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November 3rd 2019


Brooklyn New York

Knock, Knock

The wooden door of the two story house opened slightly ajar as a man of relatively good stature peaked out “Johnny? Is that you?” The door fully opened. The man was roughly in his mid-fifties was in relatively good shape for his age. Upon sighting the young man before him, he smiled with a joy he hadn’t felt in years.

“Hey, uncle Mike. Hope I’m not bothering you” John stated, his tone rather low. “You know me Johnny boy, I’m just glad to see ya! Come on in” The man was excited considering he rarely ever saw his nephew. Running away from home tended to cause things like this to happen but of all the people in the world, Uncle Mike was maybe the only other person left alive who knew of John’s true origins and perhaps the only one who had a care for the young man.

“You know I’m glad I have a visitor. You know, wife’s dead, my kids all grown up and moved out, it’s good to have company. Matter of a fact you came at a good time! 2nd round is about to start!” While mike was excited, John came off relatively disinterested. John stayed quiet as he looked around the living room. For a man who lived by himself the house was in relatively good condition. Mike walked of quickly to the kitchen, fetching both a bottle of beer but John waived his hand to refuse the drink. Mike shrugged and led the pair over to the couch before the flat screen television.

“You know Johnny I missed you at your father’s funeral. You alright?” Mike questioned. It was a small talk but hey, something had to pass the time as the fight was set to continue.
“I was there.” John replied bluntly, his focus also on the television.
“No you weren’t. Come on. You think I’d wouldn’t be able to see my own nephew at his father’s funeral? No way you was there. Only way you was there is if you was… you know, flying or something” Uncle Mike chuckled at the thought but when he turned to look at John’s blank expression he realized that maybe he just found the answer himself. Suddenly tension filled the room and despite the excited sound that came from the television, the two men sat there silently. While one man reflected on his super human abilities, the other recalled that the person next to him had abilities that nobody seemed to understand.
“You know John, that could have been you” Mike said as he gestured towards the television trying to lighten up the situation.
“I would have beaten them all.” John replied, another blunt answer. Mike shrugged in agreement but noticed there was hardly any arrogance to his response; in fact John said it like some clear cut fact that was to be expected.
“Hey you right… ya super heavyweight space man” Mike chuckled at his statement but John again refused to budge. Maybe the joke had a rather sharp sting to it. “Look John you know I’m messing with ya. I’m just really glad to see you. When I heard you ran away from home, I was heart broken. Then a few years later your back all grown up and all of a sudden your dad kicks the bucket and you aren’t at the funeral, shit man I thought I lost you again”

“Did my father ever talk about me when I was gone?” John asked, not bothering to address his uncle’s previous statement. The question caused Mike to pause. “Look Johnny, I know you got to reconcile a bit with your father before he passed but I mean it when I say that he tried to be a father to you, he just couldn’t help himself. Some of us grieve in different ways and when your mother died, he just… didn’t know how to act. But yeah he did miss you” Mike took a long sip of his beer and sighed. “You know Johnny, when you was growing up you could do no wrong. They called you uh… Super Boy? Yeah that was nick name or something right?” Mike clearly wanted to change the topic of conversation, he wasn’t in the mood for a depressing conversation.

“I hated that name.” John replied.

“Hah, you may have hated that but it was true. You were the best damn athlete I ever saw, you did everything right. I think the crazy thing about you is how easy you made it look, like you weren’t even trying. Then when you got to high school and all these kids tried to clown you, jeez John you were ruthless. You talked real good shit, just like your dad did back when he was fighting”
“It was the only way I knew how to have fun.” John replied his focus remained on the fight but his tone lowered, there was sadness in his voice. “Any time I played serious, kids got hurt. At least by talking some shit I could entertain myself but you know how it is… winning by itself was boring”

“Yeah… you really were something else.” Mike took another sip. “Look kid real talk… I’m sorry. Sorry for everything. You don’t gotta tell me how you could afford that fancy jacket and shoes and stuff but… you are special, no bull shit”
“If you think I’m here cause I killed someone… I didn’t. But yeah I’ll be honest, I haven’t done things exactly legally”

“I know kid… I know. I aint one to judge, your father and I… we did all sorts of dumb shit too growing up. But you know, I think you gonna do something special, soon. You are too gifted with all this super space shit that you are gonna be something special, you’ll see.”
“I hope you are right uncle…. Thanks.” John replied. At least for this moment, John believed him.
Sounds interesting, looking forward for more information
Dragos took his time analyzing each of the gathered family. He wasn't expecting this type of gathering to happen so soon but it seemed reassuring that the members that knew each other got along fairly well. As Dragos watched the situation unfold, he was approached by the massive orc. It was strange having to look upwards for once, it's been awhile since he encountered an individual with such a physical presence. Dragos nodded at his greeting and took the drink offered to him as a sign of good gesture. "Honored to meet you Gur" Dragos stated as he smirked slightly at the orc's words and offered a joke in reply "Some say I talk too much. Others too little... I guess it depends who you ask"
@Ceta de Cloyes

I'm definitely down for any reason for the characters to meet up
12:15 PM
Brooklyn New York
November 3rd 2019

John sat on a bar stool, slightly hunched over as he stared off into the wooden table drowning in misery and attempting to ignore everything around him. For someone who wanted to be alone, being crammed in a packed bar that was eager to watch the upcoming boxing fight seemed like a dumb idea but John didn’t exactly think this through. On the tabletop before John lay several empty glasses of alcohol with none of them having any sort of effect on his muscular frame. He never understood alcohol, everyone around him was being affected by it. But he never could, no matter how much he tried. Of all the noises one line of dialogue made it's impression.

And with the conclusion of the co-main event we have New York’s own Marvin Hayes challenging for…”

“FUCK IVES!” Someone shouted as the television panned over to the defending champion warming up in the locker room before the fight. The expletive earned loud cheers throughout the crowded bar room. New York was always ready to support one of its own.

John however sat alone and quiet not bothering to look at the television, he could hear it precisely even through the countless conversations going on at once. There was time he would struggle attempting to focus as the noise consumed him but he was older now, his focus on what he wanted to listen to was absolute. As people struggled to move between the crowd, John caught several unintentional bumps. They never hurt but he didn’t like being touched. Finally sick of the noise, the smell and the crowd in general, John caught the barkeep’s attention and placed some cash down. He didn’t exactly count it and neither did the barkeep…John was without a doubt physically imposing and the barkeep wasn’t exactly going to try and tell the man before him he paid too little or maybe too much. Making his way towards the exit a random other bar patron tripped amongst the crowd, his pint of beer spilling over on to John’s jeans.

“Oh shit my bad!” The guy shouted. He looked down at the mess and nervously looked up. John gave him a disinterred look in return.
“Watch yourself.” John coldly stated and started walking off.
“The fuck?” The man replied under his breath as several of his friends had squeezed themselves over. “Shit dude, you lucky he didn’t just bash your face in” One of them said, laughing at his friend’s reaction to being so rudely dismissed of.
“Yeah well fuck that guy. Fucking prick. It was an accident. Fucking dick head.” He mumbled off though his slurs didn’t go unheard. John paused and turned around and stared down the small group of guys behind him. They were at least in the middle of their college years. John for a moment understood in that moment, he easily could have a group of friends like that. But there was nothing ordinary about his upbringing and seeing them all packed together like they were challenging him made his blood start to boil.

“Oh what? You got something to say now? Bring it asshole!” One of them shouted as they all stood together, ready to bull rush the lone patron John tensed slightly. He could break him and all of his friends in an instant. It wouldn’t be a challenge at all but right now he wasn’t in the mood and if he felt any sort of satisfaction for shutting up a few assholes, then so be it. John stepped forward and he could see the subtle movements in their bodies as if they suddenly regretted their actions. They were nervous but pride kept them in their place.

John was stepping closer, he could feel eyes gathering on him as people’s attention went from themselves or the television and on to towards the incoming altercation. Suddenly a strong grip was placed on his shoulder.

“That’s enough. If you gonna beat their asses, take it outside. Owner want no trouble in here. Main event starting soon enough.” John turned to see a large bouncer having approached and witnessed the whole thing. As big as the bouncer was, even he wasn’t going to do anything to stop him. John gave the group before him a strong glare before spitting on the ground as an act of defiance before making his way towards the exit. The bouncer tried to grab John again but his fingers couldn't grip anything. He was far too weak.

Upon leaving the bar John took a glance around and for a moment felt his heart sink. If it wasn’t the couple holding hands down the street, then it was the group of friends walking and laughing together. Or maybe it was the family that was singing to the radio in the cars on the street, or the other families chatting together in their homes or at the restaurant tables that he could see through the windows. In the immediate area, it seemed like everyone had someone… but him. Despite his towering size, John lowered his head and started walking with no destination planned. He just wanted to get away.
Are there any immediate plans for everyone to gather or perhaps each city suddenly being exposed to its own crisis?
"So perhaps the Brotherhood isn't as depleted as he once thought" Dragos thought as he surveyed the room and eyed the 2nd half of the brotherhood. Quite useful that the Brotherhood managed to have a quick way of traveling to Dawnstar, such convince would definitely make it easier to travel throughout Skyrim considering the rather sizable travel difference between the two sanctuaries. Considering the amount of individuals they had gathered it would not be long for the Dark Brotherhood to actually go about and complete their tasks, Dragos personally wondered just how potent they could become considering their start was already looking like a success. The vampire bowed his head as he introduced himself "It is an honor to meet the rest of the brotherhood" short and sweet but from the looks of it, he would have plenty of time to meet the rest of the other members.
@The Whacko hey you mever know lol i just did some minor changes just to alleviate some concerns that my character maybe too much of a prick
High Medium Tier


@DragonofTheWest@Blackstripe If I may, it sounds like John would be pretty close to the personality of Mon-El from Supergirl's second season. He's a bit of a prick, overly cocky and most of the time goes into things without even thinking of the danger, but he's got the right idea when he does so. Sure, he would come off as a bit of a bruiser and a thug, but he thinks he's doing the right thing and wants to be doing the right thing. That about right, Dragon?

Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with Mon-El but that pretty much sounds exactly what I was going for.

I also wasn't intending to go for that ultra tier right away of course as well, especially at his age
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