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I'm a hooman in the latter half of their twenties. Roleplaying is a thing that I've been doing as a hobby on and off for a while now. It keeps my mind occupied. Some some about idle hands, ya know.

Below's my IC that I try to keep as updated as possible.
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Mai rolled her eyes at Maria’s attempt to keep her involved when she clearly was not interested and slipped out of her arms. The foreign hunter could get a tour from one of their greeters; the DHA was not paying her enough to play tour guide. As soon as they were done with the pleasantries, she was going home. There was a bottle of sake calling her name after a night like tonight.

When Hoshio came over, Mai tried hiding her smile behind her teacup whilst he admonished Maria for her performance at their previous mission. Someone needed to call her out for her actions, especially if they had another mission so soon. They definitely did not need to catch a shrine on fire because they were not careful. “No. No. I think you’re better suited to deal with her than me,” she teased back, glancing over at Maria as she continued to listen to Mako’s announcement.

Before she could even respond to Hoshio, Mai found herself getting dragged out of the meeting room. She once again, slipped out of Maria’s grip before turning to the girl and glaring at her. “Bedrooms are that way.” She curtly addressed the hunter for the first time since they’ve met while pointing down one of the building’s many corridors. “I suggest you get some sleep before tomorrow morning. Good night.” Some might have called it running away, but Mai liked to think she was tactfully retreating from the South American hunter. After all, she too needed her rest before dealing with their new mission for tomorrow. Who knows what they were going to find. Mai had a feeling that whatever happened at the warehouse was only the start of something big.

After listening to Mako’s explanation for the meeting, Mai went over to grab herself a cup of tea. She would normally enjoy a cup after dinner, but that was rudely interrupted by two unsuspecting guests. Well, she could at least relax a bit before the meeting started. As she waited for the Headhunter, Mai wondered who was going to be put on teams together. She hoped she didn’t have to work with that annoying girl at dinner or the one who decided to set the warehouse on fire. Rambunctious people tended to make the worst teammates.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the meeting did start rather quickly. Mai rolled her eyes at Shindou’s crappy explanation as to why there wasn’t any coordination last night. If anything, there should have been more planning considering that they knew foreign hunters would be present tonight. At least the mission was successful, and hopefully, the staff could figure out what the black rocks were.

When it was announced that Mai would be working with Maria, she did her best to hold in a sigh. Working with Hoshio and Mizuki would be fine, despite the latter being a devil feeder; she’s never been a fan of those hunters. However, she wasn’t keen on working with Maria. The little interaction she’s had with the hunter done nothing but left her feeling annoyed. As if summoned by her thoughts, the woman apparated next to her, speaking rather loudly. Gosh, did this girl have a volume dial somewhere? Or a mute button?

Looking around for her other fellow teammates, Mai saw Hoshio not too far away and beckoned him over. “I think as team leader, Hoshio would love to show you around. Right, Hoshio?” she innocently inquired, trying her best to off-load Maria onto him.
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Standing at 179 cm, Eden is a slightly taller than average Asian woman of Chinese descent. She has a lean build, weighing in at 78 kgs, and since joining the Night Runners had gained quite a bit of muscle. Eden has dark brown eyes and naturally black hair, though is typically dyed and cut in different styles. Currently it is dyed brown with red undertones and shaved on the right side. Due to her heritage and her place of residence, Eden has pale olive skin though it tans quite easily under the sun.

She has several tattoos all over her body. The two most notable ones are of a fenghuang on her left shoulder and a moonlit lotus blossom pond on her right thigh. Eden has her nose and multiple parts of her ears pierced, namely the earlobe, tragus, and helix. Her fashion sense can be described as edgy and grungy; probably 90% of her wardrobe is black and leather. However, she also enjoys being comfortable so when she’s at home you won’t see her in anything other than sweats and a tshirt.


Eden was the only daughter of two Chinese Canadian immigrants. She grew up in a very strict Asian household which led her to rebelling against her parents often. At the age of 18, she ended up getting kicked out after deciding to pursue a degree in fine arts rather than medicine like her family wanted. After realizing that she couldn’t support herself through college alone, Eden dropped out.

She flitted through different jobs trying to make ends meet until she met David, a tattoo artist, at a bar one night. Somehow during the conversation, her art was brought up. Impressed, the artist asked if she would be interest in becoming his apprentice. Drunkenly, she said yes, and had yet to regret her decision until the faithful night.

David and she were at the tattoo shop after hours to work on her shading technique. While they were there, the shop got attacked by vampires who had plans on kidnapping her to turn her against the Night Runners. Eden doesn’t remember much of the altercation, but she does remember David trying to stop the creatures only to get killed and his blood drained. She woke up hours later in a strange place which a person introduced to her as the Night Runners base.


Eden is stubborn. Once she’s set her mind on something, she was going to stick with it. She likes to pretend she knows everything though she really doesn’t; this has led some to call her arrogant. Since her parents never really gave her their approval, she’s always seeking it from others which also leads to her perfectionist tendencies. She doesn’t like messing up and blames herself a lot when things go wrong. Her general deposition is pretty level-headed and while she doesn’t mind socializing with others, she’s not that extroverted.


Elias chucked another bowl of chocolate into the sink in frustration. He had been trying a new bonbon recipe for about… He glanced up at the clock. Its red numbers glared back at him. 3:00 AM. Damn. Had he really been at this for eight hours already? Starting up the coffee machine again- thank god he owned a coffee shop- Elias grabbed another bowl to start his recipe again. One more try, he thought to himself as he waited for the coffee to finish brewing.

The bonbon recipe wasn’t even that difficult; it was a spin off of another recipe he typically made during this time of year. However, yesterday he had the great idea to incorporate blood into his current recipe for his more parasitic patrons. This idea turned out to be more complicated than Elias thought. Either the ganache mixture was not setting properly due to the blood or the texture was just too grainy for his liking.

He should really stop trying out these new recipes, but Elias enjoyed the challenge even if the journey was frustrating. There was something about finally figuring out the right ratio of ingredients that was so rewarding. It was also a treat to see customers enjoying the new recipes he created. Last year, he decided to try a raw meat pie. Why did he decide to mix cooked pastry with raw meat? Who really knows. It ended up being a big hit though and it was still on his menu to this very day.

Chugging down a cup of coffee, Elias turned the stove on to warm the heavy cream. As he waited for it to start simmering, he chopped up the chocolate and placed it in a glass bowl. Once the cream was sufficiently warmed, Elias poured it into the bowl with the chocolate and started whisking. After the chocolate had melted, he incorporated some blood into the mix. Elias tasted the mixture, nodding at the outcome. It wasn’t grainy at all this time, so hopefully it set properly in the fridge.

Since he didn’t have anything else to do, Elias started working on making the pastries for the morning. December was always the busiest month for him considering how many holiday parties and festivities that wanted his catering. Eventually, the baker got into a rhythm. As more pastries were baked, the smells of butter and vanilla wafted filled the kitchen. He boxed up the majority of them for his existing orders and the rest went into the shop window for when the coffee shop was open.

After he finished with his orders, Elias checked on his ganache. He poked at it, already liking the texture he was seeing. Putting on some gloves, he rolled out small balls and placed them in the molds. Then he covered the ganache balls in another layer of chocolate before placing them back in the fridge. By this time, Elias needed to start delivering his orders or he be back in time to help with the morning rush. Grabbing all the boxes, he secured them onto his sled. He made his rounds quickly with his last stop being the inn.

“Morning~” he greeted everyone when he stepped into the inn, juggling all the boxes in his arms. Elias walked over to the counter where breakfast would normally be served and sat the boxes down. He was about to chat up the receptionist when he noticed she was busy with some newcomers. That was strange, they didn’t typically get many visitors up here especially not ones that look so out of place. He wondered where they came from; it was like the snowstorm had just swept them in.

Mai was glad to find the mess hall empty when she arrived. There were days when she didn’t mind socializing with her fellow hunters, but tonight was definitely not one of them. She just wanted to eat and be on her merry way. As she waited for her food, Mai pulled out her flask again for a drink only to find it empty. She scowled at the flask as if it had wronged her in the most egregious way before slipping it back into her satchel.

Once her food was prepared, Mai took the tray over to one of the tables along the far wall of the cafeteria. If more people did come in, the distance should allow her to avoid all social interactions. Or at least that’s what she thought. Mai was in the middle of enjoying her katsu curry when someone’s loud voice announced their arrival to the mess hall. She glanced up from her meal, recognizing the newcomer as the girl with fire from the warehouse. Rolling her eyes, Mai went back to her food.

When she noticed the foreigner coming towards her table, the Japanese hunter cursed inwardly. The entire cafeteria was empty and she wanted to sit with her? Really? Mai did her best to ignore the sighing obnoxious woman as she tried to finish her meal in peace. Just as she was about to tell Maria to shut up and stop pestering her, Sonchiku came by and gave them both a slip. Quickly reading it, Mai was glad to have an excuse to get away from this annoying girl even if she hated meetings this late. Standing up, she went to return her dishes before going to the meeting room as requested.
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Once she finally slipped away from the police, Mai had every intention of going back to base and getting her reward. What she hadn’t expect was to get a text from Mako directing the operatives to track down Da Xia because the girl had picked up two Youkai on her way back. Holding back a sigh and wondering how this night had gone so awry, she made her way out of the train station to go track down the foreign hunter.

Fortunately, she hadn’t gone too far before more texts filtered in. Mai was glad to see that they didn’t have to find the hunter anymore, though part of her still wanted to so that she could give the girl a piece of her mind. Who just brazenly drives into a warehouse and sets it on fire as a way to deal with youkai? She recognized that the girl had dealt with the giant treant, but she also helped cause a lot of damage which, knowing how Mako worked, was coming out of all of their paychecks.

Whatever, she’ll just lodge a formal complaint to the DHA when she got back to base. It was there fault for calling everyone to the warehouse anyways and not planning anything beforehand. If they were going to have that many hunters show up all at once, they should have called a meeting, especially with the number of foreign operatives present as well. This whole mission was doomed from the start.

Going back to the platform, Mai patiently waited for her train. It didn’t take her long to reach the rental shop; Japanese trains were quite punctual in that way. She nodded to a few familiar faces while she waited to get paid and pulled out a notepad from her satchel. Mai began writing a scathing complaint about tonight, detailing everything that went wrong. She even noted how she had to keep the authorities occupied so they wouldn’t get even more involved.

After Mai put her paycheck in a secure place, she ripped the piece of paper with her complaint and handed it off. “Tonight was a shitshow. We should not be operating like this.” Knowing how the Japanese branch operated, Mai didn’t bother saying much else. They would figure it out or they would not; it was their prerogative. Instead, she made her way to the mess hall to order some food. All of the action tonight had left her starving.

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