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Well, she supposed it was tradition, but traditions were usually stupid. The tattoo, though, was a specific inconvenience for her. She couldn’t be sure what it’d do. Nothing about her appearance was really permanent, precisely because of that uncertainty - there was something patronising about her leisurely manner as she drawled out a retort.

“Honey, normally I’d agree to something that small, but if I can’t get rid of the thing...” Cameron shrugged. “Well, there’s no point in having a shapeshifter you can always identify. I can keep a mark on when I’m around the place, if it makes you feel better. I’m lovely like that, y’see.”

Without waiting for an argument - it seemed pretty clear there wasn’t one she’d actually bother listening to with her mind made up - Cameron jumped to her feet. Yep. It suited her for now, and as changeable as she was, that was the main thing that mattered to her. Right now. She didn’t wanna be tied down, that was for sure, but it was the best option she had.

Cameron always did like to make things happen.

”So, where do we find this food? Or is it one of those ‘blind truck ride’ deals? Because if you’re gonna knock us out, I vote you hit her first. No offence, Jenny.”
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