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Hello, I'm Dragon, or whatever clever or not so clever thing you conjure up to call me. I have been role playing since my grammar would make your eyes water. I hope that I am no longer making people cry because of poor writing anymore. You can be the judge of that. I am an artist and a writer, hoping to make a career out of one or both of those things. I love to read. I hardly discriminate when it comes to reading, but my favorite genre is fantasy. That is where a lot of my inspiration and passion is, and a lot of what I hope to write and publish is in the fantasy genre. I love world building and character design, and it is something that I hope to keep improving.

As for other interests I love video games, Skyrim being my all time favorite and the Dishonored games coming after that. I love music and my taste is all over the place. My favorite movie is Jurassic Park, which probably says a lot about my personality. I love nature and the outdoors, and I have recently delved into Vulture Culture.

School is an all consuming factor in my life currently, so my schedule fully revolves around keeping up with homework and whatnot. I am a nerd who cares about my GPA, and a nerd in general.

As far as writing goes, length consistency fluctuates, but I tend to write a substantial amount. I have a habit of writing a lot of guy characters, which I attribute to growing up with guys when I was younger and my favorite books having main male characters. Who knows? I am comfortable writing either gender though. I think that communication is huge in role playing, and talking about it keeps the interest alive. I haven't done a group RP in some time now, and I am not sure where my interest is in those anymore. More recently I have been 1x1.

I am sorry if you actually read all of that. I don't think that was the most interesting thing you could have read. I have recommendations if you think any of that was fun or engaging.

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Hey, I am new to the site, but hardly new to role playing. I can safely say that I hardly write like I did when I first started sometime around 2013, which is a blessing for anyone who has to read what I write. I know the general ropes of role play, but have never done it here before. I was invited by a friend, so I guess I am here now.

For anyone who cares to know, I have leaned towards 1x1 role playing in recent years, and haven't done a group role play in ages. Fantasy is my preferred genre and something I am passionate about. I am a very laid back person, but I try to put a lot into my characters and writing.

I am a fairly friendly, but socially anxious person, so I am sorry if that comes off as awkward. I like to write, read, make mediocre art, world build, play video games, recently got into DnD, and a bunch of other stuff I guess.
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