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Descending from the skies high above the Jedi Temple, a T-85 X-Wing soared into view. Peering through the window in the cockpit, Dante felt a rush of happiness as he simply muttered "Home." It had been some time since he been at the temple. Like many other Jedi Knights, Dante was constantly roaming the galaxy from system to system, answering the call of those who required Jedi help. Despite spending what felt like near half of his life in the temple, there was still something mystical and awe-inspiring about it. Dante surged his star fighter downward, the X-Wing just hovering above the ocean's water line before accelerating back towards the sky in preparation to land. Dante was excited, no doubt about it but as he guided his starfighter towards the main landing docks a small shiver ran down his spine and his happy mood dimmed.

As the starfighter landed Dante took note of all the various starfighters and other ships that had landed... many he had recognized but there was also those he wasn't familiar with. It was obvious now this call back to the temple wasn't some ordinary manner. Normally the landing dock was a constant rotation of starfighters coming and going but not this time.

The cockpit of the starfighter opened as Dante glanced back at his partner, a BB unit who shuffled in place in excitement. "I know, I know, exciting isn't it?" The droid beeped several times in response. As Dante exited his starfighter and the BB unit droid was lowered to the ground, Dante caught the eye of several younglings who had gathered to watch yet another starfighter arrive. Dante gave the young Jedi a small smile wave and a wave before turning back to his droid companion.

"Hey, be gentle with the little ones. I'll be back." The droid replied with a beep before accelerating towards the small children who were thrilled to see the small rolling droid give them attention. As Dante walked past the crowd giving brief greetings, Dante focused towards the temple in the distance as he adjusted his dark cloak and mentally braced himself for whatever Master Skywalker had planned.
Jon nodded in agreement as he started to scan the metallic surface, his kryptonian eyes peering past the metal and into the inner workings of the crazed weather machine. Part of him still ultimately wanted to just pulverize the machine and be done with it but Raimi's own suspicious agreed with his own hunches. For several moments Jon contemplated the machine's inner designs before locating what he believed housed the main power generator. The interior was large enough for a person to maneuver around inside.. clearly part of the design. It was difficult to tell if there was internal defenses but he was confident that there was nobody else on the inside so that was a plus.

"There's enough space for you to travel the inside. I'll move this thing towards the ocean and away from Gotham while you see what you can do on the inside." Jon then gazed downward before plunging a fist through the metallic surface before ripping a sizable hole on the metal surface. It was a decent show of strength but more importantly, such a small blow shouldn't affect the overall integrity of the machine's hull.

"There's your door. The main power source shouldn't be too far. I'll be careful but you need to move quick as I move this thing. The longer we take, the more people get hurt down there." Jon took a step back as he surveyed his surroundings once more. The hurricane like winds and violent lightning strikes would have proved to be quite a deterrent to most... but he wasn't most.

Jon walked over to the closest edge and gave Raimi once more subtle nod in acknowledgement, having no choice but to trust she would do her part before stepping off, letting gravity pull him downwards. Hail harmlessly bounced of his body and the sharp winds cut at him to no avail as Jon identified a proper position to move the grand object. With a quick burst of acceleration that sent the air around him blowing away, Jon placed himself right against the machine's main body. With a small exhale Jon placed his hands along the structure and began to apply force. At first nothing happened as Jon had to try and delicately balance his strength, trying to find the right sweet spot to ensure he could move the object but at the same time not accidently crush it.

After several tense movements, the machine began to move... it was slow at first but from the ground looking up, one would notice the weather machine gradually getting guided over the ocean and away from Gotham.
Hopefully it checks out, let me know if I need to make any changes

Name: Dante Carrick
Species: Human
Age: 25

Faction: Jedi Order

Equipment: Lightsaber with green kyber crystal.


Battle Precognition: Ever since he was a boy, Dante had an innate feel on how certain actions would play out. While not always having the ability to properly react, Dante's natural use of this ability made him quite the fighter growing up, giving him an uncanny advantage to see his opponent's moves just as they were about to make them. As this ability evolved as he grew older, Dante managed to incorporate this ability into his piloting, making him an ace starfighter pilot.

Telekinesis: Whether it's pushing objects away or pulling them towards him, Dante is capable of using the force to manipulate sizable objects though Dante's finesse with these abilities needs work as without proper focus, Dante either uses too much strength or too little of it.

Physical enhancements: Whether it's using the force to increase his speed or strength, Dante can channel the force to push his body beyond his normal limits. While extremely tiring and only capable of using it bursts, Dante often uses it as a last resort to hopefully defeat a powerful enemy.

Lightsaber wielding: While Dante considers himself a slightly flawed but talented force user, it's his ability with the lightsaber that he prides himself as his best trait. As a dedicated user of the lightsaber form: Ataru, Dante uses his natural athleticism and natural feel for fighting to blitz his enemies with speed and precision.

Skilled pilot: While Dante admittingly is a poor mechanic, Dante is a natural pilot having learned the basics from criminals in Couracant's lower levels to some of the top pilots in the New Republic after joining the Jedi Order. While Dante can't tell you any sort of special hyperspace route or even how to teach someone to properly pilot a starfighter...put Dante in a starfighter battle situation and watch as his natural instincts take over as he analyzes his opponent's movements and maneuvers himself into winning situations.


Bold: While confidence has plagued young Jedi throughout history, Dante is no exception. While Dante works to properly manage his emotions better, Dante has incredible trust in himself to succeed and will often do things because he truly believes he's capable of pulling off certain feats even when the odds are stack against him. So far however it's this confidence that got Dante this far in life so surely it can't be too bad?

Competitive: Even as a child, Dante had to win. It's hard to tell if he hates losing or maybe the thrill of winning is just too alluring. While being competitive has meant Dante is dedicated to his craft and constantly always trying to hone his abilities, it also means he'll subconsciously try to out-preform his friends and comrades and also preform reckless actions if it means succeeding.

Dislikes politics: While Dante hopes to grow to be a Jedi Master one day, Dante has much to learn when it comes to playing the politics game. Dante distrusts most senators and other higher level figures of authority and feels most in common with the regular soldier or other Jedi.

Terrible liar: It's a little thing but despite his rocky childhood, Dante has never been able to lie properly. While telling the truth is usually a good thing, it also means he's not good at keeping his mouth shut when he disagrees with something.


Dante doesn't like talking about his childhood much even though it molded him to be the person he is today. Like many of the downtrodden in Coruscant's crime ridden lower levels, Dante was an orphan who found himself forced to rely on various criminals to help survive. While not much of a thief or a liar, Dante learned quickly he had a talent for fighting mostly due to his ability to read his opponents movements despite not understanding how. First it was prize fighting street fights against other local kids from rival gangs to eventually high speed illegal speeder races. This continued for some time until his early teenage ears when Dante was arrested by New Republic forces who were attempting to crack down on the crime ridden areas.

In his brief captivity, one of the officers recognized Dante's peculiar abilities and notified a member of the Jedi Order who quickly took interest in the force sensitive child. In exchange for his freedom, Dante was sent to Ahch-To and learned the ways of the Jedi. Dante while not exactly the model student, displayed incredible natural talent and with some reluctance was given a proper Jedi master to watch over him. Rewarding the trust placed in him, inspired by Luke Skywalker and seeking to redeem himself from his past actions, Dante and his master traveled throughout the galaxy to help those in need, particularly those affected by criminal gangs.

Before long Dante was made a Jedi Knight and while he did not officially have a Jedi Master at his side, Dante continued his work in combating criminal gangs such as dealings with the Hutt Cartels. In one particular mission Dante reunited with the same New Republic officer who had initially arrested Dante as a child and under his guidance earned trust and companionship among the Alliance Rangers. After numerous successful collaborations, Dante was given a new T-85 X-Wing, the latest X-Wing model available in the New Republic. Despite the galaxy remaining in turmoil, Dante remains optimistic in his role and does what he can, where ever he can.
@Sanity43217 Looks good, I look forward to its completion and having you join us

@Lemma Good post, glad to have you
@DragonofTheWest Could you tell me a bit more on what the 'Void' looks like? More accurately, it's inhabitants. I am asking because what I had in mind was a Tiefling-looking kind of character. Half-Demon or at least demonic traits (at least from a DnD Demons definition). However if the inhabitants of the void in your world are basically Demons, I don't think it would work, so I'd rather ask first. :)

Basically the Void is heavily influenced by The forces of Chaos from Warhammer and Oblivion from Elder Scrolls. So in short basically the worst creatures you can think off. Now I wouldnt be entirely opposed of such a character though how they would be able to interact with the others may be difficult

Looks great! Feel free to post in the character tab and post when ready
<Snipped quote by DragonofTheWest>

I can either have them be apart of a kingdom that already exists or make a kingdom/nation of my own? If I decide to go with the kingdom/nation of my own, can I make them the royal bloodline of that kingdom/nation or is that a little too much for those characters?

Yup feel free to create your own kingdom and make it your own. Just be sure to add a few bits of history and other details so others can notice the differences.
@DragonofTheWest alright, done.
Do you mind if Nehlin accompanies Aerendyl to wherever he'll stay? Or do you need s.o with more diplomatic skills and/or is more affiliated to the guild?


Actually nevermind, seeing @deia876lat's roleplay, I think I misunderstood how much freedom the players are allowed. Still, to double-check, are these things ok?
- controlling npc reactions as long as it's reasonable
- making npcs and assigning them backgrounds on the fly, as long as it's reasonable
- same thing with places: players can take the initiative to describe places the gm hasn't described yet, within reason.

Yeah thats a great way to phrase it actually and my apologies if people are still a little confused and Ill update some of the guidlines later on to reflect what you said.

Ultimately I tried to keep things vague or flexible so plot points and details can be adjusted to accomdate as much as people as possible. Also considering the lore is based on so many different source and im seeing a variety of characters which is awesome, I heavily encourage the use of implementing the use of npcs and giving them as much as detail needed to help their story… provided it doesnt contradict what has been established

@OddApproved Looks great I only ask that you elaborate on where your characters are from (kingdom wise) as in this setting high elves can be from all over the world. You are free to create your own kingdom/nation if you want
Do you want me to post my character(s) in the character section or do you want to look it over for approval?

Yeah feel free to post the cs here or PM just so I can make sure everything checks out

@Lemma looks great!

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