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Current Me and my newfound single ass have a full week off, so getting back into roleplaying again
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I have to study for my exams, which obviously explains why I'm online here every. single. moment. of the day


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Hey you! I long for some good roleplaying as I have been in a very creative flow lately. I am looking for writers who love to go on (a preferably long term) FxF 18+ adventure with me.

Some info about me:

- I am a 26-year-old female from the Netherlands. This means I might mess up grammar every now and then, but I aim to write my posts as free of mistakes as possible.
- My little queer heart is obsessed with FxF pairings at the moment. I love all the romance and intimacy that comes with it, but this is not my main goal. I don't need to fade to black, but if you're more comfortable with that, I'm fine with that too.
- More NSFW guidelines: I am not looking for gore, rape and other extreme stuff. I do love to see the characters get wasted, use drugs, go party etc; surely we can write about that.
- I enjoy writing several paragraphs and try to answer daily, or at least multiple times per week
- I hate ghosting. If our roleplay doesn't feel right anymore, I will let you know.
- My character sheets aren't extensive. I like to develop my character on the go.
- I am open to roleplaying via DM, Discord, or whatever medium you see fit

What I am looking for:

- The Legend of Korra (Korra x Asami is my biggest crave atm/OC)
- Avatar: The Last Airbender OC
- X-Men (Canon/OC)
- Charmed (Canon (the 1998 series lol, not reboot please)/OC)

Other pairings/ideas (At least one of the characters always has superpowers/can bend something)
- Fighter / Fighter
- Fighter / Human
- Fighter/Refugee who has lost memory / Bounty hunter
- Fighter/Refugee who has lost memory / Human
- There's probably so much more I didn't think of, so please shoot me a message if you have an idea

What I ask of you
- Some level of commitment. I don't expect posts every single day, but a few every week would be appreciated
- Honesty: if you're not happy with the roleplay anymore, please just let me know so we can try to fix it or move on :)
- Age of 18+, as we might get into romance and intimacy.
- Well-written posts. It would be great to read some detail and depth, but it doesn't have to be too elaborate.
- I don't care for the IRL gender you identify with, as long as we both enjoy playing FxF

Even if you are only a little interested, please send me a PM. I am flexible. Thank you :)!
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Hi all, I am currently very obsessed with The Legend of Korra. Yes, I am late to the party as the last episode aired five years ago, lol. :) (Good thing we are still graced with new comics!)

My little queer heart loves the whole Korra x Asami canon, so I am looking for an enthusiast to explore their romance further. It would be great if you could take on Asami's role, and go on adventure with me as Korra. There may be romance, there may be smut, but this is not my main goal.

A bit about me:
- I love writing a few decent paragraphs in 3rd person POV
- You can expect one to three posts per week
- English is not my native language but I try my utmost best to write my posts free of (grammar) mistakes

Please send a PM if you'd love to start a new Korrasami adventure. Thank you ^_^

I'm also willing to do a Charmed roleplay
Would love to do a FxF or FxFxF plot similar to Charmed. 2/3 sisters, magical powers/gifts, with the emphasis on their great sisterly bond and balancing their career, love life and magic struggles. OC or existing (Phoebe, Piper, Prue/Paige) are both fine for me.
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The both of them started walking as fast as possible, but the shivering woman couldn’t bring up the energy to run. After some moments a big tree loomed out of the darkness, to which she pointed: “W-what if we hide underneath that tree, maybe the helicopter won't spot us?"

As soon as they got there, the gasping woman reached out to the tree to lean onto it. She realized she couldn’t stand anymore and let herself fall down on her hands and knees. The sound of the helicopter got louder and louder, and at one point it seemed like it was almost hovering above the duo. “I-I don’t feel good,” she said while breathing heavily.

Suddenly, for a split-second, various images of people and places filled her mind. They were memories and she knew them - she recognized them as her memories. She tried to grasp them, but they slipped through her fingers like mere fog.

The fog disappeared and what came in return was nothing but darkness. She only saw a shimmer of the man who helped her, but she couldn't reach out or speak to him. It felt like her will was locked into her mind.

Rain continued to pour out of the sky and a cold wind blew through the air, shaking the tree's leaves and branches wildly. Drops of water fell on the woman’s back, who'd stopped breathing heavily. She motionlessly stayed in her position and did nothing, while the sound of the rotating helicopter blades got louder and louder.

"I don't know my name," she replied. This was the truth and she couldn't hide from it any longer. "I don't know anything anymore..."

The woman didn't have the guts to look the man in his eyes, instead she looked at their feet while they'd stopped walking. "I don't know what happened to me or what is going on. Do you?!" she anxiously asked, now lifting her head and looking the man in his eyes. Meanwhile, it sounded as if a flying helicopter was nearing. The woman's frightened look turned in a worried one.
Hi Darkmoon! Interested in a Stranger Things RP with you. I'll send you a pm.
The question 'What's your name?' echoed through her head and she started to feel anxious and panicky. She tried to suppress these feelings and wanted to know more about the facility he mentioned while they continued walking. "W-what facility?" she asked, again ignoring his question, while she started to shiver almost uncontrollably due to the cold weather.
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