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Arathion watched the duel in play with interest, paying the rest of the situation around him no mind. Every step, every swing of their weapons or technique used Arathion watched like a hawk, his mind racing with calculations and possible simulations as if he was the one fighting himself. The duel while brief was only giving the crown prince only information to work with should he get involve but it also served by providing the motivations for both individuals. Grace was stronger than she appeared, truly a princess worthy of her kingdom but for all her noble characteristics her kingdom, the very people she governed were failing her. This sudden arrival of this "Messiah" was not apart of the agreement and admittingly Kenan was looking the part of the legendary human warrior. If these foreign stories were true and he brought a force of his own, the high elves of Asur were not equipped to fight this battle.

For all of Arathion's bravado of destroying rebels, the reality was settling in that perhaps this whole situation was becoming a situation that they were not ready to overcome. Arathion debated about interfering with the duel but should Kenan recognize him, things could possibly complicate on the fact that the Asur has clashed with foreign human kingdoms in the past. There was also the fact that Arathion also respected Grace's responsibility to immediately stand up and challenge this Messiah, should he interfere he would be compromising her honor and his own... the fight had to end on their terms.

With the next upcoming events possibly affecting the outcome of the war Arathion turned away from the duel and began to disperse his gathered men into various direction, the elvish commands quick and decisive as the troopers carried them out without hesitation.
Well things escalated quickly
Arathion scoffed at Aradla bluffs, while politics was something he wasn't exactly fond of, it was something he excelled in. For all her courage, her words were still a step below her father, the king and Arathion may have been a prince in his homeland but he demanded the respect worthy of a king. As for the elf, Arathion remained somewhat amused at the sudden display of skill of Naelor though the showing also came as another reminder that the city they stood in was disorderly and chaotic. The city in itself was a reflection of the country as whole, divided with various individuals of different agendas.

When it was Naelor's turn to introduce himself Arathion took his words as another slight at his pride. Grace could be dealt with in time, her attitude perhaps adjusted when he won the war for her country but the crown prince felt he wasn't being given his proper respect. "You have good instincts but I'm not in the business of dealing with petty criminals. Now I'd remind you that I am Arathion Tassarion, crown prince of the Asur. Surely even a foreigner of the Asur such as yourself know who I am unless of course your education is not up to par". Before any more words can be exchanged, another individual arrived, someone that Arathion himself had heard off.

The Asur for all their conquests in recent years have fought on numerous continents and its through their success they have learned much. What was suppose to be a legend on the far side of the world had just arrived and complicated matters, a bold hero who humans praise as a living legend among them. The Asur had looked to Arathion in a same light and they would die for him because Arathion would never call upon his own men to do something unless he was not willing to do it himself. If the legends were true this "Messiah" would be quite the ally or dangerous enemy. The crown prince welcomed challenges but as indicated before, the Asur only equipped themselves to fight rebels, not a true army.

Arathion turned to his own silver clad warriors and made several comments in elvish to disguise his words as they would let Grace deal with this newcomer as they contemplated their next moves.
I'll post soon so if your waiting for me just gimme another hour or so
uhh I'll post soon but theres a lot of people to address lul
For all of Graces antics she displayed more courage than anticipated which the crown price silently respected but none the less, his pride would not stand to be questioned. Perhaps it was youth or ignorance that drove her forward but as Arathion prepared to retaliate with a response of his own he paused, his eyes turning to eye the individual who approached them asking for work. Arathion examined the man closely and knew immediately this was no ordinary volunteer. The most immediate details came in the form of his weapons, even if he was mildly competent with said weapons most warriors would back down in the presence of a massive war hammer. The daggers and the lowbow also indicated versatility, if this individual needed for work, any elven gold and resources will be far more useful being placed in this man than it would be with the regular civilians that had just volunteered.

Arathion took a glance at Grace for one last moment, a small smirk forming in his face as if he had just came up with an ideal situation in his head as he turned to face the half elf "Yes, surely we can use a warrior of your talents. The kingdom is currently undergoing a civil war. Outside this city they say tens of thousands are preparing to march on the capital to overthrow their king... perhaps an exaggeration but this country is falling apart."

Arathion turned back to eye Grace intending to address her comments and inform the half elf in one well swoop. "Because of this so called winter, the king's armies have been undermanned and spread thin. They lack coordination, resources, they lack true leadership as they continue to fight losing battles and thus more men are needed to help fight off the treasonous hordes. Perhaps if I was not lied to in the beginning I would have brought a true Asur army to wipe out this rebellion quickly. And yet here I stand with a fraction of an army myself, I lack siege weapons, limited heavy cavary and no famed Asur Dragon Knights to assist me. So this is where you come in good sir" Arathion looked back at the half elf. "I'm sure you've seen your fair share of battles and I'm sure even if you were mildly skilled with your weapons, you would still be more useful than the recruits we've been getting all day. Take the offer and you will be well compensated I can assure you."
General Rowan was poised to greet the princess himself but Grace's strong reaction while commendable likely earned her a confrontation that he himself would feel powerless in. The crown prince of Asur turned to size up Grace up, locking eyes with such an intensity it was almost like the air itself turned cold, an unmistakable killer intent in the high elf's eyes. While the killer intensity in his eyes faded, Arathion was not one to be disrespected so openly especially in public. The silver armored elven warriors were also not fond of such blatant disrespect but before they made an noises or movements themselves, a hand was raised as if to indicate Arathion would handle this himself. There was a brief pause but it was merely the crown prince gathering his thoughts which was usually a sign of bad things to come.

"How pitiful." Arathion at last replied, his voice stern and his facial expressions expressing one of disdain for the warrior before him. "I'll be sure to remind you of your disrespect after I've won this war for you" Arathion added on before he broke eye contact so he could look at the various volunteers who were stepping forward to refill the ranks of Aradla army which was the sole purpose of walking the streets, to help be a public presence in recruitment of these new soldiers.

"But my apologies, perhaps you did not comprehend the strategy that was decided to win the war" Arathion turned back and stood a mere foot away from Grace, standing at an impressive 6'5 frame adorned in his intricate golden armor with various dragon symbols symbols. If Grace stood her ground, her men without a doubt sing silent praises for in centuries past, many individuals were quick to back down when confronted by Arathion.

"Now it is with Asur gold and Asur food that will help fund this new army. It will be Asur warriors who will train said army and it will be Asur blood that will be spilled to help reclaim this mess of a country. Now if you are unsatisfied with the way I intend to do things, then by all means me and my men shall go and you can explain to your father how you plan to win this war when it seems you can't even hold order in your streets"
and the elves will have a response

So I was thinking a character who was like a princess of Adarla or something. She functions as a captain of an elite form of guards, and is extremely unhappy with her father hiring a bunch of elves to route the rebellion.

Do you care if she butts heads with your group a bunch?

Oh yeah sure that def works
There are multiple eleven kingdoms in this world I imagine so a new elf character doesnt have to be connected to the Asur
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