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Toraksui walked back to the room and raised an eyebrow slightly "Where did Sarena go?" asked tilting his head as VT spoke "in her room meditating"

Young little Guardian spoke a voice into her head, a very dark and dangerous voice. A figure showed up in her head a tall man with glowing red eyes and large leather bat like wings.

Vos kept the bats at bay bristling angrily with her scales zapping them and keeping them down dn away snarling deeply at the creatyures
What's up buddy sorry had a lot of rps to get to and busy with work progress is slow
Toraksui looked at him blinking a few times "Nothing just dozed out is all" said shaking his head rapidly, he was tired maybe he needed sleep. Melkia tilted her head "By the way question how did you survive a death guard bullet?" she asked as the fox looked at her and grinned coyly "if a magical told every secret up their sleeve, they run out of tricks real fast"

Vos scales bristled harshly with lightning to keep the bats away but these fuckers where not dying, they fall and then get back up, undead, awakened, souls. She recoield her body sharply and screeched a roar at them causing them to scatter around.
Toraksui tilted his head seeming to have dazed off into something, before hearing them and snapped out of it "oh huh erm no other real thoughts" he said scratching the back of his head slightly.

VT looked at her and tilted his head "Maybe Toraksui can help with that" he said "why not do calm medication not sleeping but just relaxing?"

Vos eyes glowed sharply just as she shifted as the bats attacked, her huge dragon hydra forms wrapped sharply around Dante and herself creating a shield of scales and her massive wigs. Though the bats bit and clawed she stayed curled sharply keeping her three heads covered and dante with her wings and body. any more bright ideas? growled the heads.
Vt whirled around and looked at her " HELL NO! You nuts your not at all ready for anything right now, you can't be this reckless" he said sternly.

Melkia shrugged her shoulder " I wouldn't know, only they would really know anything really we are not skilled in links between creatures" she said explaining that " it seems when outraged the fox powers upgrade and absorb what's near it, Sarena seems to be boosted by his powers or when close by him. Because if you see" pulled the other chart down, Sarena powers were leveled off, but her powers could still increase but only had done it when she had met the fox, meaning they might be linked to each other one way or another "Both power balance each other, if he's down she grows, if she is down he grows, but that can be dangerous if both are down, could result in a power surge between both of them causing a great imbalance between their bonds as well"

Vos raised an eyebrow "A cave you really think whatever is hunting is gonna just stay in a cave?" she srhugged as they would eventually find a large cave under the city and blinked as she opened her hand to release a ball of fire illuminating around them, they happen to step into a infested cave, millions of glowing red eyes greeted them as every inch of the cave was crawling with bats "well....shit"
Toraksui groaned and sighed "well i guess I just take what I can get at this point" grumbled not pleased with the company still tracking him but hed take what he could at this point. Melkia blinked "oh the test results also came in-" Toraksui scowled "Yeah i know I freaked out I know-" she grinned slightly "actually your power levels where insanely low during that" as Toraksui raised an eyebrow "what?" he asked as melkia nodded and went to the computer "The room kept tabs on your power level even during your attack, I know you felt like you released a lot of power but this was nothing," she said showing a chart based on other attacks "You technically were more in control of how much power you used, Sarena power on the other level was off charts because she thought you were really using your powers even though now of us knew but this was nothing, we have seen a power level in you insanely high during our very first capture mission on you, that far surpasses Saren'as power level but then the question still remains.....why did you control how much power you used?" she asked as the kitsune didn't know why his power even though it took such a toll on him was so low, or why it didn't spike like it should have. He was unaware that the promise he made to the father of her refraned him from really using a lot of power against her.

Vt thought about it "Could be, Vos had spoken to me a month ago about dissaperances in towns and villages everyone was dead, souls gone and everything. Seems he was the original gatekeeper to Toraksui gates"

Vos frowned "well whatever this is , is something we don't really know about too much other then it seems to rest at dawn and mid day but active during the evening and night hours and only grown stronger in the last few months" she said looking around as she couldn't scan any locations on this creature.
"well unless the child of night can relive his memories she wouldn't know, only he knows and technically Vos knows as well" said the female, before the young male smacked her upside the head "be nice, we have a wristband that can be a turn on and off the tracker, unfortunately, Vos doesn't want VT or you or Sarena to be able to he the one keeping an eye on him. Unfortunately, the tracker stays to the company and we complained a lot but her word is final with this stuff" he said rubbing his head as Toraksui frowned and grumbled "Great another tracker"

VT raised an eyebrow and frowned slightly and looked through Toraksui file to see if there were any things that could be picked up on "Do you know anyone by the name of Uxia Maui?" he asked, that gatekeeper was the one that Toraksui defeated, but in the rage he felt, the monstrous bat had attacked Sarena's father's gates almost killing him but loosing and taking off into the shadows. Her father told her to be very wary of him, he was something that no gatekeeper alone could survive an attack against.

Vos frowned and looked at him "You're a moron you injured' she said annoyed but sighed and kept going frowning slightly. She didn't like this, dead bodies everywhere, and all life seemed to be sucked out of the city "The hell happened anyway?" she mutters slightly scanning slightly as nothing came up on the scanners.
Toraksui tilted his head at the pendent and raised an eyebrow and ran his finger on it and felt his head throbbing and dropped to the ground holding his head slightly. "That's why" Melkia spot and looked at he kistine "he will remember"

VT raised an eyebrow "what else could be coming?"

Vos frowned and rolled her eyes "your being stupid your hurt" said sternly
The young male returned with a small fox pendent with a small scar on its left eye "we found this a long time ago right about-" the thing was snatched sharply away by a female she was the head of the medical and technology ward "You know fully well this isn't to be given to him" she snapped sharply at the younger male. This lady was Melkia she was a Russian woman many belived her to be so etching none of the company knew about "moron" she growled as the kitsune tilted his head slightly "no need to be hostile. I can see that's my pendant I put on my blade" he said slowly .

VT tilted his head "but he's a human....well was a human." Said confused on whatever these gatekeerps truly would do or had been able to do.

The creature clawed Dante back before captain shot it sharply with a sniper pistol as the creature flew away harshly. "Dante you okay?" She asked fast with worry
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