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Name: Achilles

Nickname: Arch Angel of War
Age: Unknown
Class: Warrior
Race: Angel


Personality: A shining example of courage and strength, Achilles knows of no fear as he hurls himself at demonic hordes every chance he gets in the defense of Heaven and Earth. Unwavering in his cause, Achilles at times fights with a reckless abandon seeking to destroy as many of his opponents as possible believing that every demon he slays potentially saves a life. Despite his desire to see humanity thrive and survive the wrath of Hell, Achilles in his most private of thoughts has doubts about the success of his mission and silently accepts that his eventual actions may be for nothing.

Biography: While humanity has often looked upon to Angels for guidance and strength, the angels of heaven look upon to Achilles, a powerful Arch Angel whose sole purpose is to destroy the demonic hordes that threaten humanity and the heavens above. His exact origins remain a complete mystery even to most angels in heaven. Achilles was there in the front lines when the civil war in Heaven broke out... an event he desperately tried to prevent. Despite his efforts the demons of Hell have grown in strength and their presence in humanity threatens the very existence of a world he vowed to protect. With any personal feelings of brotherhood that once unified Angels now thrown away, Achilles arrives on Earth to help humanity make it's last desperate stand against the overwhelming chaos that engulfs the world.

Notable Skills:

Physical traits: Bred to be a warrior, Achilles’ physical traits surpass those of mortals.

Swordsmanship: While Angels have their various weapons of choice, Achilles wields a heaven forged weapon, preferring to destroy his enemies in close, personal combat.

Magical abilities: Despite being of considerable physical status, Achilles is also capable of using a variety of magical abilities such as telekinesis or conjuring heavenly flames. Despite the destructive potential, the uses of such abilities are draining and only used against the most powerful of enemies.


The Sith stealth transport carrying it's task force had moved a reasonable distance away from the vault to avoid detection from the arrival of Covenant forces as well as the ones who claim the vault as their own. The gathered members waited patiently inside, silent as they monitored the situation of their captured leader through the shared HUD interface they shared within their helmets. Fortunately none of them had damaged the helmet allowing Dragos helmet to continue to serve as an inside look. However with the situation seemingly escalating and recognizing the danger, Captain Fordo decided to take initiate, the armored captain rising to his feet and walked over to the main holoterminal located at the ship's center.

"It's possible they'll pick this up." A trooper stated though it sounded more like a reminder than a warning. If anything it was all silently agreed upon that they were willing to take whatever it took to retrieve their captured lord and the waiting was killing at them.

"Our ship's stealth characteristics should provide us some cover. Besides with all that is going on I'm sure they'll likely ignore us, if not..." Fordo shrugged and input the commands attempting to establish contact with Invincible . For several moments there was nothing, no response until suddenly a holographic figure took shape in the form an older man but one that all in the Empire recognized "Governor Tarkin, I was not anticipating you to be on board the Imperial flagship unless of course I contacted the wrong ship" Fordo said.

"Ah not at all captain, you made no such mistake. I was in the area with Imperial command retrieved your previous message and I decided to come aboard in preparation for what I assume will be the request of immediate assistance." Tarkin paused, pondering his next decisions. "Is there an update on the situation?"

"Lord Dragos remains in the hands of the enemy but the situation he's in continues to intensify." Fordo then leaned over, pressing several buttons on the monitor as he transferred a display of Dragos HUD allowing the governor to see for himself.

"How odd for Lord Dragos to be caught in this situation. It seems our approach to this must be well thought out... Grand Admiral Thrawn, your opinion?" The captain's eyes slightly widened at the mention at the name. Grand Admiral Thrawn was a legend among the Empire being the only alien to achieve the rank of Grand Admiral. Stepping into the holographic view a tall, blue skinned alien appeared alongside the older individual as he gave a quick nod to acknowledge Fordo "Captain" The admiral stated as if too encourage the Captain to continue.

"Grand Admiral your appearance is also unexpected."

"I can imagine. I had long been waiting to work with Lord Dragos again how unfortunate he's in a difficult situation"

"I felt it was appropriate to call on you to help retrieve Lord Dragos. Together your efforts smashed the greatest of Republic defenses" Tarkin returned his gaze back to Fordo. "Grand Admiral Thrawn is here to assist us. His mission that led him to be temporarily transferred of the Invincible is over, he has command of the ship now along the rest of Dragos fleet. We are prepared to strike at once"

The Sith task force silently watched but this was the best news they could possibly hope for, Thrawn arriving with the largest ship in the Sith fleet? Surely the enemies at Aurora had no chance however "Governor Tarkin if I may... I disagree." Thrawn took a pause to eye Dragos HUD and began looking over the prior information that was sent earlier. "Our tactics must differ from brute force. The Invincible despite it's unrivaled firepower lacks any sort of discreet qualities. The gathered factions on Aurora will long be able to detect this ship and likely have time to leave before we arrived or worse yet be able to trace our movements back to Imperial territory." Thrawn paused again to gather his thoughts as he monitored a small map of the Aurora system. "Arrival on top of Aurora would also be quite the risk. I believe an arrival outside of the system and stealthily approaching will seem most appropriate. For now we shall coordinate only in code, I'll make the necessary arrangements for this rescue party, Captain I hope your men ready"

"Understood Admiral" Fordo bowed his head as the hologram faded watching Thrawn give a small shrug towards Thrawn as if to acknowledge his intellect and trust his opinion. It would take some time but sure enough the Sith would arrive to aid their own. It was just a matter of waiting.
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On the outskirts of Constantinople a small war party stood atop a hill eyeing the city from afar. The horses they rode eagerly trotted in place, ready to move as the head rider gave the signal to advance. As they closed in on the famed city it was obvious these men were not ordinary for they were armored in full plate riding dark armored steeds themselves. To any watchful eyes this normally wouldn’t mean much as Knights regularly passed through the city but there was an aura about them, something dark and the armor they wore was dark and ornate indicating that these men were far from your regular warriors. As they got closer it was evident even the bravest of warriors would tremble at the sight of these heavily armed knights and passersby’s were sure to let them through lest they be trampled under the armored might.
As they entered the city the crowds could only look in suspicion and awe as the head rider raised an armored fist causing his war party to halt. Slowly approaching from among the crowd an individual in a dark robe advanced and bowed his head at the lead armored figure, speaking in a tone only audible to the pair. “Welcome my Lord, I been anticipating your arrival for some time, all that I own is yours to do with as you wish, I live to serve”

Your loyalty has been noted and will be well rewarded.” The figure replied.
The robbed man bowed his head again. “If I may my lord, I would urge some caution. Various clans and other creatures have made this city their own. Your presence will be noted; your enemies will fear you and stay out of your way however those ignorant to your power may confront you”

“Good. It would save us the trouble of hunting down our adversaries throughout this city. I look forward to the challenge” The robbed man lowered his head with respect once more and stepped aside as the head of the war party led his troops deeper into the city.
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05:02 March 28th
Queens, New York

The Kryptonian could hear the whispers, the people around them did gave him all the information he needed but something still felt off. There was a hidden motivation, something he wasn't telling him. Superman met Donovan's gaze with a ferocity in his own eyes feeling all the more tempted to crush his brothers before his eyes and kill the Irishman right here and then but if there was a time for restraint, it was now. "I could easily kill you and you still want to make threats?" Superman questioned. Even after all that has happened, despite all their injuries Donovan remained defiant. "I'm plenty of things but I'm not a murderer. Not yet."

Sirens grew louder and louder and it wasn't long till the local police had finally arrived. Superman eyed their arrival and he could see the concerned look, their itch to draw their weapons out of fear. Recognizing that the situation was no longer his Superman casually dropped the brothers he held high off the ground, letting them crash into the concrete road with little concern while slowly lifting his boot off Donovan's chest. "I'm giving you a chance to rethink everything" Superman announced, deciding that a private conversation with the thugs was over. "I'm shutting it down. All of it." The Krypotnian turned and took a step towards the crowd. Despite having their full attention and various cell phones recording the situation, they all subconsciously took a step back as if they themselves were in the alien's target list. "To any... 'tough guys' that want to go around and start shooting each at other, I'm giving you all a chance to reconsider your actions. I'm here to stay and I'm not going to play nice to the next bunch of assholes that start shooting at people, I can promise you that." Another attempt to address the masses. His message would be in the news, it would be spread but either way it was either going to convince criminals to stay low, or take up Superman's challenge allowing him to find them.

Superman took one last look at the crowd, standing tall, strong and defiant. They would utter their insults or sing his praises but in the end he wasn't concerned with their opinion. Maybe he wasn't doing it as 'cleanly' at the others but whatever actions he would take from now on would be of no hesitation. Somebody had to make a clear, strong demonstration and enforce it so why couldn't be him? In one last showing of power Superman leaped into the air and accelerated into the sky with such force it was if the sky itself was split open leaving the crowd stunned below.

If it wasn't obvious before, it was clear now... Superman would be watching and yet another "super hero" was making his mark on the world.
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04:56 March 28th
Queens, New York

Superman eyed through all three of the men sizing them up one by one. For all intents and purposes these men weren't exactly in the right stand of mind and didn't particularly seem all that fond in cooperating. Still there was little doubt that these men were apart of something bigger, it wasn't some random attack. They were well armed and there was nothing ordinary about the weapon they used nor the target. As Superman privately debated his set course of actions he could hear the various whispers as onlookers continued to gather and watch and with sirens off in the distance it was a matter of time till the police and the press showed up something he wanted to avoid.

"Alright, so it's like that. We're going to play dumb huh?" Superman asked out aloud taking his time to look at each of the three men once more, eye to eye to make sure they got a good look at him and vice versa. "Ok... I'm in the mood for some games" Superman then leaned over, grabbing Angus and Pat by the neck and hoisted them high of the ground. Any attempts to strike at the caped man's arms and torso would have felt like they were hitting a brick wall. With both of his arms occupied Superman stepped forward, placing a foot on Donovan's chest, planting him into the concrete road. For several seconds Superman held them there being extra careful to ensure he didn't accidentally kill any of them but sure enough he knew they were more than uncomfortable. The crowd watching gasped with the occasional individual pulling out their cell phones to record said situation. Sure three men were being in danger but nobody dared to try and stop the chiseled physique of a man who was man handling three others with no effort.

Leaning in to talk in a volume only audible to the gathered men Superman smirked as he watched them struggle against his strength "Sucks doesn't it? You guys want to play dumb, well I can play also." And with that there was an ounce of increased pressure and the already superhuman grip somehow grew stronger.

"Since you assholes know who I am, let me remind you guys that I don't have a boss and you know what that means?" Superman paused as if he was trying to get an answer but continued to mock the three men. "It means I don't answer to nobody and that means I get to do whatever the fuck I want. Now I can make this easy, or I can make this really... fucking easy." Superman again applied another ounce of pressure. "You see I could crush all three of you instantly and nobody would be able to stop me but no that's too quick... way too fucking quick" Superman took his time, letting them suffocate and face the reality of an inevitable death "Hmm...Maybe I'll tear of your arms and beat you with them, or maybe I'll see if I can strap you on any left over rockets or better yet..." Superman's iris's begin to glow red "Or maybe I'll burn out your eyes or cook you guys alive, either way someone is going to talk" The pressure finally eased up, his eyes returning to normal. Superman needed them conscience, to think properly. Surely he had done enough to intimidate them.

"Now you guys are going to tell me everything. I want to know who you work for and where I can find them. I want to know what else you assholes are planning because I'm going to stop your little activities. Now if either of you lie to me, I'll find out somehow and there ain't nobody whose going to fuck you up the way I will so, whose going to volunteer?"
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