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Felsi awoke to a dreary morning. It wasn't unexpected, considering the local climate, but a little depressing all the same. She wasn't sure if it was the weather or her inability to read Lorrimor's positively fascinating books, but she had felt a little down on awakening. After a short breakfast she decided to set out towards Lake Lias. The town, by all accounts, had quite the fishing community. Felsi wasn't interested in fishing, but surely the lake would be a little less dreary than the town.

The path from Ravengro to Lake Lias was fairly well worn. Those in village who fished as a living had to travel it every day when they went out, so many obstacles or other impairments tended to be taken care of fairly quickly. The trees had started to shed their leaves already, providing Felsi with a light crunch to every step as she walked along. Because the canopy was sparse, the woodland paths were actually fairly well lit today. Still, it was a decently long trip to the lake; 5 miles seemed fairly short when you had a horse-drawn wagon to bring home the daily catch. But, the scenery was nice, and there was something the Slyph could enjoy about the path.

As Felsi walked down the path, she noticed a few odd shapes that seemed different than the usual silhouettes of birds. Nearly the size of baseballs; two buzzing creatures bobbing through the sparse canopy, opposite the direction she was going. Whatever they were, they either didn't notice her or didn't care, as they did not stop.

Felsi hadn't ever seen any notes or knew of anything that matched what she had seen. Whatever they were, they at least appeared to be somewhat insectoid in nature.

Felsi was previously lost in thought, but now upon seeing the unfamiliar creature her curiosity was suddenly piqued. The promise of a new discovery, at the very least new to here, pushed her back down the path towards town after the two creatures.

Unfortunately, the creatures had the advantage of soaring above the treetops, while Felsi had to attempt to navigate the forest while also trying not to lose track of the mysterious bug-like things. A task that proved harder than anticipated, as Felsi nearly wandered into a thorn bush, and immediately lost sight as she made her way around it. With no vision on them, she wouldn't be able to tell where they went specifically, even if she walked back to town.

Fortunately for her, it wouldn't be too hard to follow her own footprints back to the path.

”Oh, crumbs.” Felsi muttered, realizing there was no hope of catching the creatures. With a sigh she turned back, retracing her steps back to continue her way towards the lake.

For a moment, as Felsi wandered back to the trail, the wind rustled through the trees. A few leaves fluttered down, the crisp air nipped at her, and for a brief moment the sound of wind rushing past her ears sounded almost musical. Like a soft song, played for less than a second before it vanished. As she walked back she felt a faint unease and wasn't quite sure why.

Lake Lias was relatively calm at this time; the breeze gained some more chill as it passed over the rapidly cooling surface of the water. A few wooden docks traced their ways out to the water, seeming to barely grasp at the edges of the lake. Out in the distance, the odd fishing boat trawled along slowly, nets accumulating their aquatic cargo as they went. The forest seemed to surround the lake completely, giving it the illusion of being a hidden spot in the woods; were it not for the obvious signs of other people around, that is.

The serene tranquility of the lake was only broken up by the soft breeze that sent ripples over the water. As Felsi watched, one boat quietly drifted into the docks, squirming payload bound tightly in a net on the deck. One of the crew jumped from the ship to the boardwalk, grabbing one of the trailing ropes and securing it tightly as the boat drifted to a complete stop. Out in the distance, more boats gently glided back and forth, nets searching for a similar bounty.


Cold ground. Sea soaked, the bitter tinge of salt water on her tongue and filling her nostrils. It had come and went so quickly, but Emma hadn’t quite found the will to pick herself up of the ground yet. For a moment she just let herself lay there, well aware of Determination crouched over her. He was never far from her side as he had been since he had ‘awoke’. The swell of water had knocked her off her feet, for a moment she had panicked, thinking more would come, but it receded as quickly as it had come. She realized that for a moment she was afraid of dying- afraid of drowning, cold and alone, in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Maybe she wasn’t ready for it.

Another long moment. ”Transmit. I’m fine.” she finally hissed, working up the will a while after the others.

She felt the familiar the smooth cold touch at her back – Determination’s shadowy hand. ”You’re okay.” it was more of a statement than a question.

”Yeah.” she confirmed, slowly picking herself up, pushing herself off the ground. ”Alive, at least.”

”More than could be said for some.” the implication of the statement hung in the air for a moment, a hint of bitterness in Determination’s voice coloring the statement with intent. It didn’t take long for Emma to connect the dots.

”Sorry. I…” a statement that she couldn’t finish. She found her back against the walls of the lighthouse, finally sitting up now. Determination, for a moment, said nothing.

”You can’t keep killing us.”

”I know… I just…”

”Get the white-haired girl next time.” he interrupted.

Emma sighed. ”Right. Yeah. You’re right.” the matter of Lily’s healing, it seemed, would be getting more complicated. She could worry about it later. The Amigos still might be a threat. She had lost track of what was happening while she was on the floor. She finally fully rose, walking towards the ruins of the lighthouse’s window. It looked like it was over, at least for the moment. The battle had come and passed and Emma hadn’t really done much of anything, now instead viewing the wreckage of the fight that she might’ve changed. There was no Angel, but plenty of injured. Was that her fault? Maybe. Probably.

Her that her continued uselessness was par for the course.

As Emma turned away from the window she finally caught sight of a shock of purple on the ground. Her scarf. She had lost it in the flood, she realized. She bent over, picking it up from the ground, squeezing the water from it. A gift in tatters, soaked with salt water and stained with blood.

Sorry, Val.

She’d have to find the time to mend it. Maybe their next stop in their hellish, seemingly unending, journey would give her enough respite to do just that. She decided to stuff the tatters of the scarf in her pocket, seeing as it wasn’t in much of a state to be worn.

She was looking around aimlessly as Ernie came in, giving her much needed direction. "Right..." she muttered, still in thought.

It had been 3 months since Felsi left Lepidstadt. The place she had called home for as long as she had remembered. She wasn't exactly sure what brought the desire to leave- maybe it was academic curiosity, the desire to see with her own eyes what she had read for so long. Or perhaps it was just wanderlust. And maybe, partially, a desire for wealth and fame.

Probably not the last one. Maybe.

All the same the news of Professor Lorrimor's death was quite the surprise. Maybe not the death itself, but certainly the fact that she'd been named as a beneficiary in his will. She'd known the man fairly well- he was an old colleague of her father's, a learned man that had assisted in both his study of the Astral Planes and in the particularities of her own origin. To this end she'd talked extensively with the man, although she could hardly see why she'd be included in his will. They were friends, she supposed, to an extent at least...

She did, however, intend to attend the funeral. Lorrimor was a scholar much like herself, and there was little doubt that there could be much to learn at his estate. Doubtlessly the man had an extensive library, and perhaps he'd taken some small step in cracking the mystery that her father dedicated himself towards. More likely he had his own work to attend to, an exciting enough prospect in itself.

She let out a long sigh. That meant another journey. Yet another exciting prospect, but a scary one all the same. She'd almost been happy enough staying locked in an inn studying. Almost. And so she set about collecting her things and then taking the shortest road to Ravengro.

”Emma, what’s the noise?” Determination asked passively, a high-pitched screech breaking the quiet of their room. Emma’s face remained motionless as she rose from her bed, but a distinct panic was rising in her chest.

”An alarm.” it could only mean one thing. She had no allusions that their stay at Bald Head Island would finish uninterrupted, no desire to pretend that this was some sort of vacation, but… well, that inescapable question came back. Who would it be this time? Did she have it in her to do this again?

No time to worry. She had to push the fears down. She stood up, gesturing for her tulpa to follow as she peeked out the door. Right as she did she found herself face to face with one of the mansion’s staff. She gave them a small nod, already knowing that she was supposed to follow. Quickly her hand shot to find an item that she’d left hanging by her door. She didn’t think they’d send it to her- it was among the rest of her clothes, but…

Well, she was grateful for it all the same. It’d been a gift so it seemed inappropriate to throw the purple scarf away, even if it was stained with Kusari’s blood. She wrapped the somewhat grisly garment around her neck, if only because she found some small comfort in its familiarity.

When they’d arrived in the basement Emma had already started trying to count out who was there and who was missing. Now that they were all assembled together it was clear that Angel and Gregory weren’t accounted for. She didn’t know Greg too well, and Angel was Angel, but all the same she’d hoped they’d make it out safely. Their team, such as it were, didn’t need more dead comrades.

But that didn’t mean she had any intention of staying. In fact, upon seeing Chris’s refusal she gave him an incredulous glance. ”No way. We’ve gotta go. We clearly don’t stand a chance against these guys given our past experience, and getting ourselves killed isn’t going to do anything for the others.” Determination, for his part, stood silently to the side.


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