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2 mos ago
I was fired end of February and just realized I got five months of severance pay. Five months in which I've only been a lazy quarantined asshole and roleplayed.
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5 mos ago
Lost my job... so ready to dive into numerous roleplays
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7 mos ago
Me and my newfound single ass have a full week off, so getting back into roleplaying again
4 yrs ago
I have to study for my exams, which obviously explains why I'm online here every. single. moment. of the day


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Play with me :>
I won't be applying for a job soon sooo if you're looking for a long-term partner who writes multiple posts per day, please hit me up.

Hi y'alls, so I just finished She-Ra and godddd am I craving for more.

I would love to pick up where the series has finished. I want to dive into Catra & Adora's relationship mostly. We'll work out the details via DM/Discord (add me Discodeine#7412)

A few very important pointers:
- I need fluff and smut. If you want to fade to black, we're not a good match.
- I also want a good plot. This has to be balanced with the amount of fluff and smut.
- I love darker themes such as PTSD, nightmares, anxiety.

Hit me up if you want to explore Catra & Adora's relationship with me!
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Bumpy McBumpface
Hemlo! Being quarantined and jobless got me bored out of my mind, so help me escape life with fun, romantic and smutty RP's please.

[June 5th update]: I won't be applying for a job soon sooo if you're looking for a long-term and dedicated partner who writes multiple posts per day, please hit me up.

- FxF
- Biggest crave: our characters in an established relationship (can be slice of life or supernatural setting)
- Another BIG crave: Catra & Adora (let's pick up where She-Ra has ended, yes?)
- Dark themes and buzzwords like PTSD, amnesia, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, supernaturally gifted
- A good balance between plot, fluff and smut
- 1-4 paragraphs
- Discord (Discodeine#7412) & OOC banter. No requirement of course.
- Tell me when you're unhappy, don't have time or want out. I understand but just want to know!

- Oneliners
- Blood, gore
- Ghosting

Other ideas:

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Bumpy McBumpface
Hey you! I long for some good roleplaying as I have been in a very creative flow lately. I am looking for writers who love to go on (a preferably long term) FxF 18+ adventure with me.

Some info about me:
- I am a 26-year-old female from the Netherlands, currently quarantined and out of a job. Really looking for a few RP's! I am dedicated and happy to write multiple posts per day.
- My little queer heart is obsessed with FxF pairings at the moment. I love romance, intimacy, pure smut. No need to fade to black. Buttt there should at least be a natural development in their relationship.
- More NSFW guidelines: I am not looking for gore, rape and other extreme stuff. I do love to see the characters get wasted, use drugs, get intimate, go party etc; surely we can write about that.
- I enjoy writing several paragraphs
- I prefer roleplaying via Discord. Add me :) Discodeine#7412 But via DM here is also fine.
- My character sheets aren't extensive. I like to develop my character on the go.

Even if you are only a little interested, please send me a PM. I am flexible. Thank you :)!
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