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While everyone else was off doing as their hearts desired Oshite and Osore left to just a short distance from the encampment. Neither of them were a fan of large crowds or crowded spaces. The two of them had been jumping dimensions together ever since they had met. Never having a solitary place to stay so they spend all their time living in the wild. Sleeping among nature, the fresh breeze blowing across their faces, and nothing above them but the stars.

Oshite laid against Osore as he reminisced over the adventures they had.

"Think we should continue helping them?" Oshite asked passively. "We've never had a group to go around with. No one that were even remotely strong as us. Nor anyone capable of travel by themselves."

Osore didn't say anything but she brought her head around and nuzzled it into his shoulder. Which for Osore's size usually pushed Oshite over time and time again.

"I feel the same way. I think we've found our purpose. Something to live for, to fight for. Our reason of being." Oshite finished before closing his eyes and resting.
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