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Test 3.0

Self note: nikita = public face of the space agency (wanted to be an cosmonaut, but was not permitted)

Testing layout and etc

@DracarysBitch omg. You know, I never thought I'd have to say someone wrote to much for me, but you came close. Then again, I'm not very politically minded and I have a love/hate relationship with CSes. I'll get back to you. Gotta say, the King/Queen being at each other's throats is a fun thing. I'm definitely getting a very Russia/Iron Curtain feel from the half (third?!) of your kingdom sheet that I read, and I will come back to it and read the rest.

@shylarah why thank you, I think. I was going for all the different Russia's, it's got a long and weird history, the recent stuff is essentially lifted right from the current actions of the Russian Federation. Earlier stuff is actually a mix of when it the area in general was called Kievan Rus' and the Novgorod Republic.
Tada! done with Russia, I mean Rustavya. I'm gonna spruce it up and make it shiner later, but photoshop takes time, and adulting is time consuming :(. working on my oc now, but mostly wanted feedback first. ✌

✌ I'm almost done with my kingdom (1000000000% went all in on the Russia-ness, because Rossiya Moya Lyubov')
Idk wtf I'm doing. Basically learning how to do this shit.
Why you do this to me? You know I'm a slut for this genre! (I promise I'll actually get shit done this time)
@shylarah thank you (/ω\)
@ayzrules ( ´ ▽ ` )b
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