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Lol, in the UK gin would be able to drink, bows she technically underage, and so is digi
Looks up at the sky “ohmyfriggingosh you people have been up all night, it’s sunrise in 15minutes” heads back to dorm and once in dorm lies on bed waiting for morning
Warning I do sometimes accidentally post from my alt account unicorgi so just a heads up
We all just kinda mess around
I did make this a full roleplay but somebody DID drop out so yeah totally!
i am officially dumb
just confirming myself
“So off to the recreation building?”
Ps to any new players
This is not unicorgis school for the unusual
Idk why I’m worried about this lol but I’m at the point where I have enough people and I’m officially making it full
If you are looking for a good school roleplay check out unicorgis school for the unusual which is is the casual interest section. It’s currently imunder construction to make it better but I understand that people can still join it
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