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5 mos ago
Current T Still looking for rp partners for fxf. I wish more would work out but rp monsters seem to be hunting them down. 😿
6 mos ago
Looking for rp partners for mature and fxf role plays. Note I do work a night job too.


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Bump. Looking for rp partners. I use ocs and love coming up with plots with people. Also have a series of mini plots
Bumping now. Still looking for rp partners.
Thought I would make this clearer on my does and donts

Prefer original worlds or ones free of cannon charries
Alt medival
Alt modern
Some futuristic
Romance is usually mixed in
Slice of life can be nice with some spice

World downers
Apostolic is usually a no go
Fandoms with cannon charries everywhere

Has to be consenting but some sub dom is okay

Heartbreak lane
Adult child
Extensive sub dom
Cannon charrie

But da plot!!
Usually I like brainstorming them together
Have a series of mini plots feel free to message me about them.
Eventually will dig up my plot list to post here
Goes with the flow with plot ideas and changes
Supports multi charrie plots from 2 up to 8.
Best charrie load is 2-4 with paragraph posts (can do longer)
5-6 charries means single paragraph posts
7-8 means short paragraph with some longer possible.
Adjust length to match partner

Rl to post
Am working full time so some days I might not be able to post but will defiantly post at least every other day at a min. Can also be able to post several times a day if the muse is in a good moood.
New rps and charries usually require a little bit of time for me to get a feel for them. But as their voice gets louder my posts get faster.
I have rped for about fifteen years now (perhaps more)
Hmm I like some of your ideas especially exorcist, merc guild, and clash of cultures
I forgot to add. I only use OCs and I really don’t like rowing with cannon charries at all. I also prefer original worlds. Of if we use a set world no cannon charries can be used except in deep background. I usually roll with the punches on plot ideas however I might be able to dig up a list if we have any shared interests. I prefer brainstorming together though when it comes to plots. I usually post a paragraph per charrie but can do less. Lots of charries usually dip my length a little. (If you show any interest at all send me a pm or post here.
Hey I am looking for some new people to rp with. Above tags are good. I can do small group or 1x1. I typically rp with a min of two charrie each but can support up to 8 charries regularly. I like romance, fantasy, supernatural, alternate world, modern, futuristic, alt-modern, and I love doing medical and alt-medival. Just to name a few categories I like. I prefer mature rps and fxf pairings. But I will play mxf as well. Overall if you like any of those pm me! I may be new to the site I have rped for over a decade. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hey I am DragonTamer. I have rped for over a dozen years now and am trying this site thanks to a recommendation from another user. I generally rp paragraphs per charrie but can adjust. I can rp both male and female charries and tend to prefer mature or at least more sophicated rps. I prefer fantasy, supernatural, alt-medieval, medical, fxf romance if I get a choice. As you can tell I have a thing for dragons. Mostly this is my user from Pokefarm so that one of my online buddies could find me easier. I am an avid rpgist but now am more limited in time as I have a full time job that keeps me hopping.
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