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good god I didn't think this was so long... yikes.
Hey! I'm Dex, I use this user on a few other platforms thought mainly for art and fanfiction. It absolutely is a daredevil reference, maybe that's obvious but no one's gotten it yet so... As for hobbies I mainly do art and writing. I have a plethora of OCs and fan-characters who I love dearly that come from a variety of different universes, whether my own or fandom based. I love (pretty much) marvel though my current interest and knowledge is based in the mcu and marvel Netflix shows as well as Venom and Into the Spiderverse. I've also recently gotten into Gotham!! I also like books such as the Harry Potter and, as childish as it makes me sound, the Percy Jackson books and most thing Rick Riordan writes. I also really like horror movies and games (though I'm terrible at video games) and I really enjoy the Outlast games and anything scp related. I also just started reading lotr so!! That's fun!!

I've been roleplaying for a few years at this point, I started on Facebook through roleplaying groups and Facebook messenger. Then I moved to Instagram and eventually Instagram dms. I've never actually roleplayed on a forum-type website so hopefully this goes well for me.

In terms of preferences I guess I don't have too many. Most genres are fine with me though I have a tendency to lean towards romance inside of other genres. I don't do too well with group roleplays so one-on-one is preferable for now. Longer roleplays or fast paced ones are fine. Though I do try to come up with long responses there are time when I just can't do that, I promise I will be trying very hard though, of course.

I can roleplay as both original characters and canon characters within certain fandoms (I actually hate that word but I haven't found a better one,,). I absolutely love using fan characters in canon universes and have no problem with them being used by others. Though I can roleplay canon characters I sometimes have a little trouble and there are definitely some characters I do better than others (namely, Bucky Barnes and probably a few others.) I also can only really roleplay characters from fandoms that I enjoy and already am familiar with, for obvious reasons.

Just a warning, I'm incredibly socially anxious and socially awkward. Hopefully this doesn't hinder me too much. I'm also not usually this formal out of character?? Also me managing to get through this without swearing once is a miracle lol.
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