" She sighed, as she looked towards Regis. "Perhaps it would do you some good to learn as well."

Regies grimaced, “Oh. Oh geez.” he said abruptly, clearly not very happy at the suggestion, but he let out a quick cough, “I mean, uh, if you see fit m’lady. I can… put… an effort into that.” indeed, he had never been much of a fighter. In that aspect his aspirations outshone his ambition, “I… uh… suppose that learning such a skill might come in useful, if we’re going to keep up with this whole bond business."

“Although…” Regies had certainly tried shooting in the past to little avail, a fact that he had no doubt Rose-Marie was well aware of. “Well, I hope this goes better than last time.” he said, directing a nervous smile at her.

Meanwhile, Gabe kept a respectful distance from the well-dressed lady and her servant, glancing curiously at the muskets they were going to practice shooting. He had seen them before; many noblemen prefered them over simple bows and arrows in their hunting trips. But he had never touched them or even seen one up close. They had always been too expensive for people from his social class.

"Welcome to the shooting range," Dinn Lemare announced as he approached the group he was assigned to train. The man had shed much of yesterday's formal attire, dressed down instead for the occasion in simpler trousers, a belt with various cases and compartments, and a fitted tunic. Much of his clothes, however, remained subtly embroidered with the fine stitching of class and wealth, a reminder that he was still their superior. "It may look shabby compared to the rest of the place, but that's because we anticipate a lot of accidents. We won't be wasting the more refined locations until you lot have a better grasp of your powers."

One of his Hounds carefully handed the man a long, sleek rifle polished to a shine along its gleaming, steel barrel and black wood stock.

"Some of you may have seen these before, but this is a gun. Specifically, a rifle. These longer types are for ranged attacks but regardless of their category they are all dangerous. If you've handled a crossbow before, you'll know what a trigger is. If you haven't, this is the trigger." He grasped the barrel and the stock of the gun, holding it up horizontally so the small lever was visible. After a moment of panning the view back and forth, Lemare flipped the gun upright so the stock rested against the ground.

"Now, before you can even attempt to fire this, you need to master the art of loading it. It's a task in its own right. Pay attention."

Slowly, but with a practiced ease, he pulled a tightly rolled wax paper packet from one of the pouches on his belt, the thin cylinder filled with the main powder charged. Deft motions untwisted one end of the cylinder and poured the black powder down the gun's muzzle. Another tight packet revealed a small sphere of iron which he eased deep into the gun with a long, thin rod from the same Hound who had brought the gun. Once that was complete, he hefted the gun into a more natural position, cocking back the hammer and opening a small chamber on top, near the rifle's stock.

Pointing to a piece of flint attached to the hammer, he stated the obvious. "This is a piece of flint. It strike this frizzen here--" he tapped a small piece of steel directly ahead of the flint "--which lights up the powder that I'm about to pour in the pan here--" the same finger pointed at the small opening right below the frizzen "--and you'll hear a crack of unholy thunder before your target keels over dead. Assuming your aim is true."

He pulled out one more packet of powder, tipping the opening into the pan before closing the small lid and wrapping a tiny cloth strip around the frizzen. "No one's firing anything today, and I don't need any accidental discharges so before you even test the weight of your rifle I'll need you all to grab those torn cloth pieces from the bin near the guns and wrap it around here," he instructed, pointing to the frizzen again. "When you pull the trigger, this little flint piece strikes the steel bit here and sets off a spark. That spark turns into hellfire and thunder and you're not ready for that until I see you loading and cleaning like the lightning itself. So get to it. I'm here for any questions, but the final rule for today is to keep your finger off that trigger until you're ready to kill something. Or someone. If we make decent headway, you can practice holding it properly, like this." He knelt and rested the stock against his shoulder, face tight against it, and pointed the gun forward, one hand gripping the stock and the other stabilizing with a firm hold on the bottom of the barrel, where the wood casing had been made to accommodate.

"Practice shifting from a full load to this position. You'll need to do it as quickly as possible in combat. And remember: fingers off the trigger. Now pick a gun, wrap the cloth around the steel bit, and get to it."

Basic instruction done, he relaxed his stance and stood back up, turning now to the trainees to watch their attempts.

Marie would have answered Regis, had it not been for their intructor arriving just then. His teaching methods were interesting, but she had no doubt she could do better. In fact, she was confident she would be able to teach even a bunch of peasants how to shoot in a formation in just a matter of hours. It was the maneuverings and drills to instill dicipline that took longer.

"Well, Regis, didn't you hear him? Go on and use the gun."

She didn't bother picking up one, considering it more for the benefit of her untrained companion, and those peasants there rather than anyone like her. What noble did not know how to use a gun? Once more she was convinced that these people were fools. Loading the rifle was in itself already a dangerous move. A piece of cloth over the pan? Why even bother with that and just remove the flint or leave it at half cock? In fact, why bother with any of that at all, and simply allow them to shoot under guidance? And she had certainly heard of paper cartridges for ease of use in the field, but she had never seen one that separated both the powder and the ball in different paper packets. Perhaps it was their way of doing such a thing. Marie was feeling rather smug by now, thinking of Roche's superiority in that field.

"Right. Yes. Use the gun, will do." he went over and glanced at one of the rifles. He grabbed one of the cloth strips as instructed, wrapping it around the... frizzy? He shook his head, grabbing the weapon and holding it awkwardly, clearly highly unaccustomed to handling it and perhaps a little afraid of it.

He gave a glance back to Rose-Marie, “Well, this sure is a gun.” he wryly commented. He stared at it for a moment, reciting the steps in his head. Powder, ball, rod… couldn’t be too hard, could it? Or was it ball, powder, rod? No, no, the powder must've gone in first. He nodded to himself, doing his best to replicate Lemare’s loading.

Meanwhile, Gabe just stared on. The instructions were simple and the demonstration was clear and concise. He knew what to do. He understood. But still, Gabe edged around others, keeping his distance. Rifles were loud. Why rifles? Why not bows? He had seen soldiers using bows before. He glanced at Lemare, wondering if it was a clever thing to ask him. Probably not. So he complied, grabbing a rifle and fiddling with it. Loading the weapon wasn't too hard, and he managed after a few moments.

Incompetent buffoons, came her thought as Rose-Marie sighed. She had no problem letting the peasants founder, but her servant being incompetent reflected badly upon her. Perhaps another demonstration would allow them to finally figure it out.

"Regis. Watch." She picked up a rifle of her own, making sure it was unloaded. Signalling to the others to come close, Marie continued, "You, peasants, come here. I'll only be so gracious so as to demonstrate this once."

First she uncovered the pan at the bottom of the rifle after making sure the hammer was half cocked. Anyone even half knowledgable about guns would notice putting the hammer in that position would make the gun unable to fire. It was where the phrase 'going off half cocked' came from after all.

"Put some powder in the pan, inside here. Not too much, just enough to ignite the charge."

Closing the frizzen over the pan, she poured a measure of powder inside the muzzle, and put a ball in. WIth one smooth movement, she took out the ramming rod from the rifle and rammed it down the muzzle.

"Now, Regis. Are you still listening? Pour some powder into the muzzle, then ram the ball in. Make sure the ball is flush against the powder charge in the bottom, or your rifle will explode instead of sending a ball downrange."

With the rifle fully armed, she aimed down the barrel downrange, though she kept her fingers off the trigger. Once more came the overwhelming feeling she could be doing something much more productive with her time, as Marie sighed again.

Regies watch attentively. There was this little game he liked to play where he tried to guess what Rose-Marie was thinking when she gave one of her lectures. Right now, probably something along the lines of… incompetent cretins? Regies is staggeringly incompetent and it’s embarrassing?

Of course, he wasn’t bitter. He found his incompetence quite endearing.

He nodded along as Rose-Marie spoke, giving the occasional chime of, ”Yes, m’lady.” and a, ”Still listening, m’lady.” and finally a, ”I would certainly hope that the rifle doesn’t explode, m’lady.” all delivered entirely straight laced.

He repeated the steps to himself again. Powder in the pan, but not too much. Powder in the muzzle, ram the ball in. Make sure it’s flush or you’re going to have a really bad day. To his credit, he was a lot better at remembering with Rose-Marie barking at him. ”Thank you for the demonstration, m’lady.” he said with a wry smile, doing his best to replicate the process with his own rifle. He was a little slow, but he got the steps right – certainly he could speed up with a little more practice.

Arden, meanwhile, picked up a similar rifle carefully and following the instructions, trying to remember his teenage lessons from days he had long left behind. He tested the noticeable weight of it in his hands and remembered faintly the feeling of a heavy kick and the ringing in his ears afterwards. He had never really liked the new weapons, but he couldn't deny their efficacy. Targets often dropped instantly, a hole pierced clean through their bodies. It took him several attempts to remember the rusty skills of loading and moving into position, but it came back quicker than expected, his mind beginning now to dredge up relevant information.

Are you worried? he asked through their bond, the convenience of its use a blessing in these moments.

Gabe didn't reply at first, far too occupied with their new weapons. But after a few moments, a response came through.


It's very loud--the gun.

I know.

They called it the new era of warfare. These things. They kill very quickly.

But loudly. A flash of annoyance passed through their bond. Everything will run away after one shot.

They were made to kill people better, even if the nobles use them more for sport and game. On the battlefield, it doesn't matter how far you run. The distances it can hit are...tremendous.

I'm not using it.

You'll die out there if you don't master this. A murky feeling filtered through their bond, but Arden quieted it before Gabe could identify. Still, the contents of the message was enough indication of what it was.

Gabe looked up at Arden then, head slightly tilted.

They aren't sending us to war, are they? Aren't we...important?

They're training us for war, Gabe. And I would do anything to keep you alive.

Gabe just looked stunned for a few moments, before shaking his head and turning back to the rifle.

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